Gaming PCs, convertibles to drive growth after note ban bump: Lenovo India

The note ban did have an impact on the adoption of technology and purchasing trends in the country, but that phase is now over and gaming PCs, along with convertible laptops, will drive the next level of growth in the personal computers’ space, a top LenovoIndia executive has stressed.

Market research firm Gartner said earlier this week that worldwide PC shipments saw a 4.3 per cent decline in the second quarter of 2017. It added that the PC industry globally is in the midst of a five-year slump, and this is the 11th straight quarter of declining shipments. In the Asia-Pacific region, PC shipments witnessed a decline of 5.1 per cent in the quarter and, in India, “the PC market was primarily affected by market dynamics coupled with the absence of a large tender deal compared to a year ago and higher PC prices brought about weak market growth,” Gartner said.

“The market is only looking up. Demonetisation was a blip and it created an instability for a short time — 15 days or a month. We were all surprised with the way the market has bounced back,” Rajesh Thadani, Executive Director-Consumer Business and Ecommerce, Lenovo India, told IANS.

“After the demonestisation, we saw that demand for premium devices (priced more than Rs 50,000) doubled. The mainstream market — devices which are available for nearly Rs 30,000 — is also growing,” Thadani added. According to the latest “Quarterly Personal Computing Device Tracker” by market research firm IDC, Lenovo, with 17.7 per cent market share, came third in India for the first quarter of 2017.

Globally, Lenovo shipped 12.1 million units in the second quarter of 2017 and recorded 19.9 per cent market share to grab the second spot, according to Gartner.  Aiming to change these figures, Lenovo on July 19 unveiled new additions to its Yoga and Ideapad range of future-ready laptops.

With this, the Chinese technology major has targeted mainstream and premium segment customers with devices ranging from as low as Rs 17,800 to a highest of Rs 74,850. “The consumers today are no longer satisfied with a basic PC and want more power in it. There is a small set of customers who are deal seekers and want value for money, but those who want New Age devices and have spending capacity are growing very fast. I think this is the trend we are witnessing in the Indian consumer industry,” Thadani noted.

Lenovo, Lenovo Personal Computers, Lenovo Yoga laptops, Lenovo PC market, Lenovo Yoga series, Lenovo Yoga Laptop, lenovo laptopsEven gamers are now shelling out more money to get a top-of-the-line experience. “When the cash was going out of the system owing to the note ban, Lenovo changed the strategy and offered discounts on credit cards, EMI schemes and tied up with third-party vendors. This helped us create even more demand,” the Lenovo executive told IANS.

Thadani highlighted that in mature markets like Japan, the PC market is declining but when it comes to evolving markets like India where PC penetration is still low, the demand is growing. Talking about GST, he said that the move has forced businesses to become more structured.

“We see a lot of opportunity because enterprises and traders are now joining the new tax regime. They would need infrastructure and this is where companies like Lenovo will benefit by providing them solutions,” Thadani said.

Going forward, the company is building products around Virtual Reality (VR) and new technologies where the devices will be Cloud-enabled.  “It’s still early to talk about, but this is something that we look forward to. With the technologies around Microsoft Cortana, Lenovo will come with devices that will fulfil the current and growing needs of the consumers,” Thadani said.

Samsung developing a Bixby-powered Apple AirPods rival: Report

Samsung is developing a voice-activated smart earpiece to rival Apple’s AirPods, according to a new report. Korea’s ETNews claims the wireless earbuds will be powered by the company’s Bibxy AI, which has recently started rolling out for all owners of the Galaxy S8 and S8+ in the US.

The voice-activated earpiece will have a noise cancellation feature that scans excessive noise and further improves voice quality. The report says Samsung’s upcoming wireless earbuds will be launched alongside the Galaxy Note 8 next month in New York. However, it is unclear if the earbuds will be sold separately or bundled with the Galaxy Note 8. The South Korean company is yet to confirm the existence of the upcoming voice-activated smart earbuds.

Samsung Bixby earbuds, Apple AirPods competitor, Bixby earphones SamsungSamsung may be considering to bring its voice-activated smart earbuds to the market, but it won’t make them as good as the AirPods. The company’s Samsung’s Bixby AI is still half-baked. Early reviews have been mixed to worse, while many claim Bixby is no where to close to Siri and Google Assistant. So it’s hard to imagine that Samsung would even consider launching its voice-activated smart earpiece in the US or Europe. It is, of course, a possibility to see the launch happening in South Korea.

Samsung was previously rumoured to be working on a Bixby smart speakers similar to the likes of Amazon Echo, Google Home and Apple HomePod, but reports now say the plan has been shelved. Evidently, Samsung doesn’t seem to be convinced with an idea of a voice-activated speakers.

Sony Bravia OLED A1 first impressions: This is a sight to behold

Sony India has announced the arrival of their flagship OLED series, the A1, in India from August 4.  Sony Bravia OLED A1 comes in two sizes, 55 inches and 65 inches, although Sony had a 77-inch version of the TV on display as well, it is not being launched here for now. Regardless of what size panel you look at, the Sony Bravia A1 is a sight to behold. At the launch event, we got to spent some time with Sony’s latest 4K TV. Here are our first impressions.

Sony Bravia OLED A1 Design, Build

Regardless of the size of the panel, the A1 series offers uniform features across the board. The Bravia A1 is a 4K HDR TV. The imaging bits are powered by Sony’s home grown X1 Extreme image processor that runs the 8 million OLEDs individually. Between the X1 Extreme and the Triluminous Engine, Sony has ensured that the A1 is able to produce the most amazing colours and contrast your eyes have ever seen. The TV is as minimal as it gets, eliminating not just bezels on all sides, but also a stand or speaker array that you would typically find on a flat screen TV. The panel is incredibly thin, measuring 86mm at its thickest. Sony wanted to remove all distractions from the front of the TV, so there’s no stand under the screen. Instead, it’s moved to the back.

Sony Bravia OLED A1, Sony Bravia OLED A1 price in India, Sony Bravia OLED A1 launch in India, Sony Bravia A1 OLED TVThe panel is incredibly thin, measuring 86mm at its thickest.

The back of the SonyBravia OLED A1 has also received some seriously high-quality finish. The stand has a cloth grille that looks very nice, removing which reveals a sub-woofer on the top and a multitude of ports on the bottom. There is a total of 3 USB ports, 4 HDMI ports, 1 ethernet port and an optical out port in case you want to send the sound into your amp. In case you prefer your TV wall mounted, this back panel has a provision for wall mounting the TV as well. What was really nice was that Sony has built a cable management system just below the ports so that all you people who like their cables neatly laid out don’t get stressed. The fact that cabled plug in vertically into the TV is also a neat touch as this means the TV can sit as flush as possible with the wall.

Apple Watch Series 3 to launch later this year, says new report

Apple is expected to launch a new model of its popular smartwatch in the second-half of the year, according to a report from Chinese-language news site Economic Daily News. DigiTimes has sited a Chinese news outlet to confirm the launch date of Apple Watch Series 3

The report says Quanta Computer is expected to see a rise in income in the second-half of the year. Quanta is the same contract manufacturer Apple has been using to produce its notebooks, serves and wearables. The unexpected rise in income indicates that Quanta will most likely manufacture the third-generation Apple Watch. This isn’t the first time Quanta will be given a duty to produce Apple watch, as the first and second-generation models were earlier manufactured by the same Taiwanese company.

Apple Watch Series 3, Apple Watch Series 2 release date, Apple Watch 3 price, Apple Watch Series 3 rumoursApple Watch Series 3 has been rumoured to launch later this year, however, Apple is yet to confirm the exact release date. Previous reports in the past have indicated that Apple could launch the new smartwatch model alongside the iPhone 8, which the company plans to launch in September. Though there has been no confirmation on the same.

Apparently, the design language of the next-generation model won’t change. Instead, Apple will most likely improve the watch’s general performance and battery life. Moreover, previous reports have indicated that Apple might incorporate micro-LED displays for better image quality. Evidently, the micro-LED technology could replace OLED screens that would be used in the Apple Watch Series 3.

At the same time, it has been said that Apple might add a SIM card option in the next-generation model for cellular-connectivity. Back in March, Susquehanna Financial Group semiconductor analyst Christopher Rolland claimed that Apple’s upcoming smartwatch would get a cellular connectivity, one of the most requested feature for the device.

Xiaomi-backed Yi action and security cameras launched in India, prices start at Rs 2990

Yi Technology has taken a tentative step to make its presence felt in India. Xiaomi-backed startup has started selling its action and security cameras in India, though the selection is small rather than a full range. The prices start from Rs 2,990 and go up to Rs 17,990.

Yi Technology, China’s answer to GoPro, is bringing only two action cameras in India. The base model features a 16-megapixel CMOS image sensor and Amarelle A7LS chipset. It has got the ability to record 1080p videos at 60 frames per second (fps) and connectivity options include Bluetooth 4.0, Wi-Fi and a microphone. Additionally, the internal storage can be expanded via a microSD card slot. Yi Action camera is priced at Rs 6,990. It comes in two colour options: Black and White.

Yi 4K Action Camera, on the other hand, is a top-end model. As the name suggests, the action camera will be able to record 4K videos. It features a 2.19-inch display ( 640 x 360), Sony IMX377 image sensor, Amarelle A9SE75 chipset, and a 1400mAh battery. The camera also supports Wi-Fi and Bluetooth 4.0. Yi 4K Action Camera will set you back by Rs 17,990, and can be purchased in two colour options: Night Black and Pearl White.

Yi action cameras, Yi 4K action camera, Yi action camera price in India, Yi action camera Amazon, Yi 4K Action Camera Amazon, Yi Home IP Camera, Yi Dome CameraThe company also introduced two security cameras in India, Yi Home IP Camera and Yi Dome Camera. The cheapest among the two is the Yi Home IP Camera, which is priced at Rs 2,990. It features a 1-megapixel CMOS sensor with a 111-degree wide-angle lens, advanced night vision, motion detection, and a microphone.

Yi Dome Camera, which is priced at Rs 4,490, can rotate to get a full 360 degree view of the room. It also has a built-in motion tracking feature. Plus, it is capable to record a footage in 720p.

Shanghai-based Yi Technology, founded in 2013, is expanding into drone market as well. Last year, it launched the Yi Erida – the company’s newest drone model. The drone has a 75 mph carbon fiber tricopter with a 4K camera.

4 Top-Quality Instant Cameras to Buy

Everyone is now living in the digital age and nowadays, everything is all about speed. People like it better when they get what they want in a short time. They want their food served fast, go to their travel destination quick, and get information in just seconds. Even when it comes to photography, people prefer to see their pictures immediately. That is why, instant cameras are getting popular these days.

Much like the polaroid of the old days, modern instant cameras let you snap a photo and wait for seconds for your it to be developed in a special film. Aside from the quick production of the picture, the effect of the photos taken with this camera is an attractive lo-fi shot comparable to the filters people use in Instagram. Instant cameras combine the beauty of old polaroid photos with the convenience of modern technology. That is why many people are loving these cameras.

Want to get hold of this trendy cameras? Then check out of the best instant cameras you can buy:

Instax 90 Neo Classic

With the advanced features of the Instax 90 Neo Classic, it is an ideal companion when you are traveling with your family or friends. It is equipped with innovative functions, such as high performance flash and six shooting modes, so you can have complete control over the effects or outcome of your photos.


Polaroid Z340

For the love of a classic Polaroid with a combination of some digital camera features, you can get the Polaroid Z340. It boasts a 14-megapixel resolution as well as a 2.7-inch LCD screen. You can print the images on its water-resistant and smudge-proof paper, which is more affordable than the regular instant film. To save paper, you can just select the photos your want to print and upload the remaining files online by attaching the camera to a computer.


Diana F+

If you are a fan of lo-fi snaps, then get a Diana F+ instant camera. With this, you can create the signature soft-focused and dreamy photos which Diana cameras are known for. This camera is perfect for portrait shots and  daylight photography. You can also use a chunky flash and various lenses to create different effects to your photos. Diana F+ was originally revived by Lomography, a company that focuses on film cameras, to promote 120mm film photography but you can attach an accessory to transform it to an instant camera.


Instax Mini 8

This cute instant camera is a modernization of the once popular Polaroid camera. Instax Mini 8, developed by Fuji, comes in various colors and has a compact body design. You can never go wrong with the Instax Mini 8 for it delivers high quality shots with the retro effect. It also determines the proper brightness of your subject, so it never ruins the exposure of every picture you take. Because of this, Instax Mini 8 has been one of the most sought after instant cameras. You can visit the local stores if you are interested to try one but they often have limited designs, so it is better to get a Fuji polaroid camera at Harvey Norman or other online stores, where they have more designs and colors to choose from.


Indeed, instant cameras are still a thing in this modern time. There are still many people who prefer to capture special moments through these sleek and trendy instant cameras. If you want to take fun and exciting pictures  then instant cameras are perfect for you!

Top Gifts To Buy For Those Who Love High-Tech Gadgets

It’s that time of year to get your holiday shopping done to find the best gifts for your friends and family with Christmas just around the corner. We’ve come up with some fantastic ideas that will impress your friends and family members who love the best and newest in high-tech gadgets.  You can get the best in savings too when you shop early with coupon deals from Groupon Coupons.  Groupon Coupons offers more than 70,000 coupons to over 9,000 stores including exclusive coupons you can’t get anywhere else!For your friends and family who will love techie gifts and who enjoy listening to music they’ll appreciate the Levitating Bluetooth Speaker from HAMMACHER SCHLEMMER.  This floating wireless speaker opposes the laws of gravity and rests mid-air above its base.  A magnet inside of the wireless speaker’s captivating sphere is pushed away by electromagnetic coils in the base, causing a strong opposing force that causes the speaker to levitate.  Not only is this speaker distinct in its floating abilities, it also comes through with high-quality and clear audio from it’s full-range 2-watt driver when paired with a Bluetooth-enabled device up to 30’ away.  The volume is controlled from your device and rings light up on the base and speaker with an illuminating glow.  This speaker is also versatile in its ability to magnetically grip to horizontal metal surfaces such as a refrigerator or shelf.  Your gift receiver will enjoy using this one-of-a-kind wireless speaker to listen to their favorite songs and albums!

The 3D Printing Pen is best gift during the holidays for someone who loves creative tech gadgets, which is also available from HammacherSchlemmer The 3D Printing pen creates three-dimensional plastic drawings and it’s 75% slimmer than previous generations.  The pen produces a warm thermoplastic that hardens within seconds, allowing the drawer to create three-dimensional freehand drawings.  Artists have the ability to download blueprints of their creations such as an Eiffel Tower, napkin holder, car model and any idea that comes to their imagination!  Artists can choose from two different plastic-dispensing speeds and the slim, anodized-aluminum barrel gives the user a comfortable grip.  The pen also includes an AC cord that allows the pen to heat up in less than a minute along with 50 plastic refills in assorted colors.  Give your friend or family member who loves to create art an innovative way for them to imagine their ideas!  Groupon Coupons offers many coupon savings for HAMMACHER SCHLEMMER shoppers such as free shipping on their order with a coupon code.

4 Best Samsung Android Smartphones


In the News : Marshmallow update on oneplus one officially announced.

One of the most popular OS running millions of Smartphones across the world is Android, and rightly so. The flexibility that the OS offers to the user, regular updates to the system, along with the innumerable apps covering various segments like productivity, travel, social media, communication, travel, games etc. are factors that have contributed to its popularity. Tapping into this popularity is the Korean brand Samsung, which has over the years manufactured a brilliant range of Smartphones running on Android. Listed below is the Samsung Mobile Price of some of the popular Android models by the brand:

· Samsung Galaxy Core 2

The Core 2 is priced at about Rs.6500 which will appeal to those looking for a powerful performing phone within a budget. The Android version I use is KitKat. The screen is 4.5”, and the body is covered by leather- like skin, making it elegant. On the tech front, it comes equipped with a 1.2 GHz quad-core processor and 768 MB RAM. It sports a 5MP back camera along with a 0.3MP front camera. Fast browsing speeds are ensured through the 3G supported provided by the phone. It has 4 GB of internal storage and up to 64 GB of external storage.

· Samsung Galaxy E7

For the 16 GB of this smartphone, the customer will need to shell out about Rs.17, 000. The Android iteration that the phone operates on is KitKat. The phone is a huge 5.5”. For those who like to click away, the 13 MP rear camera will be a treat, along with the 5 MP front camera which will aid in video calling. The 1.2 GHz Quad Core Processor will ensure smooth processing while the 2 GB RAM will aid in seamless app switching. The maximum external storage capacity is of 64 GB.

· Samsung Note 4

Sporting a price tag of about Rs.40, 000 is the Note 4, which is a huge 5.7” screen phone with a display resolution of 2560x1440p. Running on Android KitKat, it supports hundreds of apps and games which are amazing to play on the huge screen of the Note 4. The phone has a brilliant 16 MP rear camera, and a 3.7 MP front one. Quick and efficient multitasking is possible thanks to the 2.7 GHz Quad Core Processor and 3 GB of RAM. The external memory can be expanded by 64 GB. The huge screen also allows for the use of the multi window feature.

· Samsung Galaxy 6 Edge

This one is priced at about Rs.45, 000. The 5.1” phone runs on the latest iteration of Android- the Lollipop. It uses a powerful 2.1 GHz + 1.5 GHz Octa Core Processor along with 3 GB RAM. It supports 4G connectivity for fast browsing, downloading. The back camera is 16MP while the front one is 5MP.

With the upcoming release of Android M, the latest version of the OS platform, it will be interesting to see when these popular Samsung handsets get the software updates.

Best Galaxy 6s covers and cases at Gearbest Online store

Hey Samsung S6 users, I know you usually get frustrated with low battery life even after spending around $1000 dollars and purchasing one of the most expensive mobile phones available in the market. You know what, I have got a great solution for these and I am sure you are going to like it and will not get disappointed.

You might have seen Galaxy S6 Case Cover and other similar products which are present in the market and are really good as these are in budget and run for a long time, these are cost effective as you don’t need to purchase those over priced phone covers and bulky power bank.

These are rechargeable battery case for your S6 which is packed with high features. Though there is lot of stuff present these days in the market but you can have a look at the best cases-covers which are good to go!

Coming to its features, the 4200 mAh power bank & cover is a new innovation in itself. The phone can be used without removing the power bank, it can be charged with the help of USB cable. The power bank is not that heavy to hands and in 4 color choices.

Another great asset is the holder, which no one likes to purchase separately but let me tell you one thing, it is one of the things you will often use and would recommend to others. The main purpose of using it is for various visual purposes.

When viewed from user point of view you the best things I liked about it are the presence of Kickstand and led indicator. Overall the product is great, easy to use, packed with features, simple and affordable. What I personally recommend to all of you is to read the user manual before use so that there is no problem in using the product.

The Crafty Portable Vaporizer Review

Storz and Bickel, the renowned manufacturers of the Volcano vaporizers. They were well known for their reputation in the market and the quality of the vaporizers they deliver. However, they had no portable vaporizers in the market, so they built and delivered two portable vaporizers; the Crafty vaporizer and the Mighty portable vaporizer.


How the crafty vaporizer works?

You have to tap the ON/OFF button, to start the device. The device will start with a blink sound, and unlike the most of the portable vaporizers the controlling of the temperature is not in the handheld device, but it’s done through the smart phone app. You just have to remove the cap of the cooling unit, fill the tray with the filling aids and just inhale the Vape for herbal blends.

Temperature flexibility

This device comes with the two preset temperatures, which is enough for you to enjoy the herbal blends. But, if you need certain changes in the temperature, then you have to download the smart phone app. This app will connect the device with the Bluetooth of your smart phone, and you can make some tweaks in the temperature between 40 degree and 20 degree Celsius. Also, if you double tap the power button, then you can take the advantage of the booster temperature as well.

Crafty app for smart phones

The crafty smart phone app is available in the apple store and the Google play store for free. You can download the app to switch between the Booster and Basic temperatures available in the device itself. You can change the temperature between 40 degree and 210 degree Celsius. Also, this will allow you to change the vibration option between the apps so that you can get notified about the battery status with the vibration.

Build Quality

The body is made up of the plastic, which is a clear no for the heating device. But, I am sure that two masterminds of this device will look into the basic details to make this device well.


Crafty vaporizer has the added advantage in the form of portability over the Mighty vaporizer. As, the size is less, and it can fit into the pocket as well. Also, you can carry it with you anywhere. This device has all the features loaded in the smart phone app which makes it more flexible. No such buttons or properties available on the device which is the major reason for the portability.

Battery life

Crafty vaporizer comes with the lithium ion rechargeable battery which will give you the backup of 1.5 hours upon continuous usage. Also, it has the auto shut off feature to save the battery life and helps you to carry out the enjoyment of the herbal blends. It also has the pass through charging feature which will help you to enjoy the herbal blends while charging. Also, it supports charging from the USB adapter so you can charge the device in the car also.