Best Cheap Windows Cloud Server Review

Finding a proper web hosting company is difficult but it’s even more difficult when you have to find a cloud hosting service provider rather than just a VPS hosting service provider. It’s important because a cloud hosting service is chosen because these kinds of websites require heavy storage and also need to be fast so that the visitors do not get easily annoyed. Also, since a lot of data is stored on the website, the company has to be reliable and should be good with providing good technical support. Amongst the variety of companies that offer their service I am going to review one company which is not only reliable but also cost effective and top web hosting services for small business.

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The company I am talking about is,

The features offered by this company of windows cloud servers are as follows:

  1. Powerful API

The company provides you direct access to the web control panel where you can completely manage the functions according to you and also take benefits from a lot of advanced networking features.

  1. KVM virtualisation

This feature is a very desired feature for cloud based web hosting and the company offers You windows support with high stability, immaculate performance and very solid security.

  1. Clever service delivery

Under this feature you get added three benefits

  1. Quick deployment

You can create and deploy you virtual machine in very low time periods within seconds.

  1. Unlimited Scalability

You will not be bound by the physical size of your server and you can quickly scale you virtual machine at your desired client area.

  • Bulk orders

You can give your machine multiple orders at one time and you will face no problem, you can place orders for multiple machines with the same configuration and your order will be ready within seconds at the moment you checkout.

  1. Simplified Management

The management of your website is extremely important. It’s not easy handling it and the major part of it has to be done from the side of the company that is providing you web hosting. So the kinds of management that this website hosting provider offers you are:

  1. DNS management

You can easily create your domain zones and can also edit records directly at your client area.

  1. Auto Backups

One of the major problem with cloud based services is that you need to take back ups daily, with this company you get the facility of auto back up and also can also schedule back ups.

You get simplied rDNS support and that means you will have to spend a lot less time to get support and thus you can spend a lot of time working on your projects.

  1. VNC console

With this VNC console offered by the company, you get a lot of ease in managing your website and thus better website and better outputs.

  1. Rescue mode

The company offers You a mode wherein if you think your files are affected you can get into rescue mode which will provide you a safe environment.

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