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Realty fact Magazine Online draws 720,000 page views a month on average, listed with Google news alert and Online paid circulation of 5 lac and is delivered to subscribers in digital versions, making it the perfect place to showcase your products and services and to compliment your print advertising program. Realty fact Magazine Online offers exclusive home page or section level display advertising. Other online opportunities include video, slide show and blog advertising, media sponsorship. What changed? “A combination of advances in the technology, readers’ desire to ‘go green,’ and the cost of producing more than a million print issues swayed us.” Moncrieff explains.

1. We deliver the most educated, affluent, and influential audience across the nation and International.

2. We offer value with a personal connection to an exclusive audience.

3. We offer effective, targeted, and efficient ways to reach them.

Print Magazine

Realty Fact is the leader in world real estate news with it’s website getting more than 720,000 page views monthly. Realty Fact magazine will be extensively distributed to right segment with more than 75000 copies circulation. As an added benefit, selected advertisements in the magazine will also be displayed on our website. Our website gives a deep insight into the world and Indian property market. So by advertising you will reach to lakhs of potential customers both online and offline.

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Realty fact e-newsletter keeps real estate investors on top of their game by giving them quick and easy-to-read information on a monthly basis. The e-newsletter offers an unparalleled way to get directly into the in-box of more than 10 lac.








Realty fact e-newsletter has a controlled, qualified subscriber base composed of both India and foreign members. Additionally, our opt-in process is 100% confirmed direct request, which means members request to receive information from Realty fact. Likewise we have a one-click opt-out option to ensure that we consistently deliver to an audience that is actively seeking and willing to receive the newsletter.

we have a number of standard advertising packages available to suit all clients. We can of course, tailor make a package to match your specific requirements. Some of our existing advertising options are highlighted below.


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Real Estate Intelligence is simple, with an powerful mission: Empower Real Estate professionals with intuitive tools that will enable them to better understand specific market conditions and share these insights with clients. Real Estate Business Intelligence is our online subscription based service providing analytic s, data and real estate research covering the Indian real-estate Industry. By leveraging our proprietary database, our clients gain access to real time information that would otherwise take months to assemble, along with the tools to search, analyze, compare, chart, and audit .

Brokers: See how your competitors are doing Real estate intelligence Guide for Brokers lets you see which agents are closing the most sales and how you stack up against the competition.

What Realty Fact for Brokers can do for your business?

  • Target your recruiting efforts to the most productive agents
  • Plan for growth or contraction with insights on local market conditions
  • Get a view into the competition with detailed info on transaction sides, sales volume and more
  • Use market share data to show potential clients how you measure against the competition

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Real estate social media services can be ideal for getting the necessary mileage and advertising among your target market or prospective clients. Today, there are many social media sites that are exclusively meant for real estate and relevant niches. Such social media websites helps you to widen your network, garner leads and increase business prospects.

Real estate social media services include actively participating in social networking, indulging in blogging, sending out newsletters and joining various forums related to your area of expertise. You can also share photos and videos through social networking platforms to instantly grab the attention of your target audience.

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Marketing on Realty Fact Web T.V turns viewers into fans, and fans into new customers. Let your video campaign deliver real success each day. Discover new and powerful ways for your brand to connect with a generation that shapes what matters in content and culture today. Learn more about finding your most valuable audience, expressing your brand in the most compelling way, and creating deeper connections through participation

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RICH MEDIA CONTENT – at Realty fact, our focus is to create a platform which boasts confidence with our target audience.
BETTER VALUE – our online advertising packages represent much better value than other media.
LATEST TECHNOLOGY – Realty fact is likely to have more visitors than competitors due to the richer array of additional services currently offered and planned for the future.
TARGET MARKET – as an advertiser, you can now combine various types of advertising and get straight to your target audience, whilst generating a greater degree of results and click throughs.
HIGHER RANKING – a solid investment in Realty fact ensures that we are found in the top ten search engines such as Google, Yahoo, Lycos, and MSN for major keywords.
ONLINE HELP – we can help you keep track of campaigns with reporting and recommendations to improve performance.
OUR VISION – to be the largest International And Indian Real Estate News Portal on the Web.

Traversing the Social Media Minefield

Mainly because of the amount of money they bring in, many people expect celebrities and other prominent figures to have thicker skins than the average Jane or Joe. However — as evidenced by the numbers of celebrities who’ve forsaken social media, or who have handed the keys to their accounts to their PR teams — fame and fortune are not effective defenses against an all-out assault by faceless trolls.

Saturday Night Live cast member Leslie Jones temporarily unplugged her Twitter account after being bombarded by racist and sexist attacks. Girls star Lena Dunham quit Twitter after being body shamed and verbally abused. Filmmaker Joss Whedon fled Twitter last year, after being targeted with verbal abuse for his portrayal of Black Widow in Avengers: Age of Ultron.

Count the likes of Amy Poehler, Tina Fey and Jennifer Lawrence among the celebs who simply don’t care to join social network, as least not using their given names. And Sia doesn’t even want the public to get a good look at her face.

Some of the prominent celebs to speak about social media’s potential for inflicting harm include Angelina Jolie, Johnny Depp and Keira Knight, who has said that sharing with the public opens you up to “a lot of criticism and a lot of people telling you they hate you.”


No One Is Safe

While attacks on private individuals can be more personal and more targeted, they’re typically much less numerous. Anyone who is visible to large numbers of people — from business owners to YouTube stars — is vulnerable to a massive onslaught due to the sheer volume of people who flock to their accounts.

Cary Peterson, an American federal lobbyist and UN delegate, has experienced decades of online abuse. Bullying, slander and defamation have cost him job promotions, business deals, friendships, millions of dollars in legal fees, and a marriage, he said.

“These online mobs are real, and the general public needs to be aware of it, and how serious it is,” Peterson told TechNewsWorld.

Almost daily, Peterson finds himself battling faceless accounts, and when people start to believe the allegations posted from such accounts, that’s when things can spiral out of control.

“I’ve been rather fortunate in these instances to still be alive and well, but I’ve seen many people and businesses over my past 20 years doing business online, wiped out and terminated,” he said. “Nonetheless, it’s quite fascinating what can be done from a laptop and Internet connection these days — and cost little to nothing to execute.”

Nowhere Is Safe

Despite all the good they do in keeping family and friends connected, social media sites have a dark side. They quickly can become breeding grounds for harassment, noted Scott A Spackey, a career coach and family counselor.

“Social media has become a forum for intimidation, abuse and shaming because of its lack of accountability,” he told TechNewsWorld. “Virtual reality is remote and has the illusion of being impersonal, which encourages people to behave in ways they would NEVER do in person or public.”

Massive Twitter campaigns can be sparked by people using fake names and profiles, noted Wendy Lewis, president of Wendy Lewis & Co. Recently, much of it stemmed from divisive politics, fueled by the unrestrained comments of certain politicians.

“If it’s OK for a presidential candidate to practice name calling — like ‘the devil’ — or making comments about his dissenters’ physique …, then it may seem more acceptable to others who are so inclined,” she told TechNewsWorld.

Business and public figures have a bit more recourse at Facebook, compared to Twitter. The page owner can remove posts, report harassment, and possibly prompt the banning of the user, Lewis noted.

“If they are aggressive, you may see that they attempt the same posts under a different fake profile name, and keep going by commenting on every post on the page,” Lewis said. “As a last resort, you can reset your Facebook page privacy settings, and even set your page up to have all comments approved before they go live.”

Regardless of the forum or format, it doesn’t take much searching to find an online thread littered with the type of language rarely used in public places offline.

While the reporting and banning tools help, it’s up to humanity to try harder to be more human online, suggested parent advocate Sue Scheff, author of the upcoming book Shame Nation.

“It’s time for all of us to start being an upstander, reaching out to those that are struggling,” she told TechNewsWorld.

If you “receive a disturbing text or sext, don’t forward it or chuckle — stop it!” Scheff urged. “Comfort friends — be there. Most importantly, be part of the solution. Don’t be silent. There’s nothing worse than believing you’re alone.”

Importance of Content on Social Media

Millions interact with social media sites every day. If you have a business you need to interact on there too – and you should be doing so with strong content. This article explains just how important this is.

Did you know more than half of the population today has some kind of presence on social media sites? Perhaps the more important question is whether or not your business is in a position to interact with them.

Even more important is the question of how you interact with them. Quick messages designed to get people clicking through to your website may not be sufficient to get the end result you want. Nowadays, you have to focus on content marketing. This newish phrase relates to the idea of creating content that social media users will find and want to read. It doesn’t have to mean long articles or posts – in fact going in the opposite direction and keeping things short is probably the best way to go about things.


However, content marketing is vitally important and it is here to stay. The question is how you will go about using it.

Content has always been important to websites. It should stand to reason then that it is important to social media marketing as well. However, content should not be average. It shouldn’t be churned out in the hope people read it. Instead it should be clearly thought-through and part of a plan.

The whole idea of promoting content on social media is for people to find it, read it and ideally share it. Having some kind of plan in place to help you do this makes a lot of sense. A social media marketing agency can assist with a plan if you cannot find the time to do it yourself.

To make content shareable it must be short, sharp and engaging. Most people don’t have enough time to read in-depth articles and content, no matter how interesting it might be or how much they might like to read it. Furthermore it helps to plan great content that is published occasionally rather than pumping out an endless stream of mediocre content. This is liable to put your customers off following you altogether.

A social media marketing agency will have the know-how and experience to put together a plan if you don’t have the ability to do so. It is tempting to flood your social media channels with content, but as we have seen it is not necessary to do so. Smaller, bite-sized and useful information chunks are the best way to approach your audience. Remember, lots of other marketers are going to go about things the wrong way and end up sending out lots of content people are going to get bored with. Make sure you are not about to do the same thing.

Whether you go it alone or get help with your plans, publishing great content on social media sites brings your business in front of plenty of other people on a regular basis.