Human Growth hormone is essential for all age groups


Growth hormone is naturally produced during the young age and responsible for growth. It not only supports the growth but also involves with other activities of the body. When the body fails to produce enough growth hormone on its own, then synthetic hormone, in the form of injection might be recommended to increase the hormone production artificially.

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Growth Hormone Booster

Growth hormone is produced in the pituitary gland located in the brain. It is being a master gland responsible for the secretion of numerous hormone glands within the endocrine system. Hypothalamus gland messages the pituitary, so that it may either increase or decrease the production of releasing a particular hormone after getting the response from hypothalamus. Fluid maintenance and homeostasis in body are maintained by the hypothalamus. It is responsible for the body temperature and helps to regulate the sleep, waking cycles, hunger sensation, and the levels of reproductive hormones. When the hypothalamus senses that the growth hormone levels are low, it directly instructs pituitary gland through chemical messengers to increase the production.

When the hypothalamus senses the levels are adequate and wants the pituitary to stop the production of growth hormone, it sends a different chemical messenger called Somatostatin to decrease the production. GH is a peptide hormone designed to encourage cells growth, regeneration and reproduction. It is also highly involved in fat and lipids metabolism, body composition and lean muscle mass. When the pituitary or hypothalamus is diseased, malfunctioned, then the body balance, hormone production and secretion will be affected. So, synthetic growth hormones are used to naturally reverse a deficiency.

Human Growth Hormone Deficiency

Signs and symptoms of human growth hormone vary with age and the children have different symptoms than the adults. Other symptoms of growth hormone deficiency in children include facial fractures, delayed puberty, increased fat around waistline and face, slow hair growth, protruding forehead.

Adults may experience the symptoms from human growth hormone deficiency such as hair loss, sexual dysfunction, depression, loss of concentration, loss of memory, fatigue, increased triglycerides, increased LDL, reduced bone sensitivity, temperature sensitivity, increased weigh, cardiac risk etc.,

The benefits of human growth hormone:

Improves erectile dysfunction:

Human growth hormone is responsible for male reproductive function and sexual maturation. When there is a deficiency experienced with GH then the men will have loss of sexual interest and erection. When GH stimulates its activity on human “corpus cavernosum” smooth muscle, the erection is induced.

Decreases obesity:

Abdominal obesity and insulin resistance are common in adults with HGH deficiency. People who have low GH levels are found with abdominal obesity. HGH treatment has showed positive results in adults with growth hormone deficiency and the treatment helps to treat obese people.

Makes bones Stronger

The growth hormone secretion is stimulated by pituitary gland and the hormone is essential for bone growth especially during puberty. GH induces the IGF-1 production which is produced in liver and released in the blood stream. The duo IGF-1 and growth hormone stimulates bone forming and reabsorbing cells and lead to increase bone mass.

When the HGH production decreases in the body, it deters major functions of the body and the synthetic HGH is used to naturally reverse a deficiency.

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