How to Upgrade or Remodel Your Bathroom

Many people long to change existing smaller bathroom spaces. Hiring a trusted remodeling contractor can ensure that your bathroom remodeling project will be completed in a swift manner. Professional remodeling companies also have powerful tools, equipment and other necessary supplies that allow for faster work that pleases the customer. Having the bathroom of your dreams can come true by contacting These experts get the job finished in record time. Their guaranteed work is simply stunning to see. These remodeling specialists have brilliant bathroom design tips that can make your remodeled bathroom truly unique.

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Having remodeling work done generally raises property value significantly. The convenience of having a functioning bathroom layout design is worth hiring experts to create your envisioned bathroom space. These experts can create awesome custom bathroom designs that others will envy. Always pick a remodeling contractor that has excellent customer reviews and provides project plan details. Even small bathrooms can appear bigger after a talented contractor works their magic. They have fantastic ways to expand floor space and add storage spaces in areas that others wouldn’t think to use. An honest bathroom contractor will communicate all phases of the remodeling plan.

There are smart ways to add necessary storage areas in bathrooms. Adding shelves above the toilet is one such space utilizing action. Vanities that have drawers and underneath storage options can dramatically hide necessary toiletry items and bathroom supplies. Adding certain types of lighting can brighten up the space making it appear more spacious. Beautiful tiles or other gorgeous bathroom shower wall options creates an elegant atmosphere. There are new ways that professional bathroom designers are utilizing to create one-of-a-kind bathrooms that also have functioning purposes. Consider double sinks if room size in not an option.

Experts that work wonders in bathrooms can advise homeowners on the latest bathroom decorating styles. Unlike years past, today’s homeowners desire original bathroom designs that also have luxurious features and plenty of usable storage too. A competent remodeling contractor can deliver whatever the owner wants. Professional designers are using various wall and floor materials unheard of in the past. Some contractors can even match the bathroom back splash wall and unique flooring to the kitchen floors and wall back splash patterns and colors. Soothing whirlpool tubs, roomy showers and striking vanity fixtures can create that luxury feel that many homeowners have dreamed about.

Consider replacing old showers, tubs, toilets and other bathroom fixtures. Having these outdated items leave a bad impression on guests. There are many bathtub/shower options these days. Some can be placed right on top of the existing tub for easy installation. Newer toilet models use less water that helps conserve this essential natural resource. Newer lighting methods can save drastically on electricity bills. Discuss all of the wonderful bathroom ideas with your chosen contractor beforehand. These experts have in-depth knowledge on cutting edge bathroom designs with exquisite detailing ideas.


If the homeowner is older, or if an elderly person might be staying in the home, it makes sense to install walk-in tubs, wheelchair accessible showers and safety rails inside the bathroom. These convenient items make life so much easier for those that cannot get around as easy. Now is the time to remodel your bathroom into a paradise escape.

Must Have Tools for Your First Toolbox

When you move out of your parents’ home for the first time, you need a toolbox filled with all the tools that you need to do simple maintenance and projects around a house or apartment. These boxes also make good gift ideas for college students just starting out. The exact tools inside will vary based on the type of projects that you do and the experience that you have. While some might add complex tools like Parker crimpers, most kits feature basic tools. You can get a look at which ones to include when making a toolbox for yourself or someone else.

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Claw Hammer

One of the most important tools in any toolbox is a claw hammer. The name of this tool comes from the fact that is has a claw on the back with a curved design and a flat hammer piece on the front. With the hammer piece, you can hammer in nails and put together furniture with ease. The claw piece makes it easier to remove nails from surfaces. These hammers come in different sizes and weights that help you pick one just right for you.

Screwdriver Set

Though you might invest in a separate electric screwdriver, it’s helpful to have a screwdriver set too. These come in two different types. The first looks like a basic screwdriver but has a top that unscrews to reveal different bits inside. You press a knob on the handle to remove the old bit, slide the new one in place, and push the knob to lock it in place. Other sets are larger in size and come with a plastic case. The case itself holds both the screwdriver part and all the bits that you can use with it.

Utility Knife

A utility knife is a tool that many think they don’t need until it comes time to make accurate cuts. The basic version of this knife has a blade inside a plastic or metal handle. A notch on the side pushes the blade out from the handle. When the blade becomes too dull, you can actually break the end off along a notch on the blade to get a sharper end. Some are much more complex and have a blade that you can replace in the future and hidden storage inside the handle. Utility knives are so efficient that you can even use one in place of a pair of scissors.

Stud Finder

If you think that you will hang even a single picture or poster in your new home, you need a stud finder. Electronic models are more expensive but well worth the price. You simply place one on the wall, press a button and slowly move it across the wall until it beeps to indicate that it found a stud. Newer models come with a built-in laser light too. You can use the tool to locate studs before hanging anything on the wall and use the level to ensure that it hangs evenly.

Other items that you might add to your toolkit include a handsaw, tape measure and one or more wrenches. You may want to pick up some power tools like a cordless screwdriver or a power drill. Having the right items in your kit ensures that you always have the right tool for the job at hand.

Swiggy Denies Claims by Supposed Ex-Employees That It Fudged Numbers

After hours of “anxiety and confusion,” online food delivery startup Swiggy has rubbished an anonymous blog post which accused the firm of fabricating its financial numbers and cheating restaurant partners.

An unverified blog post written supposedly by employees and ex-employees of Swiggy, which noted several instances of the startup lying to its restaurant partners about its market share and finances, went viral Wednesday morning.

The post further alleged that Swiggy lied to its investors about its order volumes to ensure their latest round of funding was on track.

“Our January 2017 order volumes were less than December 2016 volumes. Yes, we had a decline of order volumes in January. But we have seen the investor presentations, and they have shaved off the December numbers in the slides in order to show a linear growth curve across all months of our existence,” the alleged employees wrote.

Swiggy, which remains one of the top funded food-tech startups, raised $80 million from Naspers, Accel Partners, SAIF Partners and others in May. Earlier today, the company denied all the accusations made in the blog post.

“The recent blog post from an anonymous source is targeted at maligning the reputation of Swiggy as an organization. The article carries inaccurate facts regarding business and order numbers,” a spokesperson told Gadgets 360.

Swiggy Denies Claims by Supposed Ex-Employees That It Fudged Numbers“It not only references employee departures from a year and a half back, but also presents details on our partners out of context and with mischievous intent.”

In a detailed blog post published Wednesday evening, Sriharsha Majety, chief executive of Swiggy, dismissed every accusation, sharing internal data to support his claims. Starting with the number of daily-orders it saw on its platform, Majety said in December it was 72,112, while in January, the figure stood at 78,417. The company says the numbers have been verified by external, neutral auditors.

In addition, Majety noted that the daily number of orders are continuing to grow, and the company is seeing about four million orders per month.

Responding to the accusation that the startup lied to its restaurant partners, Majety wrote, “We’ve partnered with restaurants from the start of our journey, and grown tremendously, mutually. […] We do not lie about our market share or order numbers. We are the clear market leaders and we communicate the same to restaurants and partners to show them the benefits of partnering with us.”

Facebook Now Has Over 2 Billion Monthly Active Users, Sees Mobile Ads Grow

Facebook on Wednesday reported a surge in profits in the past quarter, fueled by strong growth in money-making ads to its more than two billion users.

Net profit in the second quarter leapt 71 percent from a year ago to $3.9 billion (roughly Rs. 25,009 crores) while revenue climbed 45 percent to $9.3 billion (roughly Rs. 59,637 crores).

In after-hours trade, Facebook shares rose some 3.4 percent to $171.35 on the stronger-than-expected results.

“We had a good second quarter and first half of the year,” said Facebook co-founder and chief executive Mark Zuckerberg.

“Our community is now two billion people and we’re focusing on bringing the world closer together.”

The number of people using Facebook at least once a month was 2.01 billion at the end of June, an increase of 17 percent from the same time last year, according to the leading social network.

The vast majority of Facebook’s revenue came from advertising, and 87 percent of that was derived from ads served to people connecting with mobile devices.

“Given that Facebook growth remains healthy and robust, we believe any lingering concerns over user engagement and social competitors should dissipate,” Baird Equity Research analyst Colin Sebastian said in a note to investors.

“Few companies share Facebook’s combination of scale, strong technology orientation, and platform breath/diversity.”

Jan Dawson, an analyst at Jackdaw Research, pointed in a tweet to “continued remarkable growth in revenue at Facebook,” saying it should ease concerns about a slowdown in momentum.

Facebook expenses, meanwhile, rose 33 percent to $4.9 billion as the Silicon Valley giant continued investing in its platform and new innovations.

Guessing at gadgets
Amid that growth, Facebook has been investing in new technologies as it diversifies with its “family” of applications that includes Messenger, WhatsApp and the virtual reality maker Oculus.

Recent reports suggest Facebook may be working on its own smart speaker to compete with Google Home and Amazon Echo in the budding market for home digital assistants.

Facebook could also be working on a smartphone, according to paperwork recently spotted by cyber sleuths which the tech giant filed earlier this year.

Facebook has a hardware team led by Regina Dugan, a former director of the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency – DARPA – the US agency tasked with identifying and funding breakthrough technologies for national security.

Facebook is a major investor in artificial intelligence, and Zuckerberg this week defended his positionthat these technologies would improve people’s lives despite concerns by another tech sector leader, Elon Musk.

“I am excited by how AI will improve people’s experiences across many of our products,” Zuckerberg said during an earnings call with analysts.

Facebook Now Has Over 2 Billion Monthly Active Users, Sees Mobile Ads GrowFacebook executives warned anew that revenue growth is expected to be tempered as the social network runs out of space for ads and tunes money-making mechanisms for Messenger, WhatsApp and booming video viewing at the social network.

“We need to manage video well,” Zuckerberg said.

“It is going to be a much larger driver of the business in the next two or three years than Messenger.”

The latest earnings report showed Facebook boosted its cash holdings to some $35.5 billion at the end of the second quarter, and increased the number of employees 43 percent from a year ago to 20,658 as of June 30.

Bolstering community
Facebook’s roadmap is intended to be in keeping with its recently revised company mission to not only connect everyone in the world, but bring them closer together, according to Zuckerberg.

He referred to a documented decline of involvement in local communities groups as a “problem that is eating at the social fabric not only of our country but around the world.”

“I believe that we can empower people who want to build local communities and want to play a leadership role in their local community to have the tools that they need,” said Zuckerberg.

“When people feel more comfortable in their lives at a local level, then I also think that helps bring people and bring the world closer together at a global level too.”

Facebook’s relentless focus on the social side of human nature is at the core of the stellar financial performance, according to Silicon Valley analyst Rob Enderle of Enderle Group.

Even the company’s long-range investments in technologies such as AI, virtual reality, and solar-powered planes beaming Internet to remote areas tie back to its core mission of being a place for community, according to the analyst.

“Even their wild stuff connects pretty solidly back to what they do,” Enderle said of Facebook.

“They are staying very focused on keeping their customers happy and increasing the ways people spend time on their site.”

Samsung Posts Record Earnings on Memory Chips, Galaxy S8; Set to Overtake Apple

Samsung Electronics on Thursday said it expected the memory chip boom to continue in the current quarter, after reporting a record operating profit for the three months through June.

The world’s biggest maker of memory chips, smartphones and television sets is widely expected to break profit records for the full year, as better-than-forecast performance in its mobile business lifted quarterly operating profit slightly above its early-July guidance, analysts said.

The company on Thursday also announced its third share buyback of the year, at KRW 1.7 trillion ($1.53 billion or rougly Rs. 9,802 crores) worth of common shares, as part of the KRW 9.3 trillion (roughly Rs. 53,629 crores) annual total that Samsung promised in January. It also announced the cancellation of KRW 2 trillion worth of its own shares.

“Looking ahead to the third quarter, the company expects favourable semiconductor conditions to continue, although overall earnings may slightly decline quarter-on-quarter as earnings weaken for the display panel and mobile businesses,” Asia’s third most-valuable company by market value said in a statement.

Analysts nevertheless forecast third-quarter earnings to exceed the second quarter on the strength of the so-called memory chip super-cycle.

“We think more than KRW 15 trillion (in third-quarter profit) is more than possible,” said analyst Greg Roh at HMC Investment & Securities.

“The mobile business might be slightly weaker in the third quarter because the second quarter was so strong, but the expected sales from OLED (organic light-emitting diode) display supply to Apple is seen to be reflected in earnings starting in the third quarter.”

Operating profit rose 72.7 percent in the second quarter from the same period a year earlier, to KRW 14.1 trillion (roughly Rs. 81,294 crores), Samsung said in a regulatory filing. That compared with KRW 14 trillion estimated in July.

Revenue rose 19.8 percent to KRW 61 trillion (roughly Rs. 3,51,780 crores), also in line with its earlier estimate.

The chip business was Samsung’s top earner as profit rose to a record KRW 8 trillion from KRW 2.6 trillion in the second quarter of 2016. Client demand for more powerful devices and supply constraints are pushing up prices of both DRAM and NAND memory chips, widening profit margins.

Samsung Posts Record Earnings on Memory Chips, Galaxy S8; Set to Overtake AppleThe mobile division, which competes with Apple, reported a profit of KRW 4.1 trillion, a decline from KRW 4.3 trillion a year prior.

Some analysts and fund managers said sales of Samsung’s new flagship Galaxy S8 smartphone have not exceeded those of the Galaxy S7 by as much as the market had expected. But Koh Dong-jin, head of the firm’s mobile communications business, has said cumulative sales of the Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8+handsets from April is 15 percent higher than those of its predecessor.

The record earnings come as the firm’s Vice Chairman Jay Y. Lee is in detention while on trial for his alleged role in a corruption scandal involving former president Park Geun-hye. He has denied wrongdoing.

The lower court ruling is widely expected to come before Lee’s current detention period ends on August 27, a Seoul court spokesman said.

Samsung Electronics shares were up 0.9 percent as of 0055 GMT, while the Kospi benchmark share price index was up 0.2 percent.

Jio Phone Is a Single SIM Mobile, Works Only on 4G VoLTE Networks

The Jio Phone launch last week ended months of speculation around the handset, but the company left many question marks around the device as far as the hardware configuration is concerned. But now, information regarding the Jio Phone specifications has begun tricking out, giving us a slightly better view of what hardware the ‘free’ handset packs inside. A Jio representative has confirmed to Gadgets 360 that the Jio Phone will be a single SIM feature phone and will work on 4G VoLTE network only. The company will open beta trials for the device on August 15, while consumers will have to wait till September for wider availability. Of course, Jio Phone bookings will start on August 24, both online and offline.

The Jio Phone is a 4G-only handset and will route calls via VoLTE (Voice over LTE) technology. Notably, Jio offers the only 4G VoLTE network in the country, which means only the company’s SIM cards will work on the phone, leaving out Airtel, Vodafone, Idea, BSNL etc. out in the cold. Of course Jio rival Airtel has confirmed it will launch its VoLTE services shortly, but it’s likely that the Jio Phone will be sim-locked to the one you get from Reliance Jio.

The Jio representative, speaking on the condition of anonymity, did not say whether the company plans to release a Jio Phone variant with dual-SIM support in the future.

As the device is yet to hit the market (for beta trials or otherwise), it is not yet known what kind of hardware it packs. After the unveiling at the Reliance AGM, Qualcomm and Spreadtrum independently announced their chips are used in the first Jio-branded phone.

Jio Phone specifications

The Jio Phone has a 2.4-inch display with QVGA display, microSD card slot, torchlight, FM radio, and an alphanumeric keypad for input. It supports voice commands and 22 Indian languages, and has a panic button as well. A short demo of the voice command feature on Jio Phone was showcased during the keynote presentation where the device was able to play music via Jio Music.

It will also support an accessory called Jio Phone TV-Cable that allows users to connect their phones to TVs to mirror content from apps such as JioTV and JioCinema. In addition, there is provision for NFC support for digital payments, which will be rolled out to users via OTA software upgrade.

JioPhone Specifications Features Launched Mukesh Ambani Jio Phone specifications Single SIM variant

Jio Phone specifications revealed at the launch event

The phone does not have WhatsApp support “at the moment”, though we did catch glimpse of a Web browser, Facebook, and PM Modi’s Mann Ki Baat broadcast during the unveiling at the Reliance AGM.

For Jio Phone, the company has launched the new Rs. 153 plan, which provides unlimited data (high-speed 4G data capped at 500MB per day), free calls and SMSes, and access to Jio apps. Buyers will have to purchase the Rs. 309 recharge to connect the phone to the TV, and watch content on the big screen. There are also sachet packs priced at Rs. 24 (2-day validity), and Rs. 54 (7-day validity).

According to analysts, Reliance Jio aims to reach another 100 million users with its new feature phone; this will be in addition to the 125 million users that already use the Jio telecom network. Moreover, the 4G VoLTE-enabled feature phone will completely change the low-end phone segment and bring about a new era of innovation in this segment. On the other hand, industry body Cellular Operators Association of India (COAI) has termed the Rs. 0 pricing a clever marketing move by the company and attempt to save government levies like licence fee.

Slack Said to Be Raising $250 Million Amid Investment Boom

Software startup Slack Technologies is raising $250 million (roughly Rs. 1,603 crores) in a new funding round, according to people familiar with the matter, boosting the company’s valuation as Silicon Valleycompanies enjoy a surge in venture capital investments.

Slack, which makes messaging and collaboration software for businesses, is raising the fresh funding at a valuation of slightly more than $5 billion, the people said, a step up from its previous $3.8 billion valuation.

The investment is being led by SoftBank Group and venture capital firm Accel, a previous investor, said the people, who declined to be identified. SoftBank has been heavily investing in startups, and it recently launched a $93 billion Vision Fund for technology investments.

Other previous investors are participating. Slack has in the past raised money from venture firms GGV Capital, Spark Capital and Thrive Capital, among others.

Slack Said to Be Raising $250 Million Amid Investment BoomSlack spokeswoman Julia Blystone declined to comment on “funding rumors.” Slack is headquartered in San Francisco.

Bloomberg and news website Axios previously reported the funding deal.

Slack’s sizeable funding round reflects the trend of a growing number of $100 million-plus checks pouring into technology startups. In the second quarter this year, there were 34 venture capital deals of $100 million or more, nearly triple the 12 such transactions in the first quarter, according to data firm PitchBook.

These large rounds have helped drive an uptick in startup funding since the end of last year, with venture capitalists investing $15.7 billion in companies during the second quarter this year, a 27 percent increase from the first quarter and making for the strongest quarter in a year, according to Thomson Reuters data.

The Differences Between Google and Baidu

Those days of heading on over to the library are now a thing of the past. Now, almost every bit of needed information can be accessed with the click of a button. One of the most widely used search engines is none other than the globally used Google. Aside from Bing and Yahoo, it’s hard to believe others out there exist, and what’s more, is that they’re capable of dominating one of the largest countries on the planet. This is true for China, whose censorship law prohibits certain information from being accessed by Chinese citizens. Their equivalent?The internet giant of Baidu. It has become so popular in its home country that it managed to overthrow Google as the search engine of choice. With both Baidu and Google in the major leagues of the tech industry, how do the two differ from one another?

As a search engine, Google uses a complex algorithm that looks into the words used in the search query. This means they account for synonyms or spelling errors so as to be able to provide relevant results. They also note how specific the search is, or if it indicates a specific type of information being looked for.  Apart from looking into the query, they take into account if the webpages that come out will actually answer the question being asked. The algorithm accounts for things like relevant content in the webpage and if the webpage is written in the language the search was made. Google also operates on a more international platform that that of Baidu as it is largely concentrated in China and adheres to China’s censorship and government policies. Despite the restricted access to certain content, there is still a strong sense of nationalism. Sensitive parts from China’s history may still be blocked from the public, but major events such as the Opium Wars, the Rape of Nanking, and the Taiping Rebellion can still be looked up by China’s citizens.

Baidu’s search results are based off a more monetized system compared to its competitor. Google’s organic search results have no monetary basis, while it is possible to pay money for your website to come out at the top of page on the Baidu browser. With that being noted, 40% of Baidu’s products make it onto the first page of results and they are less transparent with their ads, meaning they don’t add the “sponsored” tag.  The former means that even if a website obtains the number one rank in organic search results, their website still won’t be on top of the page as Baidu places their own products first.  A widely-reported flaw about the search engine is that it also has the tendency to display images of scantily-clad women despite it being irrelevant to the search at hand. It, in fact, is so popular in China with it having 82% of the nation’s search queries while Google comes at a distant second place, holding roughly 11%. In addition, it holds 80% of China’s search market. That being said, it was tailored to fit the Chinese setting as it banks on its greater understanding of the Chinese language and culture, which makes it more suited for its country of origin. While it does trump Google’s presence in China, Baidu still only accounts for a one percent market share worldwide compared to Google’s 90%.


Both are not without similarities, however. Both Baidu and Google base their displayed advertisements off their relevance to the search query that was made. Both companies also offer products not only for searching, but also for maps, music, encyclopedia, and translation. However, Google expands farther with revenue from its other endeavors that include advertising, the Android operating system, and YouTube. With this in mind, since Baidu adheres to Chinese legal requirements, it offers some China-specific services that Google does not provide to users such as a missing persons search, a senior citizen search, and a patent search.

While Baidu clearly dominates in China, Google is still seen as the greater competitor as it accounts for an international audience as well as being a more welcome place for investors, viewed as more favorably and successful on a global scale.

How Web Conferencing is a Winning Move for Your Team and Business

Video conferencing technology has already reshuffled the deck. By knowing what it can do and how it can help your business, you’ll know why switching to cloud web solutions is a winning move for your team and business:

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You Can Save on Travel Costs

The Houston Chronicle cites this as one of the best benefits to video meetings. Video meetings do away with the need to travel just for a meeting. If you’re sending top level hires to HQ for training or just to meet up with the higher ups, you can save on employee travel costs by cutting down on those trips and making those meetings happen through video instead. You can still send your best people on trips but this time, you can use it as a last recourse instead of being the default solution. You’ll see massive cost-savings in flight tickets and accommodations alone.

TheyWill No Longer Be Late

No need for your employees to suffer through morning traffic or squeeze themselves into the metro—straight into Sardines city—just to get to the office on time for that 8 am conference. With cloud-based video solutions, getting to those meetings is now easier than ever. They won’t have any excuse for missing one.

They’ll Be Less Stressed

Driving to and from the office everyday can lead to a buildup of commuting stress. Imagine having to deal with rude drivers on the road, jaywalking pedestrians and the general mayhem of rush hour traffic. It’s enough to make anyone think dark thoughts, which hardly puts your employees in the mood to work and be productive. You can spare your team all that stress and hassle with video solutions that allow them to work from home. This way, they have less stress to deal with, putting them at their optimal best to start that work day right.

They’ll Be More Productive

Less stressed and healthier, your team can be more productive as a result. With web meeting for business through BlueJeans, they can come to those meetings ready and in top form to take on another workday. Everyone knows healthy employees tend to demonstrate higher levels of engagement, work longer and perform that much better than everyone else. They have better focus and concentration too, allowing them to get the job done in the least amount of time possible. All of these bode well for your ROI and bottom line. If you want to find a way to increase productivity at your workplace, the solution might just be staring you right in the face.

They’ll Have More Time

Work from home arrangements mean people get to spend more time at home and that’s a definite advantage to parents raising a family. By eliminating travel from their work day, then now have more hours in the day to spend time with their kids or family without missing a meeting or deadline. Instead of going off early while the kids are still asleep and getting home late, when they’re already in bed, young parents can now have more time with their loved ones. That’s an essential key to building better work-life balance in the lives of your employees.

They’ll Pick Your Team

Better work-life balance is the kind of advantage that can make qualified talents pick your company over ones with big remuneration packages and deep pockets. Think about talented and skilled talents who happen to be young parents, especially mothers, who prefer to work some hours at home. By offering them with a flexible work solution, you can get the top talents you want on board your organization without compromising your hiring goals and standards.

You Can Hire fromAnywhere

The best video system solutions also offer you another fix for your hiring problems. If you can’t seem to get the talents you need because the local pool is limited, no worries. Expand your search to global. You won’t have a problem finding one who fits the bill. With web conferencing, hiring, managing and staying in touch with remote talents is now easier than ever, says Lifewire. If you want the best people for your organization, using video meetings can get you to build up your employee base in a way that’s convenient and hassle-free.

They’ll Stay Longer

Work-from-home solutions send the right message to your employees. It’s an option that lets your staff know that their needs matter to you. By providing them with flexible arrangements that allow them to enjoy more work-life balance and greater control over their schedules—and life—they’ll stay with the team and company that much longer. No need to worry about rehiring and retraining costs, lag times and the hassles that come with finding new talent. With the right tools and incentive, you can save on all that by making your best people stay.

Microsoft acquires container platform Deis from Engine Yard

Microsoft today announced that it has acquired Deis, the company behind some of the most popular tools for building and managing applications on top of the Google-incubated Kubernetes container orchestration service. The companies did not disclose the price of the acquisition.

It’s worth noting that Engine Yard acquired Deis back in 2015, so while Microsoft doesn’t mention this in today’s announcement, it is acquiring Deis directly from Engine Yard.

While Microsoft’s Azure Container Service is agnostic and supports all the major container orchestration frameworks, like Mesos and Docker Swarm, Kubernetes is quickly becoming the de facto standard and with this move, Microsoft is also increasing its investment in it. Containers, after all, are quickly changing the way companies build and deploy their applications, and Microsoft obviously has every intention to stay on top of this trend.

“At Microsoft, we’ve seen explosive growth in both interest and deployment of containerized workloads on Azure, and we’re committed to ensuring Azure is the best place to run them,” Microsoft’s executive VP for its cloud and enterprise group Scott Guthrie writes today. “To support this vision, we’re pleased to announce that Microsoft has signed an agreement to acquire Deis — a company that has been at the center of the container transformation.”

 The acquisition is clearly about the tech, but given how hard it is to find and hire the right talent for building Kubernetes-centric services (there simply aren’t enough developers on the market), this move also brings into Microsoft a lot of new talent with deep knowledge of Kubernetes.

Deis provides three core open-source tools for managing Kubernetes deployments: Workflow, a platform for developers and operations teams to easily deploy and manage containerized apps; the Kubernetes package manager Helm; and Steward, a Kubernetes-native service broker (which basically allows applications to talk to each other). Like similar companies, its business model relies on providing paid support and training for these applications.

The team will continue to work on these open-source tools, which are currently in use by the likes of Mozilla, CloudMine and SocialRadar. Indeed, Microsoft’s Guthrie notes that “the Deis team brings a depth of open source technology experience — furthering Microsoft’s commitments to improve developer productivity and to provide choice and flexibility for our customers everywhere.”