Benefits of SuiteCRM Integration with Courier Services

The world has advanced as everyone is using technology to increase the productivity and efficiency of their work. Technology not only lessens the due time but is much cheaper than human labour. With the help of technology a work that may take hours to be finished can be completed in few second with few clicks. The ways of working have gone through some drastic changes due to the involvement of technology in every field. It gives you more and more opportunities to be able to expand your business and generate better revenue.

For example one can take his business to any part of the world without having the necessity to even visit that country. You can have meeting with the help of video conference, email the essential documents and much more. While running a business is a tough job and is literally not possible to remind details of all the documents in mind. It may lead to errors which will deteriorate company’s reputation in the market.

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To keep up the pace with the ever changing world, every business needs to opt for new technological advancements and have to use it for their benefit. It helps to perform task quickly and effortlessly as seen in the case of courier service. Despite of all the new social websites people still use the most favourite and formal way of exchanging letters. The beauty of postal services is that if one wants to parcel a product to his dear ones, it creates a sense of belonging in people on both sides. Beside peoples, many businesses send their products through courier services to deliver their product as soon as possible.

Therefore there is always a need to have a CRM that can take care of all the data, orders, parcels received, dispatched and many more to mention here. SuitCRM in this regard meets the complete requirement of postal services to handle daily work operations. Lets us understand how the suiteCRM is simplifying shipping.

Shipping Become Simple With CRM

Due to hectic work schedules, it might be possible that user may make errors while updating address information which may lead organisation to have a bad impact on their business. Before the delivery of the product, company has to exchange their data with multiple systems such as such as order management, shipping, logistics. SuiteCRM integration with USPS enables trading companies to supervise all their shipping needs within a single system.

It allows the customer to check product’s tracking status. A customer needs not to worry about their products. It will make sure the address given by the business is valid or not by which a person can receive their products accurately.

With the use of SuiteCRM integration in shipping, the company can manage their work much more easily. As the chance of an error will be minimum which will automatically reduce the stress a company may have to face while shipping orders in such a bulk number. That will not only increase company’ efficiency but will also provide their customer a quicker delivery

SuiteCRM implementation and development will eliminate the problem of managing and manually exchanging data among separate order management, logistics tracking, shipping and customer service systems.

Microsoft and Intel’s Project Evo Ups the PC Game

Microsoft and Intel on Wednesday announced Project Evo, their highly anticipated collaboration to create the next generation of personal computers. The project aims to expand on new advances in artificial intelligence, mixed reality, advanced security and gaming,

Terry Myerson, executive vice president of the Windows and Devices Group at Microsoft, unveiled some of Project Evo’s ambitious plans at the Windows Hardware Engineering Community (WinHEC) event in Shenzhen, China.

Through the collaboration, the companies will push the boundaries of a personal computer’s capabilities in the near future, he said. Technologies under development include far-field speech and wake-on-voice enabled through Cortana, biometrics and voice authentication in Windows Hello, spacial audio, and HDR support for gaming.

Project Evo — particularly its expanded use of Cortana — invites comparisons to the digital assistant tools found in Amazon Echo and Google Home, standalone speakers that use Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant respectively. Though their capabilities differ, each uses voice communications to interact with the automated home.

However, Project Evo seems geared toward making the personal computer into a much more sophisticated device — one that can be accessed and operated in ways never before seen.


Home Hub Connection?

Essentially, users will be able to wake up a PC, whether it’s open or shut, simply by saying “Hello Cortana.” Through voice commands, users will be able to access the information they need either directly from their personal computing device or from the cloud.

“This is going to make the PC way more intuitive than it is today,” Intel SVP Navin Shenoy, general manager of the Client Computing Group, told WinHEC attendees. “You no longer need to be directly in front of your PC to activate Cortana.”

“There are certainly aspects of Project Evo that are likely to compete directly with Amazon Alexa and Google Home,” noted Charles King, principal analyst at Pund-IT.

However, it’s likely that “Intel and Microsoft are after a fundamentally bigger game,” he told TechNewsWorld.

In the case of Project Evo, the companies are working with much more powerful computing capabilities than Amazon and Google are using with their home hubs.

“Microsoft has the technology in the cloud, not the home,” noted Jim McGregor, principal analyst at Tirias Research.

“The problem is that the PC is not the center of the home or the consumer experience,” he told TechNewsWorld.

While there is room for improving the PC experience, this project is not going to push Microsoft into a direct competition with Amazon, McGregor said.

Passwords Passe

The Project Evo collaboration will provide advanced security to the PC, including biometric authentication using Windows Hello, eliminating the requirement to memorize multiple passwords, Shenoy said.

A major aspect of the collaboration is to provide mixed reality experiences in PCs that are affordable to the average consumer, and also to use head-mounted displays that blend the physical and virtual world in ways not seen before.

Microsoft has submitted its HoloLens to the Chinese government for approval, Myerson announced at WinHEC, and the company expects to make the devices available to developers and commercial customers during the first half of 2017.

New Reality

Together with Intel, Microsoft also shared specifications for PCs that can support headsets capable of mixed reality. New head-mounted displays from Acer, Asus, Dell, HMD and Lenovo are expected in 2017. 3Glasses, the leading HMD hardware developer in China, will make its Blubur S1 headset ready for Windows 10 by the first half of 2017, reaching more than 5 million active monthly customers in that market.

HMD Developers Kits will be made available next year at the Game Developer’s Conference in San Francisco.

Microsoft and Intel also are working on ways to make PCs more capable in terms of gaming, as Intel’s 7th Gen Core Processors allow for immersive gaming experiences such as 4K gaming, high dynamic range video, the ability to broadcast real-time competition, and connecting the Xbox controller to the PC.

Project Evo will open mixed reality to a wider segment of the PC owner base at an affordable price point, said Lewis Ward, research director for gaming and VR/AR at IDC.

However, “you generally get what you pay for” in terms of the speed and processing capability for the competitive gaming audience, he warned.

“Intel is moving up the GPU ladder for sure, and Evo is the next logical step for them,” Ward told TechNewsWorld, “but they’re still not ready to compete with AMD and Nvidia at the high end of the GPU market, which is where a lot of hardcore PC gamers in particular tend to cluster.”

How to Get Rid Off from slow Mac performance    

Many users would agree any time sometime of using their laptops; it becomes noticeably slower and would take too much time in running the apps. To describe it in because the system had accumulated a lot of files that eats up almost all of disks space in your Apple pc. Videos, pictures, music, and various applications fill your hard drive quickly. In the event that you is not going to take the time to remove unneeded files, your Mac would carry on and run slow and even crash at some point.

Clean a Mac could easily solve this issue for you. an software solution for Movavi is among the finest ways to uncluttered the files in your hard drive and make it run faster.

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How does indeed a Movavi Mac cleaner help you?

Because it loosens up disk space, the computer’s performance will significantly improve. Apps will run faster and doing all your duties will become swifter.

  1. Remove non permanent files which you may have downloaded from the web. Even though these files are proclaimed as “temporary”, they get up a lot of space in particular when you visit sites that contain a great deal of media files upon it. You don’t even need to download some of the files; they automatically lodge themselves on your hard drive and eat space.
  2. Installment payments on your Delete program set up files. These files are no longer needed when you have finished installing the programs. Deleting them is not going to prevent the program from working so do not get worried about not having them.
  3. Eliminate duplicate documents and multiple copies of music, videos, and pictures. You may unknowingly create copies of your data specially when you create playlists, renaming files, and multiple downloads of the same files.
  4. Delete journal and cache files arriving from numerous programs including the chat and email software. These applications complete the log and cache index pretty fast.
  5. Take away old backups. Create up to date backups and delete those older ones that are no longer necessary.

A Movavi Mac cleaner does not only the actual things which could help provide you with plenty of disk space. A free iphone app clean for Mac can also help protect your system by scanning downloaded data and find viruses and malware.

A Movavi Mac cleaner is the best solution if you are buying simple means to improve your Mac’s performance. Freeing up disc space and ridding your system from malware will refresh your whole body and help achieve its optimal performance.

Data Loss – Important Tips To Avoid Data Loss

Data Loss – Important Tips To Avoid Data Loss

Normally people save all of their work in their computer hard drive and so when there is data loss it affects most of their work. People spend their precious time in preparing something important and when it gets lost, then people just lose the thrill to work on it again. Some people even get stressed when data get lost and they have to meet upcoming deadlines.


Some of the ways to prevent data loss are listed below:

  • Backing up files

After you have jotted down something essential, it is prerequisite that you back up the files so that they don’t get lost from your hardware. There might be hard drive breaks or it might not work properly sometimes, in that case back up of files prove to be most helpful.

  • Documents should not be stored on the same drive as of the operating system

When a virus attacks your system, you have to reinstall the operating system of your computer. If you store your files on the same drive as OS, all the files from that drive get deleted when you install the new OS. It becomes very difficult to restore the files in such cases. It is, therefore, better to save important files on different drives.

  • Keeping hard copies of the work done

After you have completed a certain work, you can save it in your storage drives so that even if the hardware gets affected, your files will be safe.

  • Don’t trust the email attachments

Many emails contain the virus attachments which might affect the hardware system. They might overwrite your file and you might end of losing something important. It is advised not to open any email attachment from unknown suspicious email id.

What to do if data get lost?

The best way to retrieve data loss is to recover it with the help of data recovery software. This software can recover any type of file from any folder, it can even recover deleted files.

Some uses of data recovery system are listed as under:

  • Inaccessible or any kind of corrupted files can be restored with the help of data recovery software and you can get your files back safely. They have very user-friendly interface so everyone can follow the instructions and recover their files.
  • The data recovery software takes very less time to function and within minutes you will get your files back. It is less costly than hiring a professional to recover your data.

Download the data recovery software free version online. You can install these and restore deleted or lost data. Although there might be some limitation with free version.

EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard is one of the best software that helps to recover the lost data with complete efficiency. All kinds of files can be restored with the help of this software, and It has a very user-friendly interface.

EaseUS comes with both free and premium version. With premium version, you can retrieve unlimited amount of data and also get 24×7 instant customer support.

Now you can directly edit your PDF files without any conversions

Now you can directly edit your PDF files without any conversions

Before getting down to the point let me ask you a question, how many times have you converted your PDF file into any other format in order to make some changes? You don’t remember right? We have done this so many times that we don’t even remember the count but now you do not have to do this any longer. This is all possible because of the product “iSkysoft PDF Editor Pro for Mac” as it allows you to make changes directly onto your PDF file.

Features are what make a product different and the features of iSkysoft PDF Editor Pro for Mac are:

  1. Edit PDF: You can now directly edit your PDF file without actually converting it. Here are the areas where you can make amendments:
  • Edit texts: At times while writing big words we make some spelling mistakes or we forget to mention some details and we realize our mistakes later. So, just use iSkysoft PDF Editor Pro for Mac and easily edit, add, or delete any text.
  • Edit images: You can crop, replace, extract, delete or add images in your PDF file without putting much effort.
  • Edit pages: Not only with the text or content fields of a file you can also make changes with the alignment of pages too. You can rotate, delete, extract, and replace, crop pages of a file just in few clicks.
  • Combine, Compress and split PDF: If you want to merge more than one file or split a PDF file into few segments then this feature is something you need. This will reduce your work to its half.



  1. Markup and annotate PDF: You can easily highlight the content you want to make it a bit loud to get attention. You can also add notes or comments in order to add extra information.


  1. Convert and create PDF: It is complete wastage of time when to get the content of a particular format into some other format we have to do typing all over again. Now, you can easily convert and create PDF files easily.


  1. Secure PDF: Apart from encrypting your Pc or laptop you can now encrypt your PDF files too. With the help of password, watermark, and signature you can stop unauthorized users from accessing your files.


  1. Fill out and create PDF forms: You can directly create and fill forms in PDF format which is a formal way of making forms. It is just as easy as working on MS WORD.


  1. Share PDF: Sharing has become much easier with the help of iSkysoft PDF Editor Pro for Mac. All you need to do is click on File and then on ‘Attach to Email’. There are other options too for sending them like sharing on ‘Dropbox’ or ‘export as single image’.


These were some of the main features of iSkysoft PDF Editor Pro for Mac that makes it just not good but the best and a must-to-have product.

You can learn more detailed guide on how to use iSkysoft PDF Editor Pro for Mac.

Move Your Windows from HDD to SDD and Clone Your Windows to a HDD

Have you ever wondered if you could move your windows from an external hard disk drive to your solid state disk from?Many computer freaks, tech nerds and geeks always like to experiment with their computers and always want the latest and best technology and version of windows in their personal computers and laptops. This thus involves migrating windows from an external hard drive which can be a rather tedious task if you choose to take the conventional cut-copy-past route, and chances are this conventional approach will be unsuccessful and you will end up either with improperly installed windows software or worse not installed at all which can also lead to potential system issues that will eventually ask of you to reinstall windows. The software provided by the company will help you effectively transfer windows operating system from a HDD to your system SSD. This new disk imaging software also allows you to clone Windows 8 to ssd so you can transfer existing windows from an HDD to your system SSD and gives you a systematic advantage over other products. Since the release of windows 8 there have been many pirated versions of windows 8 flowing around, using this software will give you access to clone the windows without any hassle. The software gives you options to choose the targeted disk drive and this drive will thus have the copy of the windows migrated from HDD, so if you want to put windows software into D drive you can do that too.


This software allowing you to clone and migrate, windows is called drive-imaging software and has brought out a change in the world of technology with now everybody having access to original windows without actually paying the retail price of it. Windows 10 has been the talk of the town with more and more people wanting to get their hands on it but only a few have been able to do so. But wait no more now you can also clone system disk Windows 10 with the help of the disk imaging software. Windows 10 is larger than its previous windows’ iterations and thus can lead to low storage space on the system hard drive but the imaging software also helps you out with this by migrating the windows to an external hard drive or from HDD to SSD. The disk imaging software offered can also help you clone windows 10 to a targeted drive on your personal computer or laptop. You can find the instructions to follow to clone your disk over the internet .Technology and computers and new software’s are always getting better and better by the day with newer functions and more tools and utility oriented programs that make daily lives easier whether you are a common man, a computer freak child or teen or adult, a gadget geek, a programmer, a software designer or a nerd there is technology out there that can help everybody and anybody and that is the beauty of 21st century, the era of technology and computers.

AOMEI Backupper 3.2: Backup and Restore Your Copy of Windows to Prevent Data Loss

A common problem with Windows computers is operating system crashes. Because of minor system issues, the registry files of the OS can get corrupt. This usually happens when windows is starting or stopping, and many a times the corrupt files in the kernel prevent the computer from starting normally. This causes significant loss of time and data, as formatting and re-installing Windows on a computer can not only take hours of vital time, but also involve significant problems because of loss of files or software. Hence, most serious users rely on backing up and restoring files to the computer in the event of crashes.


While windows itself comes up with a system for backup, it is not useful in extreme cases when hardware flaws are responsible for the crash. In such events, it is a good idea for users to rely on external sources of backups such as bootable disks or external flash drives. It is here that free backup software packages come into play: you can use them to save an image of your operating system in external media storage devices. Here are two ways the backup can be done and their uses:

  1. Backing up to a disk

This is a common way of ensuring that your files, folders, and software settings remain intact. You can create a backup image and burn it onto a bootable disk. Once windows crashes, you can simply start your computer from the bootable disk in the CD/ROM drive of your computer and proceed to restore your system to the point at which you created the backup. This kind of backups has advantages and disadvantages:

  1. The advantage is that the CD that you back up your files to is dedicated and will always be available. Because a CD is cheap and only usable once, you will have a definite way of ensuring that your files and folders are safe.
  2. The disadvantage is that unless you want to use a new disk to create the image frequently, any recent files and folders you add or software you install will not be present in the image, so there is always a possibility that you will lose some information.


  1. Backing Up to an External Drive

This is the second way of saving your settings and data. It is pretty much the same as the first point, except that instead of using a CD, you back up your system to an external hard drive, solid state drive, or USB flash drive. This drive is then made bootable and is kept to make sure that your data is backed up.

  1. Key advantage of this method is that because the drive is re-writeable, you can frequently back up your data adding new information to the saved image anytime you like.
  2. Key disadvantage server backup software to external drives is that drives are expensive, and the device you back up your files to will pretty much be dedicated to storing your image.

AOMEI Partition Assistant Standard

Managing your disk partitions is one of the irritating tasks which no one likes to do but we have to manage our disk to get rid of the “Low disk space” message which keeps on popping up and boils our blood levels and does not let us work freely, blocks us from installing more stuff in our disk drives.

This problem was disturbing me from last few days and I decided to find out a complete solution to this problem and then while browsing the web I came across a product AOMEI Partition Assistant Standard which has now solved all my partitioning problems and now I have no problems in managing my disk and disk space.

Before discussing more about this product let me tell you one thing that the software about which I am talking about is free to use and will not cost you $xxx on monthly basis.

Partition standard

The AOMEI Partition Assistant Standard is easy to use, user friendly software which helps me manage and partition windows 10 hard drive and resize partition windows 10 with the help of different features available to use.

The installation of the software is easy and it supports almost all commonly used operating systems like Windows XP/Vista/Windows7/Windows8/8.1/Windows 10, there is no problem in most of the file systems supported by the software, some of them that work perfectly are NTFS, FAT32, FAT 16, FAT 12, Bitlocker, exFAT, Ext2/3/4. The list of storage devices supported by the software is not small, all commonly used storage devices are supported which include SSD,SSHD, HDD, PC cards, universal serial bus(USB), all flash drives and thumb drives and other portable removable media devices as well, it covers all devices which are recognized by the windows. MBR and GPT too are supported.

Coming to the work and features of the software, you will find that the software is most flawless and easy to use software when compared to the ones which are currently present in the market and cost ver. high. The software has various features such as “Resize” by which you can resize partition space without harming your data, allocate more free memory from one partition to the other. The “Merge” feature lets you merge or split partitions, some other best features are Migrate partitions, Create partitions, Convert partitions and many more.

A Pro version of the software it too available at a reasonable lifetime rate of $49 in which you get all lifetime updates for free, this version comes with many advanced features.



Three Things to Look For in Shopping Cart Software

If you are planning on selling products online, it is imperative that you not only have shopping cart software, but that you also have good software. What constitutes good software is, to a certain extent, a matter of opinion, but there are fundamental aspects of a shopping cart program that you will need to give your eCommerce business the best chance of success.

Easy Inventory control
This is one of the most critical aspects of shopping cart software; it must integrate easily with your inventory and allow you to make inventory changes both manually and automatically. Some of the features that the program should have are the ability to subtract out inventory after orders are placed. You also should be able to set minimum reorder points, so you will know that you are running low for certain products you offer. This gives you a chance to acquire more product before you sell out. You should also be able to add large inventory files automatically using popular data file formats such as comma delimited values. Updating inventory files such as product descriptions and images should be easily done without expert website programming knowledge.

Robust payment processing capabilities
This is something you need to look at while you shop for the best payment processing service. Naturally, you will want to open a merchant account, so you can accept the most popular debit and credit cards. The problem is that many shopping carts have a limited number of payment gateways that are supported. If you first decide on shopping cart software, because you want to delay getting a merchant account, you will need to be sure that the software supports all of the most popular gateways on the market. If not, you may find yourself using a shopping cart that limits your ability to take payments because very few payment gateways interface with the shopping cart. Either get your merchant account first, or get a shopping cart with robust payment processing capabilities.

Order processing is automated
The software should be able to allow a customer to not only order the product, but easily enter their shipping information. Shipping charges and taxes should be automatically added to the order. Payment should also be automated. The program should provide the customer with notification that their order has been placed, and you should be notified that the order has been paid for. The shipping information should easily integrate with your printer and shipping carrier program, so labels are printed out as well as the proper postage. The only thing you need to be concerned with is the actual packing of the order, and dropping it off at your nearest shipping carrier facility such as the post office.

Regardless of which software you end up choosing, you should do a thorough investigation of what is available before you open your online company for business. You are bound to make mistakes with your first business, but if you start with good online shopping cart software, you will start your company on the right footing. One example of a good shopping cart program can be found at

Coolmuster iPad iPhone iPod to computer transfer

Undoubtedly iPhones are just unmatchable in terms of user experience. It hardly takes any effort or time to transfer stuffs from PCs or any other platforms to the iPhones. However, the reverse might not be as smooth as the earlier. In many cases it has been seen people struggling on this matter. However, as long as you are having tools like Coolmuster transference from iPhones to computer systems is never too difficult.

Coolmuster is a terrific stuff that can deal with entire range of iPhones. Not only the music or video transfer, it can efficiently handle tasks like data recovery (texts, contacts, etc).


Convenient way to transfer music from your iPhone to Windows computers

The simple steps given below you can easily transfer music from iPhone to computers. You jut need to ensure there is coolmuster available with you. Here the Windows edition has been taken in to account.

Install the program and connect your iPhone with the computer:

Have your coolmuster tool ready, and go for installing it. After the completion of installation run it on your PC. Now it’s time to connect your idevice with the computers. Don’t worry; the program finds the idevice spontaneously. Upon failing to detect your device, go for a simple refresh and you can have it. You will be made available with the interface.

Have a look and select the files you want to transfer:

Now with the interface you can spot distinct folders at the left hand side. As you want to export music, tap on ‘Music’ the songs you wish to transfer. You can select them all and go for batch transfer as well. Now just click ‘Export’ at the top and the music you selected will be immediately shifted to your computer.

If you wish to sync with a new idevice, then it can be done very easily just by linking the devices with the computers and making these synced with the iTunes.

Transferring the videos from your iPhoen to Computers:

Coolmuster is a great product through which you can transfer videos from iPhones to computers through some very simple steps. It can deal with any file types and can transfer your stuffs from iPhone to your Windows PCs.

Step 1

Install the program and connect the iPhone with the computer

Coolmuster tool is always available there to transfer videos to both Windows editions. First just connect your idevice with the system. You can find a desktop icon there; have a double click on it.

Step 2

Export your videos from iPhones to computers

You can find ‘Movie’ or ‘Camera Roll’ at the left of the screen that appears for you. Click on it, and you will be having your entire movies and videos at the right of the interface.

Have a look and pick all those you want to take. Now you can find the ‘Export’ button there. Have a click on it, and your chosen files will be exported.

In the same way you can easily transfer your movies from iPhones to PCs.