Best Way To Recover Data On Your Android Device.

Android OS is somewhat similar to your Windows PC. On both of the Operating Systems when you delete a file you can recover them but the methods are little different. For PCs, If you deleted a file you may find it in recycle bin and recover it, but if you have deleted the file even from recycle bin then there are no chances to get back your files. But In case of Android Device the process is little different, If you have uncertainly deleted or lost any important file on your Android then you will need you need an Android Data Recovery Software. For the Android Recovery Process I would suggest you to use Wondershare’s Dr Fone For IOS and would tell you reasons why i suggested it to you.

Wondershare‘s Dr Fone is the best Android Data Recovery Software available online. This tool provides you with all the features which you want that a Recovery Software should have. This tool provides a lot of features at a bit low price. With this software you can not only recover your Files but take backups which can used for further recovery. This software can help you recover : Messages, Contacts, Notes, WhatsApp messages and App Data. It’s not like other softwares which promise you something and provides you something.

Features Of Wondershare Android Data Recovery

  • One of the best awarded and rated Recovery App by a Top Class Software Developer.
  • Helps you to easily recover all the data present in your data.
  • Helps you to recover data in the all the most critical conditions which includes : Deleted Data, System Crash, Forgotten Password, SD Card Issue, Rooting Error or ROM Flashing Error.
  • You can select the files which you want to recover. For example : You only want to recover 3 files among 7 then you can easily select those 3 and proceed for recover process.
  • You can preview the selected the files before you proceed for the recovery process.
  • Easy to use tool, powers you to Recover your device within 3 simple steps.
  • Supports mostly all the devices. To check whether your device is supported you may visit here

How To Use Dr Fone For Android : Recovery Process

Before you proceed for the recovery process. Please make sure that you have installed the Trial version or the paid version on your computer in order to recover your data on your Android Device.

  • First, you will need to connect your Android Device with you PC using USB Cable.
  • Now, Let your phone drivers install. Once installed you may open Dr Fone on your PC and proceed for the next step.
  • Select your Android Device from the drop down menu. Now make sure that developer option is enabled on your Android. If not enabled then enable and proceed for next step.
  • Now, after selecting your Android Device. Select the files which you want to recover on your Android Device. Proceed for next step.
  •  On the next step you will again see something like that where you need to view if you have selected the right files : Preview Mode which comes just before proceeding for recovery process.
  • Once you have previewed all the files make sure you proceed for the recovery process.
  • Now, when your Recovery Process ends you will need to restart your mobile in order to view the files which you recovered using Wondershare’s Dr Fone For Android.

So, This was a tutorial to Recover Data On Android using Wondershare Dr Fone For Android.


Privacy is a priority:

            Whether it is the natural world or if it is the cyber world, privacy of an individual is a priority to the person himself and for those who are related to him like the immediate family. Important also are the details and the data that form the basis of his or her personality in the real world. What cannot be done in the natural or the real world can be achieved very easily in the cyber world and all that you need is the right code to break into anyone’s confidential details. These details are very dear to any person and the encroachment on his information is not a gentlemanly way of conducting one’s worldly affairs in society. In the smart phones, which is again a part of the cyber world are the different types of applications that can serve you in every possible way. You name a service, and you have an application that would solve your issue and as if this is not enough, the new applications keep coming out every day and looks like there is no end to this downpour of new and innovative applications.

Safety first!

However smart the phone may be with the latest android software, the one most important thing that it cannot do is to stop the other person look into it other than the phone owner. This definitely is a very limiting factor as far as the smart phones are concerned. We keep a multitude of information and data in our smart phones which are quite important and any leakage of the same is sure to cause damage to our lives or career. These are both personal data such as photographs or videos with the family and official or financial data such as the passwords of your accounts or your mails and messages that you send and receive which need to be kept confidential and much more. These are vulnerable to the prying eyes of people who cannot keep their limits. These need a most efficient safety device which can give you a sigh of relief and the one such is the Leo privacy guard and this has become very well sought after right now from Google play.

The need:

The need for such a versatile application is quite high as the trespassing of limits is very common in the smart phone usage. Many have lost very critical data due to a short flap of the eye and this would cost the person much more than you could even imagine. So, the application is developed with several features in mind such as the masking of the application icons that appear on the screen, reduction in storage space by uninstalling useless applications, the battery storage can be prolonged by the app, a string of major apps can be used with this, the app is also very efficient is giving alerts when there is any danger of the smart phone being used by others, the messages, photos and video files are protected, the screen saver gets a very smart uplift by the attractive screen savers and masking icons.

It is versatile:

The application can be installed on any device but it needs the android software of 4.0 and above. The application has been installed by more than a million smart phones as per the data. It is easy to install and is able to perform a large number of functions in a very short time. Leo master guard is able to provide short cuts to all the applications and moving of the apps is also made user friendly and easy.


Housing’s Real Estate App- the best app for property finder

Being away from home and working from a distant location always proves to be a hectic task for not only married couples but bachelors, as well. It’s been 3 years that I’ve been working in Pune away from my home in Delhi. I used to live in a single room condo to save money for my family. But now that I’m married, I have to shift to a separate apartment to live with my wife, which has turned out to be more complicated than I thought.
Almost immediately, finding a suitable apartment was a tough task for me. I was unable to manage all of my work  as well as my personal life. Then, one of my colleagues in my office suggested that I check out the real estate and property finder app,, which turned out to be an incredible apartment finder. I quickly found an apartment that suited my budget needs as well as my needs as a newly married man. It was the perfect property to begin a new life. Keep reading to find out more about my experience with

One stop property finder gateway

I was completely unaware of the emerging trends in real estate. Thanks to the extremely supportive team at, I was able to find all the information I needed in order to narrow down my apartment options in about three days. The distinctive services available in the app are:

  • Buying property
  • Listing property
  • Searching listed properties
  • Searching tenants appropriate for your listed properties
  • Finding hostels and PG accomodations

High End Features
This app is loaded with high end features. It’s not just meant for basic property searches. Rather it allows you to research neighboring locations, schools, hospitals, and many other amenities. You can require virtually any kind of information you would need to make an informed decision.
Create your own wish list
Another cool feature of the app is that you can start a wishlist. Once you find a property that looks good, you can put in in your wishlist and come back to it later. This allows you to compare properties, as well as share properties with other people that you might be looking with.

Advanced Search Filters

The best thing about the app are the search filters. You can use the search filters to easily narrow down the list of properties to ones that meet your exact needs. You can filter your results based on your budget, desired location, parking space, gas connections, as well as many other factors.
Not a Substitute for Investigation
One thing to remember is that the app isn’t a substitute for in-person investigation. I’ve had friends who have tried to buy and rent properties through the app without investigating the properties first and it has occasionally been disastrous. I would recommend going to check out the property yourself. Even better, hire a local contractor to go with you. A contractor can check out the property with you and give you advice. Moreover, according to the pros at A-Top Roofing, “it is also commonplace for them to give a quote following the inspection.” You can use this quote to determine with the property is a good investment. You can even use it to drive the price of the property down and get a better deal.

How to Choose the Best Home Cleaning Service?

Home is a place where you can relax and rest. Having a clean home is what everyone desires so that you can lay down and relax. A clean home is a symbol of healthy living. Many people think about cleaning home on their own but it is never an easy task considering the time and effort required to clean it. So you are ready to clean your home and must be looking to find home cleaning services near your home.

Demand for Professional Cleaning Services in Metropolitan Cities

There is continuous demand for home cleaning services. Most people have realized importance of outsourcing the cleaning task and save the time or effort. The demand has increased mostly in Delhi and Mumbai, which are considered to be the biggest metropolitan cities of India. People these days don’t have enough time or energy to do the necessary task and looking for alternatives to get their job done. One of the best ways to find a home cleaningMumbai service is by searching throughUrbanclapIndiaApp. You can easily see that people are able to find almost any type of service they want and this is the reason why Urbanclap is in news. Trust plays a crucial role and Urbanclap provides you the trusted services you are looking for.


Issues while Finding a Professional Cleaning Services Company

Many people find it difficult to hire a service for home cleaning Delhi or Mumbai mainly because they don’t have any trust on the private parties which will come and clean. Even if you hire a company for home cleaning Mumbai or Delhi, you are still not sure whether they will do the job with best effort. Sometimes you are not sure whether you will get the services at reasonable cost or not. However, one thing you need to remember that if you hire professional services, you will be able to avoid all these risks. Basically you will be able to get a reliable service.

Benefits of Hiring a Professional Company

A professional company has a trained staff and ensures that their employees are able to satisfy their customer’s requirements as well. All the risk and liability is no longer a responsibility of a customer but on the other hand you will be able to get a peace of mind. Image is everything for a professional company and business matters to them a lot. Moreover, the company also performs background check of their employees by doing job pre-screening. This way you don’t have to be worried about their background and professional etiquettes. They also do insurance of their employees so that if anything happens to them while doing work at any place, then the customer is not held responsible. There is even a mechanism called feedback by which the professional company people gets a feedback of their employees from customer in order to ensure quality home cleaning services and improve on it.

UrbanClap- Best Place to Find Professional Home Cleaning Services

There is no denying the fact that the major problem that we find these days is when we have to find a service or company. With the help of a latest app known as ‘Urbanclap’ launched by UrbanclapCompany, one can find home cleaning services quickly. If you read Urbanclap review, you will be able to figure out how useful the application is. It can help you find reliable and trusted services based on the ratings and reviews of other users.

Final Words

Keeping your home clean is not a difficult task anymore. All you need to do is find professional cleaning services and get the best facility without facing any difficulty. So, start using Urbanclap from now.

Mobikin doctor for Android – How to recover deleted photos from HTC

HTC smartphones are one of the best mobile manufacturers which you will find in India. The company has launched a wide range of smartphones and all the smartphones are based on Android operating system. Mobile phones these days have eliminated roles of many things. The things which were not possible in the past can now be easily using mobile phones. If we look back at 20 years who thought that it was even possible to take photos using a mobile phone. These days smartphones come with powerful hardware. You get good cameras and there are some devices like the HTC One M8 which came with three cameras. Who would have thought about three cameras in a smartphone?


You will get good HTC smartphones in the market with powerful cameras. As the devices comes with powerful cameras the role of digital cameras is completely eliminated and if you are planning to go out for a trip you can use your HTC mobile for taking photos and even recording videos in high definition. As you are storing all the photos and videos on your phone what would happen if you accidently delete the photos present on your mobile. You might get in trouble. There can be many reasons that you have lost all the photos which were present in your mobile like software malfunctioning.

In the event you have deleted the photos which were present on your mobile or got erased due to some reason you need not to worry as using a simple software you can easily recover deleted photos from HTC mobile. We will use one of the best recovery managers which is out there and it is Mobikin doctor for Android. Using this software you can recover deleted photos from HTC mobile from Windows and MAC PC’s.

How to recover deleted photos from HTC

Follow the step by step guide shared below which will help you in easily recovering photos from your HTC mobile using Mobikin doctor for Android.

  1. The first thing you have to do to recover the photos is install Mobikin doctor for Android on your PC. To install the software on your PC you need the installer file. Download Mobikin doctor for PC for Windows from official site.
  2. Once Mobikin doctor is installed on your PC open it. Now go to your mobile phone and enable USB debugging by going to Settings > Developer Options > Enable USB debugging.
  3. Now you are ready to connect your device with your PC. Connect your device and once connected you will see Device connected option and Device ready to scan on your PC.
  4. Once the scan is finished you will be presented with all the contents which are present on your device. On the left panel you will find all the photos which were founded in that scan.
  5. Mark the photos which you want to transfer and once selected click on Recover option which will recover all the deleted photos from HTC mobile.

This is how you can easily recover deleted photos from HTC mobile using Mobikin doctor for android.

Amazing Mobile Apps That lets You Get Mobile Recharge on the Go

Today, in the digital age and the growing use of smart phones among the average Indian consumers almost everyone is hooked to the internet on their mobile phone. Be it for staying in touch with the loved ones through social media and instant messaging services or for carrying out business tasks everything can be accomplished through the smartphones. In a recent study conducted by Nielson an astonishing fact has come to the fore; nearly 96% of the Indian youth use prepaid packages and majority of the users recharge their phone through online mobile recharge services.

There are plenty of third party online mobile recharge services that allows the smart phone users to get a recharge on their phone almost instantly. Irrespective of the network carrier you are using, these online mobile recharge services lets you get the desired amount of recharge with just click of a button. So now, the idea of standing in long queues at the payment center or waiting at the merchant outlets to get recharge has become and obsolete idea. The new trend is to recharge online, some of the best online recharge services that has proved to be a boon for mobile users are discussed below:

  • Freecharge:

It is one of the most popular recharge services in India today. The service allows you get recharge for your mobile phones, DTH Services, Mobile data packs, Internet charges online. The site also allows you to pay your monthly utility bills like gas bills, electricity bills and insurance premiums under a single roof. Additionally, you can advantage of the freecharge promo codes that are readily available on the internet, use these codes or coupons to get valuable discount/cashback on your payments. You can download the app on your phone and be assured that you virtually never run out of balance on your phone as you can conveniently get your recharge on the go.

  • Paytm

Paytm is a useful and productive app that every smartphone user must have on their phone. It not only allows you to get recharge anywhere and anytime but also lets you pay your utility bills through your phone. Thus it helps you avoid those long queues at the payment centers and save time. Another significant feature of Paytm that deserves a special mention is the Paytm wallet. It is basically a virtual wallet that allows you to deposit money in it and use the amount as and when required while paying your bills or getting a recharge for your DTH or data card. Another special feature of this App is that it also lets you do online shopping for all kinds of electronics goods, clothing, bags, accessories, home furnishing items and beauty and personal care products.

  • Amulyam

Not as popular as Freecharge and Paytm, Amulyam still is a widely used mobile app. It is the first service in India that introduced the concept of free recharge by ad-viewing. Additionally, it also provides free recharge to the mobile users up to Rs. 40 for installing the app on your phone. It also pays Rs. 5 extra for every successful friend invite you send. With all these features having this app on your mobile phone is truly worthwhile.

Five to Try: Mortal Kombat X assaults Android, and AppChat lets you chat about apps



fivetotry may8 lead


Another week, another smattering of new apps and games on the Play Store—and this time around, it’s the eagerly anticipated debut of Mortal Kombat X that stands out atop the pack. It’s joined this week by Grim Fandango Remastered, an updated version of a true point-and-click adventure game classic.

If games don’t grab you, how about some new and updated apps? AppChat is an early, but intriguing service that creates chat rooms around the apps you already use, and VoxelMaker lets you craft block-based artwork with minimal effort. Meanwhile, photo service Flickr has a big update to its Android app, with a refreshed look and useful new features.

Mortal Kombat X

fivetotry may8 mortalkombatx

It’s a few weeks late to the party, but the Android version of Mortal Kombat Xlooks a fair bit like the recent $60 console versions, with new and old fighters alike impressively rendered on the screen—and plenty of gory action, of course. But that’s just about where the similarities end.

Mortal Kombat X is so streamlined for touch that you’ll spend the majority of every fight simply tapping repeatedly on the screen as the same couple moves are automatically executed. It’s a shame, because the card-based team-building aspect has appeal, and the free-to-play model isn’t a huge impediment, although optional in-app purchases can be very expensive. Still, if you reallylove Mortal Kombat, the ability to have it on the go might make up for some of the heavy repetition.

AppChat (Alpha)

fivetotry may8 appchat

Got a question about an Android app—or want to find a community—but don’t want to aimlessly poke around message boards or social media? AppChat is a handy new app that automatically creates a persistent message board around the apps and games you already have installed.

For example, if you have Mortal Kombat X on your phone, you’ll have a Mortal Kombat X room listed, where other users are swapping strategies and (sadly) bragging about hacks. AppChat can also auto-detect which app a screenshot is from for easy uploading, if you want to share a feat or a weird bug. It’s very early and therefore pretty basic-looking, but this could be an extremely useful app as the user base grows.


fivetotry may8 flickr

Flickr got a big upgrade this week, bringing notable tweaks to both form and function on Android. On the former end, the 4.0 version now has a very clean and minimal aesthetic that makes it easy to flip through and organize your photos on the web service.

Functionality boosts are the biggest upgrade this week, however. Flickr will now auto-upload your videos in addition to photos, helping you take advantage of that free 1TB of storage. You can also apply non-destructive edits to photos straight from the app, plus the Magic View feature can auto-sort photos by what they show. If Flickr’s mobile offering didn’t suit your needs before, it may well do so now.

Grim Fandango Remastered

fivetotry may8 grimfandango

Just a week after Broken Age hit Android, Double Fine is back with an updated port of one of the most beloved adventure games of all time: Grim Fandango Remastered ($10). As Manny Calavera, skeletal travel agent to the newly deceased, you’ll attempt to uncover a conspiracy in the land of the dead. The 1998 classic is amusing and thematically one-of-a-kind, even if the gameplay is pretty standard point-and-click (or tap to move/interact) fare.

The Android version features remade, higher-resolution textures, a re-recorded score, and developer commentary, but be warned: reviews suggest some early device incompatibilities. For me, it worked on a Nexus 5 and LG G3, but not a Galaxy S6 Edge. If you buy the app, try it immediately in case you need to grab a refund while the issues are being worked out.


fivetotry may8 voxelmaker

Inspired by the simplistic worlds of games like Minecraft and Roblox and want to concoct your own voxel-based scenes? VoxelMaker can suit that need. It’s not a game or a game-making tool, but rather an app that lets you create voxel artwork with relative ease, as well as import models or export and share your creations

Twitter launches Highlights, a twice-daily package of curated tweets

twitter highlights screenshots


Twitter wants to turn down the information firehose, offering to remix the day’s tweets into a more pleasant serving.

That’s the plan behind Highlights, a feature launching today on Android—and yes, it’s launching first on Android. Up to twice a day you’ll get a push alert that pulls together tweets that Twitter thinks you’ll be interested in seeing. You’ll also have access to Highlights inside of the Twitter app.

You don’t need an update from the Play Store to get the new feature. Instead, you’ll need to head to Settings > @yourname > and then check the box for Highlights.

You’ll then see a stacked card icon at the top of your timeline. Touch that to get a list of tweets that Twitter has selected for you based on who you follow and trending news and events.

Google’s desktop search can now send directions right to your Android phone or tablet

send directions google

It’s now super easy to send directions straight to the Google Maps app on your Android device.

All you have to do is type “send directions” on the Google search page or in a Chrome tab and it will launch a map interface, complete with autosuggestions for typing in where you want to go.

Your Android devices will be available from a dropdown menu: once you’ve selected the destination, just click the “send directions” lin

Unlock your device, and it will open straight to Google Maps with a pin at the venue you typed in. Touch the navigation icon to get turn-by-turn directions

Google to open up sales more broadly for Project Tango tablets

Walgreen's 3D

Google’s elusive Project Tango may throw open the doors a little wider to the public.

Those who scored access to the invite-only project, which seeks to use mobile devices for 3-D spatial mapping, picked up that detail in emails from Google,according to Android Police. Developers who want to buy a current-generation development tablet can do so, though it’s their last chance before, “opening up sales more broadly.”

Just like Google Glass, this futuristic technology isn’t cheap; even on discount, the tablet costs $512, a 50 percent price cut from the original cost of $1,024. You also still have to score an invite, an effort to keep the project fairly closed to the ranks of serious developers.

Project Tango could be following the Google Glass playbook by transitioning to a public sale after spending some time at invite-only status. Just as with its Project Ara initiative, Google likes to experiment with new ideas, sometimes for quite a while, to see if they’ll stick.