Today, with the world moving into a digital space at a really fast pace, it becomes necessary for one to get all their requirements and needs catered to online. Food is fast moving to an online space and with a lot of chicken and meat consumers having to travel distances to collect them, it can become quite a hassle. Getting your meat delivered to your home now has a new solution. With Licious, all of your chicken requirements are taken care of and the food is delivered right to your doorstep with the click of a button.

Choice of cuts:

There are plenty of excellent cuts that one can select from when they log on to the site. Depending on the kind of chicken pieces that you require, they can be delivered.

The different types of chicken cuts that are available on Licious include the classic curry cut, if you are looking to entertain guests at home, or to just have a fun Sunday afternoon with family, chicken thighs and lollipops are great options. If you are in the mood to experiment a little, try the chicken mince for those yummy and delicious samosas and frankies.

There are a lot of other choices of chicken meat as well on Licious. One can get themselves a whole chicken with the skin, if they wish to store it at home and cook later, or use chicken drumsticks to make some excellent kebabs.

One can also purchase the chicken supreme that has chicken breast tenderised and cut beautifully so that you can make something delectable. Together, there are plenty of other meat choices that are available for one to pick and have it delivered right to your doorstep.

About Licious:

Licious is an online portal that bridges the gap for consumers to purchase their meat. With our help, you will be able to get fresh meat delivered right to your doorstep. The meat is chosen specifically to ensure that only the best is brought to you – and we take our top-notch quality very seriously!

The chicken that we serve is excellent and juicy, and contains only the essential parts for you to eat and enjoy. Tender and absolutely succulent, we make sure that there is no wastage and only the best parts of the meat are received by you. Ordering from Licious ensures that quality is not a matter of choice, but compulsion, and you can enjoy fresh meat delivered right to you in a timely manner.

How Improvements In Technology Has Made The Fashion Buyer Smarter

With several improvements in technology, consumers have learnt as much of the industry as the people who run it. The bridge between the buyer and seller has considerably reduced – making high-end fashion easily accessible.

Here are some ways technology has made the fashion buyer smarter:

The Buyer is the King

There was a time when buyers would walk into the store unaware of what it had to offer. But now consumers are employing smart clothing techniques to gain the best from the retail industry. Many popular models and bloggers are approached by brands to advertise their products to create a personal touch to their fan base. This way consumers get to know more about the product than they would if the product was advertised by the brand itself.

Social media also plays a big role by providing plenty of information about the products on offer. Customers can carry out their own research and get maximum value from their purchase.

E-commerce stores

Technology in retail stores has now improved the customer experience by way of transitioning their stores toan online platform. Many of these online stores are in close competition and are constantly reducing rates and discounts to stay ahead in the game. Since e-commerce portals bring together a number of brands, customers are at an advantage because they can now compare and weigh their options before buying and hence making the most economical and smart decision.

Feedback and Opinion

With the convergence of fashion and technology, industries rely heavily on feedback and customer satisfaction. Here is another way that that buyers get smarter with the option of providing genuine feedback for a good or a bad product. Once these views are expressed and uploaded, others are given an honest customer review. If the feedback is good, the brand gets more recognition and if it is bad, the brand is pressured to compensate for it as it faces judgment in a public platform. In this way, the buyers collectively have an upper hand and technically get the best out of the fashion industry.

Innovation in Fashion

3D printing, 3D trial rooms, technology trends like online purchasing, selling and reselling have in actuality empowered the buyers and have exposed them to more avenues of the business of fashion.

Buyers can now use abof’s 3D trial room to virtually try their clothes on before buying them. Return policy and online regulation have allowed buyers to safeguard themselves from scams too.

All in all, buyers now have become smarter because technology and fashion online have become customer friendly and customer satisfaction driven.

Essential Features about the MyntraOnline Shopping App

Today, online shopping gives a unique experience for the customers to get favorite fashion by top brands. It discovers with the latest things in lifestyle and shop according to the customer choice. This is, however, the online shopping become very smart and sells over millions of products. Of course, the Myntra isan online shopping app that is provided with fashion experts on hot offers. You can buy your favorite products by cool app which is hassle free for using it. While using this app, it browses through 2, 30,000 product from 1600 brands on the Myntra shopping app. It discovers with the latest trends in lifestyle and shop for various clothes to buy without any ease. Moreover, the customers can get a better online shopping experience with Myntra cool new app. This app is having cash on delivery option which consists of different payment options forever.

Features of Myntra online shopping

While using this product, you can shop for loved one which collects from vast dresses and, shoes, and fashion accessories for men, women, teens, and kids. Based on the popularity, discount, prices, colors, and sizes of the products, you can avail the shopping app from online.

  • The Google playstore is having this app and hence you can download it easily.
  • This app gives massive collections of discounts and easily adds your Myntra coupon code directly in the app.
  • You can instantly get notifications on the best deals and offers for choosing it.
  • This app is applicable for buying premium, designer, and international brands available for the customers.
  • On the other hand, the Myntra with play store link is very essential for downloading the app and install it to mobile phone.
  • Moreover, the app gives fast and secure checkout by including pay by cash on delivery, net-banking, credit and debit card options forever.
  • You can view detailed information about the product and get description for it.

Find products easily

With proper images, the product will show with style notes from their fashion designers. This app is suitable for promising of timely delivery by using the Flipkart delivery network. In addition, it also consists of wish list, andcollections that are suggested with a straightforward choice for adding it. Also, the sharing is very important for giving best results by selecting the right app for everyone.

  • You need to fill the OTP for a frictionless mobile transaction forever.
  • So, it becomes very popular in giving integration with Facebook and other to login.
  • Obviously, you can get the best online shopping experience by using this Myntra app that offers with free shipping.
  • By using this app, it discovers with new app and that store with stylish one for using the experts in a simple manner.
  • It suggested with hot offers and discounts on sale options.
  • So, you can buy your favorite products from online and hence capable of giving the right product available from this Myntra with play store link.
  • If you face any issues in installing and using the app, you can click the update query’s link in order to get more details about the issues and how to solve it.
  • However, it tends to continue online shopping by availing the best deals for using the Myntra app.

You can save items to your wish list for viewing and buying later used forever. In addition, the customer can download this Myntra with play store link for a safe and secure shopping experience. Refine your search based on popularity, discounts, and grab filter features by availing this app. You can instantly notify of the best deals, offers and coupons for dealing the shopping experience. So, you can avail this app and use latest fashion accessories by using it.

The Dream Supplement For Every Muscle Builder

Clenbuterol has been known to be an effective fat burner and a performance enhancer but it is just that the necessity of a good diet and exercise routine is equally important to avail the benefits of this magic pill. The user cannot merely purchase a bottle of this supplement and consume straightforward to observe magical changes in his body. Dieting and exercising to get a well-toned body without the help of a performance enhancing pill is not an easy job as it takes up unending time for the concerned person to bring about a marked change. This is where the weight-loss plan of a muscle building supplement like the Clen comes into play.

By taking the help of Clen dieting and exercising becomes in no way easier but the weight-loss and the lean muscle mass build-up is more rapid and effective. This leads to the most important consideration of what weight-loss plan to follow to achieve the desired results. To understand in a better way the actual effects of this supplement it is important to know the proper intake cycles and the recommended dosage levels to extract the maximum benefits out of its use.

Role of proper diet

For the weight loss plan of this supplement to be efficient and effective it is essential to have a well-framed diet as it not just involves a loss of weight but a significant amount of unwanted body fat as well. The first and foremost consideration should be to lose more body fat than consumed while keeping the energy levels to a standard level. Although most users of this compound understand this principle but only few of them are able to figure out the most appropriate diet plan.

A great option to start off with an effective diet plan is to have a check on the carbohydrate consumption. Most people consume more carbohydrates than required and as a result tend to accumulate more fat in their body.It is highly recommended to have moderate consumption of heathy fats like salmon, nuts, red meat, whole eggs, legumes, peanut butter and the like.To know about the appropriate diet chart it is better to consult a health care physician rather than trying out anything on your own. Apart from that online forums about supplements are the ultimate Clenbuterol guide which provides suggestions relating to the appropriate diet routine according to the preset goals to be achieved.

Getting off from the cycle

The effects of this performance enhancing drug are so pronounced that it requires extreme caution and patience to get off from a Clenbuterol cycle. This is dependent on the dosage level prescribed for the user as the stronger the intake level the longer it takes to close down the cycle. The most suitable form is the reduction of the dosage level followed slowly day by day and titrating the dose according to the effects experienced. Due to the lack of sufficient evidence online discussion forums are the ultimate Clenbuterol guide which suggests the most appropriate form regarding such matter.

Forensic Fire Investigators Exposing Arson Crimes

Much research has been conducted into motivation for arson. In the array of research papers published on this subject, many motives have been suggested. There is a degree of re-branding or re-classification of the motives in the various research papers; however, a few common themes run through the suggested classifications. The more common motives suggested include revenge, ideology, crime concealment, vandalism, self-glorification, mental illness and, last but not least, financial gain.

In recent years financial gain has become one of the most recurring motivations underpinning the crime. This has been more apparent, but not exclusive to, the commercial sector. To the unscrupulous business person when times are hard and business struggle to maintain adequate cash flow, the temptation to have a fire can become overwhelming.

In some cases a forensic fire investigation will reveal this as an act of desperation and often little planning has gone into it, with the perpetrator believing the fire will cover their misdeeds. However, as the methods used in the detection of arson by fire investigators have become more sophisticated and effective, so have those of the perpetrator. In recent times arsonists have become more skilled in their activities, becoming more devious and forensically aware. There is also a growing trend towards arson for hire where a person experienced in this field can be recruited to start the fire.

In the current financial climate, the use of arson as a means of fraud is becoming more frequent and it is not just the insurance industry that is paying the cost. There can be a considerable social cost resulting from this including disruption to a community, lost jobs and risk to lives as a result of the fire.

Keeping one step ahead of the arsonist is essential in dealing with the increasing trend if victims including the community and the insurance industry are to be protected. The detection of arson as a means of fraud requires the skills and knowledge of a specialised and experienced fire investigator, and a meticulous forensic fire investigation needs to be carried out.

Fraud by means of arson has many facets and not just the burning down of a business. In investigating this particularly challenging crime, fire investigators need to look much deeper and wider than just the cause of the fire. Even an innocent looking fire could be covering up a multitude of sins: you never know what you’re missing until you look.

Unless a detailed in-depth fire investigation is conducted, there is a high likelihood of a perpetrator getting away with not only defrauding the insurance company but also the community, along with putting lives at risk.

Browserling The Latest Cross-browser Testing Tool Believes In Simplicity

Creating a website that performs well in every browser is difficult, especially, when you use new browser features such as HTML5 and EcmaScript 6. HTML5 and ES6 works differently in modern browsers and to figure out solutions for every browser needs plenty of cross-browser testing.

Browserling latest cross-browser testing solution

Fortunately, virtual machines have made testing across different browsers easy. Browserling is the latest cross-browser testing solution that implants other browser within your browser. According to globally popular website design consultant, every business has a need to reach their targeted consumers effectively, regardless the screen size and resolution.


Today, majority of people have easy access to the Internet through variety of devices. It means there are myriads of different combination of screen type, browsers, and operating systems.

Therefore when a web designer or developer creates a website or software they have to ensure that it is compatible with popular OS, browser, and screen resolution, so as to reach worldwide customers. In addition, they need to check how the website looks in old browsers, such as Internet Explorer 9 (or even 8!)

Browserling features

Browserling is a professional interactive tool providing more features than just screenshots. You’ll get a real browser on a real PC computer (Mac and Linux support coming soon!).

Browserling regularly updates their browser, so that users can have access to latest available versions like Firefox 50, Internet Explorer 11, and Chrome 55. They even run legacy browsers like Internet Explorer 6 & 7.

Users even get to access almost every versions in-between. Every Windows OS ranging from XP – Windows 10 as well as Android Marshmallow, KitKat and Android N are supported. Soon iOS, Mac OSX and Linux will get added.

Screenshot, bug hunter and resolution changes

Browser screenshots let you click and save browser screenshots in your account. Bug hunter incorporation enables you to detect the bugs on your website and quickly annotate screenshots. You can share screenshots with your team in few clicks. Resolution adjustment feature lets you resize the browsers to perform responsive testing.

These features will soon be improved with screen sharing. This will make team collaboration to solve web design issues easy.

Safe browsing

Browseling sessions are private and secure because all the activities between users and Browserling is SSL encrypted. Local web testing is also supported through SSH tunnels. Experienced programmers can incorporate Browserling in their own apps with Browser API.

Free version of Browserling strictly limits connection to use for just 3 minutes without registration, but with a registered, paid account you will get unlimited time.

Simplicity is vital at Bowserling

Browserling ensures to create simple and user friendly features. Recently, they developed the best browser extensions for Safari, Opera, Firefox, and Chrome. It allows users to start browser testing directly from their browser bar. Thus there is no need for visiting Browserling’s home page all the time.

Another feature added is browser bookmarklets. It helps to bookmark your mostly used and preferred browsers. Thus you do not have to pick browsers from dropdown menu, every time. Just bookmark your favorite browser, click the bookmark, and start testing quickly!

Browserling is impressive. Pretty much every cross-browser testing issue can be tested and eliminated. Thus hours of hard work gets saved and Browserling services helps to make a website perfect.  Try Browserling now !

Mobile online gaming taking the most of the gaming market

Mobile online gaming taking the most of the gaming market was predictable. The rise of smartphones did manage to take a lot of people by surprise, but this should not have been the case. The advantages of cell phones were immediately clear to the wealthier members of the public who owned them back in the 1980’s and the 1990’s. It was only a matter of time before they become completely standard all across the world, and that has happened today. Mobile online gaming taking the most of the gaming market is really just an extension of that trend.

An online casino is already shockingly convenient compared to the physical casinos that people still use today. Most people do not live anywhere near Atlantic City, Las Vegas, or any of the other popular gambling cities. People who wanted to enjoy some gambling in these locations have had to save money in order to do so, spending money that they could have spent on the games on hotels, traveling, and a lot of other expenses that may have been completely undesired for them. Individuals from the generations without any access to online casinos might have scoffed at the idea that anyone with access to an online casino could possibly need that online casino to be more convenient. However, mobile casinos really have a lot going for them apart from sheer convenience.

People will need to play their games and enjoy their hobbies when they have the time to do so, and people do not always have a lot of free time in their homes with their desktop or their laptop devices. They might still be able to snatch some free time in public with their mobile devices, however. There are plenty of people in this situation, so it makes sense that there would be a situation involving mobile online gaming taking the most of the gaming market. Online casinos are even more popular than ever because they were able to move with the customer.

Mobile online gaming taking the most of the gaming market, and that is at least partly due to the fact that online casinos do tend to emphasize their mobile casinos. They know that there are lots of mobile users out there today. They also know that mobile users are going to spend more time on their casino games than many other people, and that gives the online casino operators all the more reason to target them. At the end of the day, marketing makes all the difference in the success of a product, sometimes regardless of the quality of that product. Mobile online gaming taking the most of the gaming market, and to a certain extent, that is the way that the online casinos planned the situation.

There will be new devices of all kinds in the coming years. Many of these devices will be as convenient as mobile devices. Mobile online gaming taking the most of the gaming market, and mobile online gaming has paved the way for similar types of gaming.

Different Uses for Portable Fencing

Temporary, portable fences can be used for a variety of events and instances. In fact, being so versatile, they are easily one of the most cost-effective purchases your company could make. Whether you are purchasing temporary fencing for your athletic facility or you need fencing you can move around easily for an event, it is a purchase that will be re-used again and again.

What is Temporary Fencing?

Just as the name implies, this type of fencing is used to control public events, block off access areas and restrict access to spectators for need-based usage. The above-ground fencing is not anchored into the ground but instead is secured using weights and support braces at the bottom. The barrier itself can be made from a variety of materials including PVC pipe, chain link, canvas, netting and rope. The type of temporary fence style you need would depend on what you plan to use it for. If you are purchasing portable fences, it is best that you choose one that is lightweight, multi-purpose and comes in panels that are easily assembled.


Ways You Can Use Temporary Fencing

  • Crowd Control – Use impermanent fences as pedestrian barriers to your next event or to help guide event goers in the right direction. You can also use the fences to block off unauthorized access zones that are strictly for personnel. During sporting events, these barriers will help you keep spectators off the field and away from the players.


  • Makeshift Fields – If you are using a temporary field for your next sporting event or you have multiple sporting events going on at the same time, you can separate those events with portable fences. You can also use the fences to create the softball/baseball field itself, outline a soccer field and create boundaries for a field hockey game.


  • Construction – If part of your facility is under construction, you can block access to those areas using a temporary fence. The fence simply lets pedestrians know to find an alternate route and you can hang a sign on it to also keep unauthorized individuals out of the construction area.


  • Tickets and Admission – When an event requires organizers to collect an admission fee, it is important that access to the event is blocked off so that attendees know the proper entrance. Portable fences can be used to block access to your event and guide attendees to the ticket booth for proper admission.


With all of the uses for convenient and moveable/portable fencing, it is a no-brainer why companies (especially parks and recreation departments) love it! Portable fences help sporting events, fundraisers and facilities control crowds, protect players and ensure everything runs smoothly, in an organized manner.

Video Marketing benefits: Why it is important?


In its most essential structure, video is the incorporation of these visual ideas — a reflection of the previously stated essential fine arts into an auxiliary coordinated entire, a masterful work experienced reasonably and perceptually all the while. It is picture (visual), music (aural) and story (calculated) all moved into one. On the off chance that model could be induced as three dimensional painting, and then film/video is two-dimensional theater.

This is the way video should be drawn nearer when we start browsing the web — not as a sort of substance which is a compatible organization to content and picture, however an incorporation of these components, requesting full time-bound consideration from a crowd of people.

In the course of recent years, speedier association speeds have permitted the smooth spilling of HD web video on both desktop and cell phones, making video right away available to web clients and an essential type of engagement for brands and little organizations alike. You can have those video to your device through

Perusing is a dynamic ordeal. As you understand this aide now, you are picking the rate at which you take in the words, the minutes where you respite to consider the announcements and in which request you see the areas. Your adventure through the substance is especially self-decided and takes after the accompanying subjective procedure:

In any case, video as a medium permits a client next to no opportunity as far as utilization — it’s simple for clients to skim read message and choose which segments are most important to them. Video offers no ‘skim-read’ choice — you either watch the video completely, or it neglects to hold your consideration and you quit viewing. Furthermore viewing a video is a fairly detached ordeal. At the point when clients choose to squeeze ‘play’, they are requesting that be indicated something — requesting that be given the substance in a coordinated, multi-disciplinary structure — instead of burrowing through the substance and investigating the significance themselves.

Video is along these lines an alternate technique for connecting with groups of onlookers than picture and content. With video, the experience of appreciation is more prompt, driven by the trio of narrating components accessible and the deterministic way of the limited timescale. The measure of data that can be shown through one second of video endlessly dwarfs the measure of data that can be perused. This implies the passionate reaction – the kneejerk response – frequently precedes the full evaluation of the substance or the appreciation of the importance.

Through video, one can reproduce the experience of being up close and personal with somebody much superior to through sound, picture or content. Through moving similarity and recorded picture, we can show a lot of who we are, as individuals, through physical and verbal expression. For marking, this is critical – as it permits organizations to show a “human” side extensively more proficiently than through picture, sound and content. Today apart from YouTube, video has overtaken facebook as well. People share videos daily on their timeline. Sometimes you may want to download video for other purposes. facebook video downloader is those apps which can help in the process.

Because of the relative low uptake, online video can likewise show polished methodology and brand quality – If an organization has enough time, cash and abilities to make top notch video, they are regularly seen as an honest to goodness business with a certified enthusiasm for giving an incredible administration.

The Benefits of The Online Marketplace

Since the mid 2000’s, where the technological era really began to boom, the world of the online marketplace became a primary type of multi channel e-commerce. Existing marketplace businesses include long established sites such as Amazon and eBay, with much newer sites who have been introduced such as OnBuy.

The cyber world has seen a significant increase over the years, where we have witnessed our offline behaviours apply to the online world more and more. As time goes on, we look to a future that boasts flexible opportunities. A world of commerce dominated by e-marketplaces, in which the consumer beholds the power.


  1. Search Specific

Online marketplaces boast the ability to conduct a tailored search in order to find your desired product. Such sites have features such as: a search engine, most popular products or to search by category to assist users in finding the product they are after in the easiest way possible. Some sites also allow users to search as specifically as using a model number or product number.

This form of navigation to aid users in finding the product they are after is far more efficient than what we face in the offline world. Often trying to approach a member of staff to ask a question can be rather difficult and time consuming. When multiple consumers are in need of help, this often results in others waiting around or sometimes even walking off, leaving people dissatisfied with the customer service.

  1. Can Read Customer Reviews

E-marketplaces are keen to host review sections on their pages, in order to reflect the quality of their service and products. Here, consumers who have bought products in the past are able to post a review about their experience with the site. This is useful for other users who seek to purchase products, as they can gauge whether their money will be a worthwhile spend. They are also able to leave a review themselves, praising the site if they had a good experience and leaving a bad review if they did not.

  1. Variety of Products

One of the greatest things about the online marketplace is the vast selection of products available to consumers. Users are able to view an enormous online catalogue that beholds a wide array of different things, such as clothes and accessories, to gadgets and electronics. This is something that would otherwise be spread across several different shops in the offline world.

  1. Saves Time

The world of the online marketplace has saved a lot of time for buyers. Firstly, the time (and money) spent on getting to and from a retail park or shopping centre has been abolished as there is no need for this anymore. Through the click of a button, consumers are able to select their product and have it delivered to their house within a matter of days.

  1. 24/7 Access

Unlike in the offline world, where we are usually pressured to strict time-frames, the online marketplace is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. This flexibility means that consumers are able to make a purchase at any time they feel comfortable with. The power of the purchase is within their hands, where they can take their time to search for exactly what they wanted.

  1. Consistency of High Quality Products

Most marketplaces seek to source their products only from businesses. In doing so, they can be sure that their distribution of products are of a consistent high quality. This is also useful as businesses can supply to user demands, whereas if an individual was selling it would be harder to keep this consistent throughout.

  1. Can Reach Global Audiences

As a result of online marketplaces being part of the cyber world, this means that anywhere in the world can access such sites provided they have internet access. In result, marketplaces are able to distribute their products universally at the click of a button. This means that users are able to order products from the other side of the world and have it delivered to their house within a matters of days/weeks. This concept is incredible, considering before the online world we could only access products in shops that were in a reasonable distance.

The world of online marketplace has ultimately opened up incredible opportunities for people to order goods from anywhere in the world and have it delivered to a desired address. The concept of buying is now the easiest it has ever been and we can only imagine will continue to improve. Not only does e-marketplaces save time and money but are extremely efficient when searching for a product. Buying can often be a frustrating and stressful experience, but with the introduction of e-marketplaces we have seen a phenomenal change. We can now have anything delivered to our house without even having to leave. This is an amazing outbreak for the world of commerce, which is heading in a e-marketplace dominated future.