Browserling The Latest Cross-browser Testing Tool Believes In Simplicity

Creating a website that performs well in every browser is difficult, especially, when you use new browser features such as HTML5 and EcmaScript 6. HTML5 and ES6 works differently in modern browsers and to figure out solutions for every browser needs plenty of cross-browser testing.

Browserling latest cross-browser testing solution

Fortunately, virtual machines have made testing across different browsers easy. Browserling is the latest cross-browser testing solution that implants other browser within your browser. According to globally popular website design consultant, every business has a need to reach their targeted consumers effectively, regardless the screen size and resolution.


Today, majority of people have easy access to the Internet through variety of devices. It means there are myriads of different combination of screen type, browsers, and operating systems.

Therefore when a web designer or developer creates a website or software they have to ensure that it is compatible with popular OS, browser, and screen resolution, so as to reach worldwide customers. In addition, they need to check how the website looks in old browsers, such as Internet Explorer 9 (or even 8!)

Browserling features

Browserling is a professional interactive tool providing more features than just screenshots. You’ll get a real browser on a real PC computer (Mac and Linux support coming soon!).

Browserling regularly updates their browser, so that users can have access to latest available versions like Firefox 50, Internet Explorer 11, and Chrome 55. They even run legacy browsers like Internet Explorer 6 & 7.

Users even get to access almost every versions in-between. Every Windows OS ranging from XP – Windows 10 as well as Android Marshmallow, KitKat and Android N are supported. Soon iOS, Mac OSX and Linux will get added.

Screenshot, bug hunter and resolution changes

Browser screenshots let you click and save browser screenshots in your account. Bug hunter incorporation enables you to detect the bugs on your website and quickly annotate screenshots. You can share screenshots with your team in few clicks. Resolution adjustment feature lets you resize the browsers to perform responsive testing.

These features will soon be improved with screen sharing. This will make team collaboration to solve web design issues easy.

Safe browsing

Browseling sessions are private and secure because all the activities between users and Browserling is SSL encrypted. Local web testing is also supported through SSH tunnels. Experienced programmers can incorporate Browserling in their own apps with Browser API.

Free version of Browserling strictly limits connection to use for just 3 minutes without registration, but with a registered, paid account you will get unlimited time.

Simplicity is vital at Bowserling

Browserling ensures to create simple and user friendly features. Recently, they developed the best browser extensions for Safari, Opera, Firefox, and Chrome. It allows users to start browser testing directly from their browser bar. Thus there is no need for visiting Browserling’s home page all the time.

Another feature added is browser bookmarklets. It helps to bookmark your mostly used and preferred browsers. Thus you do not have to pick browsers from dropdown menu, every time. Just bookmark your favorite browser, click the bookmark, and start testing quickly!

Browserling is impressive. Pretty much every cross-browser testing issue can be tested and eliminated. Thus hours of hard work gets saved and Browserling services helps to make a website perfect.  Try Browserling now !

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