What Is A Transcription Service?

Transcription services have become quite popular in the new globalized business due to its inevitable need at times, and its huge benefits the other times. Transcription involves converting speech, recorded or live, into written or electronic text document. These services are usually provided for business, legal, medical and individual purposes. For example, when deciding to write a book, you may just record your ideas, and then employ the services of a transcriptionist.

The introduction of cassettes and recorders have made the process of transcription much easier and have also brought new possibilities to it. Cassettes can be transported via mail which means that the transcriptionists can have the work brought to them in their houses or offices and then work on them from their place only.

Due to technology advancement, almost everything can be transcribed today. A speech for example can be recorded in one part of the world and then be sent to the transcriptionist in another part of the world who can email the transcribed document back and all this can be done in a matter of few hours. Of course, when dealing with government agencies, law firms, courts and other business concerns, security of the data should be carefully handled.

Charging for transcription services varies from individual to individual and organization to organization. It is often quoted in the form of per word, per minute, or per hour. Introduction of transcription softwares has greatly reduced the time required to transcribe a work but many do not encourage the use of software due to errors inherent in their use. Issues like editing and proofreading are best performed by humans only and no software can match that precision.

That is why DAATS should be your obvious choice whenever you need to get something transcribed. Digital & Audio Transcription Services (DAATS) is an online transcription service based in Adelaide, South Australia. With a client base that includes all major universities, legal professionals, large government organisations, medical professionals, hospitals, law firms, insurance building firms, DAATS promises to provide you is the personal touch that you will not find with other companies. You can be guaranteed that your queries will be answered personally and most importantly, in a professional and friendly manner. DAATS has a process that ensures that your work is completed with as much professionalism and efficiency as possible while also guarantying that you will be satisfied with not only how professional your project is, but just how personal it is, too. Pricing at DAATS is also set to meet your pockets. With charges per audio minute of recording, you know exactly how much every file costs, before the work begins. Also, all files are proofread prior to completion in order to achieve the highest possible accuracy at no additional cost. Contact them today for a quote and get all your transcription issues solved at one stop at most affordable prices.

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