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Wi-fi extenders vs. Powerline adapters – Which is the best way to boost your Wifi connection?

Is the Wi-fi connection in your house a bit weak which stops you from getting a strong internet connection? If answered yes, you may consider a Wi-fi range extender to boost your signal by that extra bit. Or would you prefer adding Powerline adapters which utilize the electrical wiring of …


Google Sued by Employee for Allegedly Running ‘Spying Programme’ to Prevent Leaks

A Google Inc product manager has sued the company, accusing it of unlawfully prohibiting employees from sharing concerns with coworkers, shareholders or the press, and maintaining a “spying program” to prevent leaks. In the class action lawsuit filed on Tuesday in California state court in San Francisco, the employee, identified …

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Netflix Twitter Account Briefly Taken Over by OurMine Hacking Group

One of Netflix Inc’s Twitter accounts was hacked on Wednesday by an entity calling itself “OurMine”. Several mocking tweets were sent from the Netflix US Twitter account (@netflix). “World security is shit. We are here to prove this :),” said one tweet. Some of the tweets were deleted in less …


Facebook Says Government Requests for Account Data Rise 27 Percent

Facebook Inc said on Wednesday that government requests for user account data rose 27 percent in the first half of 2016 compared to the second half of last year, with US law enforcement agencies topping the list. Government requests for account data globally rose to 59,229 from 46,710 and more …


Facebook Inks Agreement With 17 Universities to Streamline Research

Facebook Inc’s hardware development division on Wednesday announced a new partnership with Harvard, Princeton and 15 other universities intended to allow swifter collaboration on technology research projects. The agreement between Facebook’s Building 8 and the universities comes as the social media company seeks to find new revenue streams in virtual …


Best Cheap Windows Cloud Server Review

Finding a proper web hosting company is difficult but it’s even more difficult when you have to find a cloud hosting service provider rather than just a VPS hosting service provider. It’s important because a cloud hosting service is chosen because these kinds of websites require heavy storage and also …


3 Technologies Revolutionizing Online Education

Online education has never been more promising than it is right now. Accessibility and technological advancements are at an all-time high, and students are surely taking notice. The latter of these—tech advancements—are at the center of much progress across sectors. So how is it affecting online education? There are many …

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Project Management Then & Now

Infographic brought to you by Wrike task project management tool


4 Strategies to Avoid Distracted Driving

Distracted driving has become an epidemic. It’s a safe bet that you can spot at least one person texting behind the wheel when you’re on the road, which means their eyes are not completely on the task at hand – safely driving their vehicle. Distracted driving is not a new …

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Choosing a Quality Web Designer

You have many things to worry about if you are the owner of an online business. There is no question that one of the most critical details of creating an online business is the hiring of your web designer. Your online business will have no chance of succeeding if your …