What You Need to Know About Becoming an Owner-Operator for Landstar

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When you become an owner-operator at Landstar, you become your own boss, you are in a non-forced dispatch environment, and you get to decide what loads you haul. You’ll get to choose where you want to run your loads and when you want to go home. If you’re interested in becoming an owner-operator at Landstar, here is everything you need to know about driving for them.

Unlike other truck driving companies that are forced dispatch, Landstar doesn’t make you run specific loads along specific schedules. Instead, you get the flexibility of picking what loads you want, and what hours you are going to run those loads on. This makes it a lot easier for drivers who dream of owning their own trucking business, but who also want to focus on their families.

One thing that is truly unique about Landstar is that they operate on percentage pay. This means that as rates go up on loads, so does the amount of pay you receive. This is just another benefit to becoming an owner-operator at Landstar because other trucking driving companies operate on a cents-per-mile program. The cents-per-mile program is where if you want to earn more money, you have to run more miles.  The percentage pay program that Landstar operates on allows you to earn as much or as little as you need, giving you full control over your earning potential. All of this and more is why Landstar is one of the best  truck driving companies.

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