Strategies to help you improve your AIPMT score

While preparing for the All India Pre medical Test, one of the major points of stress that the candidates have is score. If you will not gain enough score in the entrance test, you may not get admission in the best medical college. There are a number of candidates, who dig their heads in the books to prepare well but still land up getting an average score.

AIPMTNow one thing that you need to understand is that AIPMT is not an exam similar to your Class 10th or Class 12th. It is an entrance exam conducted for students to compete and get admission in the best medical college. So, of course you need some extra efforts just apart from simple studying.

There are some strategies that can help you in getting great score in the entrance test AIPMT 2016.

Syllabus and books

To score high in the test, you need to answer maximum questions with correct answers. This is only possible if you get maximum of the questions common to what you have prepared. If you wish to get such common questions in the test, then a great way is to prepare as per the NCERT syllabus. You need to know the basics of Biology, Physics and Chemistry. If you are aware of the basics quite strongly, then the higher topics can be taken care of easily. Start preparing as per the NCERT books of Class 10th and 12th, especially biology. For the subjects Physics and Chemistry one can also go for the books OP Tandon and HC Verma.

The exam pattern

The exam pattern is very much different than any other exam and hence you should be aware of it in order to stay calm and confident on the final day. A very good way is to have a look at the last year’s question paper. Normally it is a 3 hours question paper where you need to solve many objective questions. Among these some may have direct answers, while some may have tricky ways to provide an answer. If you are not ready for such a question paper from beforehand, it can be a trouble on the final day.

Try to gather last few years question paper and solve them out. You will be able to understand about the pattern of questions that you may get. Only knowing the exam pattern and syllabus is not enough in case of AIPMT. If you wish to score high, you have to bring in a steady improvement in you. An effective way is to take mock test of you once in a week. Set an alarm clock and start your exam. End the paper as the alarm rings. Compare each performance with last week’s performance to improve upon it.

Special attention

There are a number of candidates who prefer to leave the topics that are very difficult to understand. You may think that you will cover it up with some other topic, but you never know which question will pop up in your entrance test paper. Go for the difficult topics again and again in order to get comfortable with it in the same way how you are with the other topics.

Knowledge about current affairs

Along with the books and mock test, one more thing is there that you have to add up in your daily regime for your AIPMT 2016 test. Read daily newspapers and also magazines over current affairs. Stay yourself updated with the recent happenings, especially in case of medical.

Each year a number of students appear for the AIPMT exam, but only a few are able to score well. If you are going to appear for the test this year, it is important for you to follow the above mentioned strategies to get great score.

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