Analysis Of Your SEO Competitors – Key Step To Overcome Competition

A focused analysis of your major business competitors can play a big role in the success of your business. Getting aware of the techniques, strategies and tools and technology used by them would help you improve your content performance and SEO edge. A complete analysis requires the use of advanced software and tool.

In this article, we are going to see some of the best tools and methods that help you make clear, concise and effective competitive analysis.

What information you can get by the analysis of your business competitors?

A well thought analysis offers you the following information:

  • The range of products or services that are being offered
  • The technique of packaging the products
  • The system used to price the products
  • Branding and building visual identity
  • Do they provide special offers to entice their customers and create more customer base?
  • The way they describe the features of their products and also the marketing techniques.

List of advanced tools offering in-depth analysis 

One needs a good quality software that gives you elaborate analysis with high precision and in less time. There are various tools and methods offered by companies that can have so many useful features and functions.

The companies can run a wide range of campaigns to assess and evaluate the techniques such as backlink strategies, web page templates and creation that drives a large number of organic traffic online. Let us see some of the tools offered by a leading seo blog company BrightEdge to conduct an analysis of business competitors.


SEO plays a major role in the growth of the business. This can be the prime reason why your competitors are ahead of you. Use of this amazing tool offers in-depth SEO analysis of your business competitors.

Share of Voice

With the help of online channels and social media, precise determination of the online market share can be quite tough. “Share of Voice” technology is a recent technology that offers you a quick snapshot that identifies your real business competitors.

You can check here to get help from any SEO company, and know the other competitors in the competition with you, for a particular set of keywords or products. Tools by BrightEdge allow a user to know about their strategies that provide relevant traffic to their site.

Keyword Discovery

This tool helps in identifying the websites that dominate specific types of keywords and keyword clusters.

Evaluation of Content Performance

There is a remarkable tool that offers competitive recommendations based on the impact, risk and difficulty to increase traffic and business revenue. Backlinks, keywords and social strategies have been used to offer recommendations.

Back linking and its effective management

A comprehensive suite of backlink analysis and management tools helps one to bring desired changes in the content performance strategy at the page, keyword or domain level.

With so many advanced and efficient options available to identify the strength, weaknesses, marketing and distribution strategies of your business competitors, analysis has become quite easy. It greatly benefits a business and proves to be a beneficial tool to ensure the success of a business.

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