Spin bikes chain vs belt drive: Which is better?

Are you on the verge of losing your weight quickly and willing to know which machine will help you better to lose it fast? Well, to use a spinning bike you must know a couple of things which will be helping you to lose it faster. Indeed if you are on your way to go for it, you need to select any one of the belt drive or the chain drive. But which one would be better? Well, the belt drive is regular and done with the help of rubber while the chain drive is something which is made up of a roller chain. Follow the guide to know which one is better for you and why it is it so?



When it is the point of maintenance coming into play you must think about the drive which will have less required and obviously less expensive. Keeping these factors in mind, one will obviously state that using a belt drive will be coming handy than a chain drive because of the costs of maintenance. With the proper alignment required, the belt drives come out to be very helpful if you are in need of it.


Though it is quite easy to say that both these drives will have a low noise, the chain drive will have the larger proportion of it. It initially generates the sound of a chain drive used in a bicycle. However being it low in volume it will not affect you to listen to your favourite music while having the exercises done. Still a lot of people will like to opt for the belt drives as it generates the lowest margin of sounds in a flash.


When it comes to the cost, you will slightly be mistaken with the low cost of the chain drives. This is because the material used to drive a chain is less in quantity than that of a belt. Thus if you are thinking only about budget, you may opt for a chain drive. However the price of the belt drives comes in the little expensive range as the material used is quite worth of it. Thus it is simply better to think about what you are using and not the costs.

Performance and Feel

Talking about the quality workout, it is same in both the drives. However for the performance, the belt drives are easier and smooth to have your feet on. But a chain drive will give you the experience of a bike ride which you will not be feeling in the case of a belt ride. So the slighter advantage goes to the chain ride in the terms of feeling. However the performance of both of them are in neck to neck and may vary in different brands.

Comparing all the characteristics of both the drives it is easier to say that if you are looking for a better workout, your selection should be in the belt drive. This is because of the quality performance and the low maintenance in it.

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