The very best iPad Pro deals for Black Friday 2016

The iPad Pro range from Apple represents the best that iPad has to offer, from slim design to the best screens and the most powerful internal components.

Both iPad Pro versions represent the crème-de-la-crème of the tablet market, if you like. If you want the best tablets money can buy, it’s probably an iPad Pro that you want as both models include features you won’t get in any other device.

For a start they use ambient light sensors to detect the level of light in the environment and adjust the screen accordingly – this all works separately to the new Night Shift mode which adjusts the amount of blue light emitted by the display late at night to help your pending sleep. And these being Pro-level tablets, both have support for the Apple Pencil stylus as well.


The latest 9.7-inch iPad is the most expensive but also by far the best ‘regular’ iPad ever

If you want a regular sized iPad – that would be 9.7-inches – and you want the best there is, the iPad Pro 9.7 is your huckleberry. It’s the most powerful iPad there is, sporting a stunning screen and all sorts of other clever features never before seen in an iPad. This is by no means the cheapest iPad out there, being the very latest model, but if it’s the one for you you’ll find the cheapest deals below!

The best Nintendo Wii U deals for Black Friday 2016

It is no secret that with Switch, Nintendo’s next gaming station, coming in 2017, the production of the Wii U is coming to an end. And this is likely your last opportunity to grab a Wii U at a great deal.

Only three years old,  the Wii U struggled to get going, selling only 11 million units compared to 100 million the Wii sold. However, the Wii U is packed with some unique features, making it a fun and strangely wonderful console.

There are plenty of games available and being compatible with Nintendo’s Virtual Console Store, a one-stop-shop for all the greatest games of all times, the Wii U is still a console definitely worth considering.

Check out our great Nintendo Wii U deals below.

Need something to play? Our friends at GamesRadar have found all of thebest Black Friday Wii U game deals.

Today’s best Wii U deals

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The best Wii U game deals

There is a fairly stable lineup for games for the Nintendo Wii U. We’ve done our research to bring you the best deals. Keep an eye on this page as we will be updating the deals twice a day throughout Black Friday.

It’s worth noting, that the new Nintendo Switch in unlikely to have a disc drive, so don’t expect it to be compatible.

Today’s best Wii U game deals

The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild


Mario Kart 8

Super Mario Maker

New Super Mario Bros. U

The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess HD

Technology and Nonprofits

Nonprofit organizations are usually charities or some other type of company that has the main goal of helping people. This is in contrast to the more popular goal of making money. While nonprofits may make money, all that money goes back into the business whether it is to pay employees or invest in things like marketing or inventory. While nonprofits are much different than for-profits, there is one area where they are very much the same: the use of technology.

Image result for Technology and Nonprofits
Why Technology Is Important
The world today revolves around technology. You likely use it from the minute you get up until you go to bed. In some cases, you may even use it while you sleep. The idea of suddenly losing all that technology can be scary. Businesses rely on it as much as your average person. They use technology to advance in their industry, create new products, develop marketing strategies and stay in contact with their customers. Nonprofit managers have to keep such things in mind because it really is the future of the field, as noted by NEC. It’s essential to recognize that technology is here to stay and going to play a large role in nonprofit management.
How Nonprofits Use Technology
Nonprofits use technology in all these ways to help further their goals, and good managers know this. In fact, employees who specialize in public service are often the ones who are best prepared to jump on the technology bandwagon and implement these new ideas in a nonprofit. Read more about this here.
Without technology, it can be a real battle to try to garner attention and get support from the public. Nonprofits are kept running through donations and interest in their chosen causes. By using technology, they are able to maximize exposure, which gets their messages out to more people. This, in turn, helps boost donations and overall interest.
A nonprofit may use social media, for example, to help make people aware of the cause it is working for. The company may start a campaign to educate the public or create some type of interactive, online event that gets people talking about it. A great example of the use of social media is the Ice Bucket Challenge that swept the internet in 2015 and benefited the ALS Association.
A nonprofit can also create a website where people can visit to learn more, donate and even sign up for events that the organization is hosting.  Marketing can also be done online through buying ad space. There is even the opportunity to create a mobile app that ties in with the organization’s goals. For example, a nonprofit who is committed to stopping smoking could create an app that aims to help people do just that.
Using technology is one of the best ways for a nonprofit to get ahead and really thrive. There are many nonprofits out there working towards the same goals. Implementing technology allows them to stand out. It enables them to better connect to people and helps grow their organizations. It isn’t worth it to ignore just how important of a role technology plays in the nonprofit sector.

Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Recall Did Not Damage Brand in the US, Finds Poll

Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Recall Did Not Damage Brand in the US, Finds PollA global recall of fire-prone Galaxy Note 7 smartphones did not appear to hurt US consumers’ willingness to buy Samsung Electronics phones, a Reuters/Ipsos opinion poll released on Sunday showed.

The survey conducted October 26 to November 9 found that current Samsung smartphone users were as loyal to their brand as Apple Inc iPhone customers. It also found that people who knew about the recall were as interested in Samsung phones as those who did not.

Samsung was plunged into a global scandal after Galaxy Note 7 phones caught fire this year, prompting a worldwide recall. Some customers reported fixed phones overheated, leading Samsung to take back replacements as well. Investors expected Samsung customers would turn to alternatives, chiefly Apple’s iPhone 7.

Among those aware of the recall, 27 percent would first consider a Samsung smartphone if they were to shop for a phone, the poll showed. Among those who did not know about the recall, 25 percent would look first at a Samsung device.

The poll found that Samsung’s customers were fiercely loyal to their brand. Some 91 percent of current Samsung users would likely purchase another Samsung smartphone, and 92 percent of current users would probably buy another Samsung product in general.

That was similar to the brand loyalty among current iPhone owners: 92 percent would likely buy another iPhone and 89 percent would likely buy another Apple product.

To be sure, it was unclear how much the Samsung recall weighed on the minds of consumers. The Reuters/Ipsos poll measured how interested people were in buying Samsung phones, not how much the recall directly influenced their decisions.

Jan Dawson of Jackdaw Research said the recall was mostly limited to early adopters rather than the majority of Samsung’s customer base, which limited negative user experiences.

“Your own personal experience trumps what you read and what people tell you,” Dawson said.

Samsung has said that customers chose another Samsung model as a replacement for the Galaxy Note 7 in a majority of instances, without giving more detail. It has said nearly 85 percent of the recalled Galaxy Note 7 devices had been replaced or returned through its refund and exchange program as of November 4.

In a statement it said it was now focused on “ensuring customer safety and understanding the root cause of the issue.”

The Reuters/Ipsos poll was conducted online in English in all 50 states. It included 2,375 people who own Samsung phones and 3,158 people who own iPhones. The poll has a credibility interval, a measure of accuracy, of 2 percentage points.

New iPhone Lock Screen Exploit Lets You Access Contacts, Photos Without Passcode

New iPhone Lock Screen Exploit Lets You Access Contacts, Photos Without PasscodeA new lock screen bypass has been discovered that allows iPhone users to view contact and photo albums on the iPhone SE, iPhone 6 Plus and iPhone 6s Plus without unlocking the devices with a passcode or Touch ID fingerprint. Miguel of iDeviceHelp in a YouTube video showed the exploit taking advantage of unauthenticated access to Siri via the lock screen, and Siri’s access to contacts and photos.

Notably, this is not the first lock screen bypass exploit discovered by users as earlier this year a similar exploit saw users gaining access of the device without Touch ID or passcode. There are several examples of lock screen bypass reported by users on iPhones every year that offer access to Photos, contacts, or entire device without actually unlocking the smartphone.

The new exploit however does require a very particular set of circumstances. For one, Siri should be enabled on the lock screen which helps you gain access to Photos and Contacts without unlocking the device. The attacker should have an extra iPhone to help in gaining access to Photos and Contacts on the locked iPhone.
To begin with, Miguel asks Siri on the locked iPhone “Who am I” on which Siri responds with the details of the user. Once the contact number is available, Miguel does a FaceTime from another iPhone to the iPhone which is locked. From the FaceTime call screen, he chooses Messages on which few message options appear including a custom message option. After the Message app launches, Miguel turns on the VoiceOver option via Siri.

For next few steps, the timing of screen tap is crucial and users may not succeed in just first few attempts. Miguel explains that user has to double tap on the contact info bar while on Message page, and at the same time hold the second tap on the bar. At the same point, user will have to click on the keyboard which should start the exploit. After the exploit works, users should get the text field for contacts after which users can type letters to gain access to contacts stored on the iPhone via the “i” info button located next to the contact. It’s worth noting that the iPhone remains locked during the entire exploit. A lock icon is visible on the status bar, indicating the locked status of the phone.
Despite the phone being locked, apart from gaining access to contacts via the Message interface, users can also gain access to photos on the iPhone. For gaining access to Photos, users will have to tap on the “Create new account” option seen inside the Contacts. Once the process to add the new contact begins, users can tap on the “Add photo” to the contact option and the phone offers options to either “Choose Photo” or “Take Photo.” On tapping the Choose Photo option, the user can gain access to the Photos stored in the device. We tried using the exploit on an iPhone 6s and we succeeded gaining access to Contacts and Photos.

Apple Insider points out that the new exploit can be done on the iPhone SE, iPhone 6 Plus and iPhone 6s Plus running iOS 10.2 and above. Though, another YouTube channel has claimed that the new exploit can be used to gain access on any iPhone running iOS 8.0 and above.

Apple is yet to comment on the exploit but till then we would recommend users to disable Siri on the lock screen to make it impossible for attackers to gain access, even if the device is locked.



We all live in the present. Although we think of the future too, most of our actions are based on the present events and circumstances. Building our homes is one of them. Whereas we take all percussions to make our homes future proof, the fact is that circumstances change, for example anew family member, or maybe an unexpected repair, or maybe you just to change things around, etc. All these situations, in order to satisfy your needs or wishes, require home remodeling.Although you might have many renovation ideas of your own and would like to have those incorporated, the fact is that you will still need help from specialized home remodelers or remodel contractors.  They will provide you with design ideasand constructionsuggestions for you to choose from. They will consider each and every aspect of our living space and make the most of it.



There are many reasons why you should be looking out for qualified remodeling contractors for hire for your re-planning and layout needs. The main reason for doing that is that most of us know nothing about tools, techniques, materialsor acceptable prices for this or that service. Professional remodeling contractors, on the other hand, know everything about it and will be happy to help you.Structural design, layout and technicalities of specific construction are just some of the most important question that a qualified contractor can easily solve for you. Before executing any important re-planning of your home, it will always be a good idea to hire a professional consultant to do a layout or a plan that will suit both your taste and budget.


Once you have decided that you want to go ahead with your home remodeling, it is important to start looking for a competent home remodelers with extensive experience and knowledge of construction, layout and structural design etc. One way is to look for references and ask around or to try and find them online, but another and much easier way is to approach an online site that specializes in aggregating services and brings buyers and sellers of a particular service together. YouDo is one such site that has become quite popular in a short span of time due to its simple interface, useful feedback section and comparatively low prices. YouDo has helped many seekers of home remodeling to find good, reliable contractors and get services they were specifically looking for.

YouDo is a great service that is convenient, easy to use, and helps people to find a great deal of trustworthy contractors in no time. All the contractors that are listed on the site are verified and experienced. All you need to do is log on to the site, pick “Renovation” category, place you specific requirements and get immediate responses from the specialists in that particular field. Then you can make an informed decision, based on reviews and ratings, and choose from amongst the various options available.


Home renovation is a very important and sometimes unavoidable step. Weather it is just one room, or the whole house you must use every available resource. Professional remodelers’ advice and help will save you a lot of trouble and money. So, if you are in need of professionals who will help you with renovation use YouDo. It will save you oodles amount of time.

About The Docker and Continuous Integration JenkinsCourses

There is a variety of new techniques, technologies and programming languages are evolved in the software industry. One of the techniques is the Docker environment. The people in the software field are eager to learn this technology. This provides the way to create and use containers in the Docker platform.

Related image

What the course is about?

This course will provide the introduction to the Containerization. This will help the participants to gain the insight into various aspects of containerization technology during the course. This course will teach the candidates the ways of how to create the containers and how to use the containers in the Docker platform.

Through thisDocker course the participants can learn about various containers cluster management and about the orchestration tools like the Docker Swarm, Kubernetes and Apache Mesos.

The course objectives

Once the candidates complete theirclasses, they will

  • Run the containers on Docker platform
  • Build images to run containers
  • Host private registers
  • Setup various networks to boot containers
  • Work with Docker Remote API
  • Manage a cluster of containers

Who can do this course?

This course is best suited and will benefit all the IT professionals those who actively develop and test or deploy the code.

Another type of such course is the Continuous integration Jenkins course.

What the course is about?

This course is a comprehensive course which is designed to show how to setup and run a Jenkins CI server. This course provides a strong foundation for implementing the continuous inspection, continuous integration, continuous delivery and even continuous deployment at the company.

This course provides the candidates an overview of the course, which leads to the core concepts of the Jenkins. This course provides the foundation for the remainder of the course. It provides the step by step instructions on how to setup the Jenkins and the details about all the related tools on windows. The basics of this course provide the details about the knowledge on how to work with a very simple project.

Requirement for this course

The basic requirements for this course are,

  • Basic computer skills
  • Ability to use and install the software
  • Desire to learn something new

The course objectives

The candidates will know the following things from this course

  • How to install Jenkins CI server on windows
  • How to install and configure several tools commonly used with Jenkins
  • Understand the basics of continuous inspection, continuous integration and continuous deployment
  • To apply the techniques and experience to implement Jenkins and continuous integration system

Who can do this course?

The targeted audience for this course is,

  • Developers
  • Software engineers
  • It Professionals those who are looking to implement continuous inspection through continuous deployment at their company
  • Programmers those who want to avoid the machine syndrome
  • IT management that wants to have a deeper understanding of Jenkins and other Devops concepts
  • Development Operations professionals that would like to use Jenkins as a build tool or as a part of a larger software delivery pipeline

Xiaomi Redmi 4A Was a Hit on Singles’ Day, 1 Million Units Sold in 24 Hours

Xiaomi Redmi 4A Was a Hit on Singles' Day, 1 Million Units Sold in 24 HoursChina’s Singles’ Day sale kicked off on Friday with Alibaba selling over $5 billion (roughly Rs. 33,515 crores) in transactions in the first hour which was more than in the first hour of last year’s spree. Xiaomi also shared some impressive numbers for its sales performance during the Singles’ Day sale.

Hugo Barra, Vice President, Xiaomi Global in a tweet claimed that the company sold CNY 1.2 billion (roughly Rs. 1,270 crores) in total sales. Barra also claimed that 1 million Xiaomi Redmi 4A units were sold in 24 hours and the smartphone was the top selling smartphone. In a tweet, Barra said, “Xiaomi’s China SinglesDay 2016 stats: RMB 1.295 billion total sales; 1 million Redmi 4A sold (# 1 selling smartphone).”

The Chinese company in a MIUI forum post revealed that the CNY 1.25 billion sales milestone was recorded in 23 hours and 20 minutes. The post said, “We managed to surpass last year record ! Now we shall wait for the final figure concluded by Xiaomi.”Adding further details, the post said Xiaomi sold CNY 1 billion worth of devices in 17 hours and 2 minutes while had touched CNY 200 million in 16 minutes and 16 seconds. Soon after the sales began at midnight, Xiaomi claims it had sold CNY 100 million worth of devices in 5 minutes 23 seconds.

According to Xiaomi, the most popular Mi devices during China’s Singles’ Day sales included the Redmi 4A, Mi Router 3, Mi Note Book, Mi Pad, Mi Band 2, Mi Drone, Mi Air Purifier, Ninebot Mini, and Mi Luggage.

China’s Singles’ Day sale has gradually become one of the largest online shopping extravaganzas in China with sales across e-commerce sites in the country on November 11.

  • NEWS




1.4GHz quad-core

Front Camera



720×1280 pixels




Android 6.0



Rear Camera


Battery Capacity


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AdultFriendFinder Reportedly Breached Again; May Have Compromised 339 Million Accounts

AdultFriendFinder Reportedly Breached Again; May Have Compromised 339 Million AccountsAdultFriendFinder, a website that uses the tag line “Hookup, Find Sex or Meet Someone Special Now,” has been breached for the second time in two years. In one of the biggest Internet security breaches ever, 339 million user accounts from the site have reportedly been compromised.

AdultFriendFinder’s parent site Friend Finder Networks, which offers various adult entertainment services, was hacked last month due to Local File Inclusion vulnerabilities as per a researcher who goes by the name ‘1×0123’ on Twitter, reports CSO online. The researcher went on to post images to show the vulnerability in Local File Inclusion being triggered. As per the report, the researcher has confirmed that the vulnerability has been exploited and was found in AdultFriendFinder’s production server module.

The other websites owned by Friend Finder Networks include,,,, and an unknown domain. As per the data from Leaked Source, has a total of around 62 million user accounts while has around 7 million user accounts. Stripshow and iCams both have around 1 million user accounts registered.

Due to this breach, a total of 412 million user accounts have been put at risk by the company. The total data that has been put at risk due to this hack has been collected by the various sites over last 20 years.

Sensitive details like usernames and passwords are already accessible for many user accounts and ZDNet has even confirmed that some of the account data leaked was authentic.

Shocking as it may be, this is not the first time that data from AdultFriendFinder has been breached as last year in May, data of around 3.9 million users was leaked by hackers, as per an investigation by Britain’s Channel 4.

Last year, online dating website for cheating spouses – Ashley Madison, was breached by hackers who threatened to leak the personal details of 37 million of the site’s users unless the website was shut down.

Using a Recruitment Company to Land a New Jobs

When searching for a job, some people usually choose to do so on their own. However, if you have ever tried doing that before, you are well aware of how frustrating, stressful, and time-consuming it can be to land an interview with a good employer. And even if you are lucky to land an interview, you have to contend with a lot of competition from other job candidates, which means that there is even no guarantee that you will land a job. Fortunately, for you, another option exists, which can help you to land a great job without all the hassles of having to search for a job by yourself. This option is in the form of using a recruitment company as highlighted by the Telegraph:

Why should you use a recruitment company?

Most people mainly hunt for jobs by their own because they are unaware of the benefits that a reliable recruitment company can offer them. Below is a look at some of the top reasons why you should use a recruitment company when searching for a job?

1. They have access to many job positions

One of the main benefits of using recruitment companies is that they are hired by employers who do not want to go through all the hassles of recruiting new talent. Therefore, most recruitment companies will have knowledge of several job positions, which might not even be public knowledge. Therefore, when you are using a recruitment company, there are high chances that you can be able to land a well-paying job with a reputable company.

2. They can provide you with great professional advice

Another advantage of working with recruitment companies when you are searching for a job is that the recruiters have a lot of insight into the recruitment industry, and thus they can be able to provide you with valuable professional advice that can help you to increase your chances of landing a job. For example, the recruitment company you are working with can provide you with valuable advice on how to prepare your resume, which jobs to apply for, and even how to prepare for an interview – Therefore, when you are working with a recruitment company, the chances of securing a good job are very high.

3. They lessen the burden of searching for a job

As already stated, hunting for a job on your own is not an easy thing; you have to scour the social media and online job boards for possible job openings, complete numerous applications, trek for long hours submitting your CVs to prospective employers and prepare for interviews (if you get shortlisted). In the end, by the time you land a job, you will most likely have spent a lot of time and experienced several disappointments along the way. However, if you work with a reliable recruitment company, the process of hunting for a job will be much easier, as they can be able to connect you with good employers where your chances of getting a job are high.

4. They are very dedicated to finding you a job

Recruitment companies are paid by employers when they submit a list of job applicants to be interviewed, while others are paid after the candidate they submitted has been successfully hired. Therefore, when you are using a recruitment company/agency to find a job, you can count on them being motivated enough to find you a good job opening where the chances of you being hired are very high.

Tips for working with a recruitment company

Working with a recruitment company is a great way of boosting your chances of securing a job, but the simple act of using one does not guarantee you that you will land a job. Therefore, you must also do your part, in order to ensure that your chances of being employed are high. Below is a look at some tips described at on how you can partner with a recruitment company to find a good job.

1. Prepare a good CV

Before you even start looking for a recruitment company, you should start by preparing a great CV that will help to highlight your skills and show the potential employer that you are the perfect candidate for the job. With a great CV, you can then start looking for a recruitment company.

2. Research and find a good recruitment company

To boost your chances of being hired, you should make sure that you only use the best recruitment company, such as UK LEADERS, in your hunt for a job. Therefore, research a number of companies and choose the most reputable one you come across. You can then send them the CV you have already prepared, thus enabling them to connect you with a good prospective employer.

3. Meet with the recruiters and tell them what you are looking for

Your hunt for a job does not simply end with finding a reputable recruitment company and submitting your CV. You should make a point of either calling or meeting with one of the recruiters in person so that you can explain to them in detail what exactly you are searching for – the type of company, expected pay, working hours, etc. This will help to make sure that you find you a job that you will love.

4. Ask your recruiter for professional advice

As already mentioned, recruiters have a lot of experience and insight into the recruitment industry, and they can be able to provide you with great advice to boost your chances of securing a job. Therefore, when you are using the services of a recruitment company to search for a job, you should not be afraid to ask for professional advice that can help you land a great job.

5. Develop and maintain a good relationship with the recruitment company

When you are using a recruitment company to find a job, it is important that you develop and maintain a very good relationship with the recruiters. This will motivate your recruiter to find you a good job opening, where you are very likely to be hired. In addition, the relationship can come in handy in the future, when you want to find another job.


Hunting for a job on your own is not an easy thing, and it can become quite frustrating. However, with the help of a reputable recruitment company like Sphere Digital Recruitment, you can get access to digital marketing jobs where your chances of being hired are very high. Therefore, the next time you are searching for a job; do not hesitate to use the services of a recruitment company.