4 Top-Quality Instant Cameras to Buy


Everyone is now living in the digital age and nowadays, everything is all about speed. People like it better when they get what they want in a short time. They want their food served fast, go to their travel destination quick, and get information in just seconds. Even when it comes to photography, people prefer to see their pictures immediately. That is why, instant cameras are getting popular these days.

Much like the polaroid of the old days, modern instant cameras let you snap a photo and wait for seconds for your it to be developed in a special film. Aside from the quick production of the picture, the effect of the photos taken with this camera is an attractive lo-fi shot comparable to the filters people use in Instagram. Instant cameras combine the beauty of old polaroid photos with the convenience of modern technology. That is why many people are loving these cameras.

Want to get hold of this trendy cameras? Then check out of the best instant cameras you can buy:

Instax 90 Neo Classic

With the advanced features of the Instax 90 Neo Classic, it is an ideal companion when you are traveling with your family or friends. It is equipped with innovative functions, such as high performance flash and six shooting modes, so you can have complete control over the effects or outcome of your photos.


Polaroid Z340

For the love of a classic Polaroid with a combination of some digital camera features, you can get the Polaroid Z340. It boasts a 14-megapixel resolution as well as a 2.7-inch LCD screen. You can print the images on its water-resistant and smudge-proof paper, which is more affordable than the regular instant film. To save paper, you can just select the photos your want to print and upload the remaining files online by attaching the camera to a computer.


Diana F+

If you are a fan of lo-fi snaps, then get a Diana F+ instant camera. With this, you can create the signature soft-focused and dreamy photos which Diana cameras are known for. This camera is perfect for portrait shots and  daylight photography. You can also use a chunky flash and various lenses to create different effects to your photos. Diana F+ was originally revived by Lomography, a company that focuses on film cameras, to promote 120mm film photography but you can attach an accessory to transform it to an instant camera.


Instax Mini 8

This cute instant camera is a modernization of the once popular Polaroid camera. Instax Mini 8, developed by Fuji, comes in various colors and has a compact body design. You can never go wrong with the Instax Mini 8 for it delivers high quality shots with the retro effect. It also determines the proper brightness of your subject, so it never ruins the exposure of every picture you take. Because of this, Instax Mini 8 has been one of the most sought after instant cameras. You can visit the local stores if you are interested to try one but they often have limited designs, so it is better to get a Fuji polaroid camera at Harvey Norman or other online stores, where they have more designs and colors to choose from.


Indeed, instant cameras are still a thing in this modern time. There are still many people who prefer to capture special moments through these sleek and trendy instant cameras. If you want to take fun and exciting pictures  then instant cameras are perfect for you!

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