Coolmuster iPad iPhone iPod to computer transfer

Undoubtedly iPhones are just unmatchable in terms of user experience. It hardly takes any effort or time to transfer stuffs from PCs or any other platforms to the iPhones. However, the reverse might not be as smooth as the earlier. In many cases it has been seen people struggling on this matter. However, as long as you are having tools like Coolmuster transference from iPhones to computer systems is never too difficult.

Coolmuster is a terrific stuff that can deal with entire range of iPhones. Not only the music or video transfer, it can efficiently handle tasks like data recovery (texts, contacts, etc).


Convenient way to transfer music from your iPhone to Windows computers

The simple steps given below you can easily transfer music from iPhone to computers. You jut need to ensure there is coolmuster available with you. Here the Windows edition has been taken in to account.

Install the program and connect your iPhone with the computer:

Have your coolmuster tool ready, and go for installing it. After the completion of installation run it on your PC. Now it’s time to connect your idevice with the computers. Don’t worry; the program finds the idevice spontaneously. Upon failing to detect your device, go for a simple refresh and you can have it. You will be made available with the interface.

Have a look and select the files you want to transfer:

Now with the interface you can spot distinct folders at the left hand side. As you want to export music, tap on ‘Music’ the songs you wish to transfer. You can select them all and go for batch transfer as well. Now just click ‘Export’ at the top and the music you selected will be immediately shifted to your computer.

If you wish to sync with a new idevice, then it can be done very easily just by linking the devices with the computers and making these synced with the iTunes.

Transferring the videos from your iPhoen to Computers:

Coolmuster is a great product through which you can transfer videos from iPhones to computers through some very simple steps. It can deal with any file types and can transfer your stuffs from iPhone to your Windows PCs.

Step 1

Install the program and connect the iPhone with the computer

Coolmuster tool is always available there to transfer videos to both Windows editions. First just connect your idevice with the system. You can find a desktop icon there; have a double click on it.

Step 2

Export your videos from iPhones to computers

You can find ‘Movie’ or ‘Camera Roll’ at the left of the screen that appears for you. Click on it, and you will be having your entire movies and videos at the right of the interface.

Have a look and pick all those you want to take. Now you can find the ‘Export’ button there. Have a click on it, and your chosen files will be exported.

In the same way you can easily transfer your movies from iPhones to PCs.

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