Experience The 5 Luxrious International Flights From India

International tour has become the most wanted thing among people in recent days as people want to live upon without every boundary that makes them apart of living their life in their way. Visiting abroad is itself an amazing experience and when you can make it luxury one the life has everything in that moment so  you must try once in your life the luxurious journey of these following airlines where you will get special assistance with more pampering atmosphere than economy class. The Airlines that render their world class service to make their passengers get rich and comfort feeling of getting served. They do pay attention on each and small thing that can affect you. From comfortable seats to enrichment of dinning every moment and activity you will experience will have different story to tell and this difference will lead you to have the best moment you have ever gone through. So Let’s Start about The Airlines which give you extensive feeling of Flight attending.


  1. Air Asia:-


Air Asia is one of the lowest guaranteed fare airlines in world. Air Asia has Luxurious class for airline travelers and that is named as Air Asia Premium Flatbed. The rich service of Air Asia along with budget price will make you use this again and strongly recommend to other too. Claiming premium flatbed it has already a comfortable seat which can be foldable to bed form too. It has additional dining for you which is appreciated in taste. The flight attendant is always having welcomed gesture to assist you in each thing. Air Asia has decency to serve its guest utmost luxury journey by giving them additional space to rest within the seat which has privacy as well as easement both. In the lowest price Air Asia provide fine seating in first class.

  1. Air India


Air India is one of the finest airlines you can find for abroad tour and this can be done with vibrant features as shown up by Air India. The luxurious journey of your foreign tour will be started when you take first step in the flight and get the amazing feeling to enter in any kingdom of enrichment. The creamy interior of the flight section will win your heat and give your eyes the most relaxed feeling. The entertainment tools Air India has during your journey will not make you spend a less second without picking up headphone first. The care which is shown by flight attendant at the time of journey will let you feel the real pleasure of being served. Coming upon dinning that also has much to do with it also make you craved for it. By International Flight Last Minut Deals/Discount you can save more on the journey.



  1. IndiGo


The Indigo Flight has itself amazing experience to ride in, the easement and budget price of Indigo will not make you think twice in choosing it again. As the well you will find it and better you will get it. Indigo has a very frequent and attending flight staff which will serve you the best until you get placed on your destination. Indigo also offers several foods during the journey with the perfect gap and drinks they often offer to make the journey more enjoyable.


  1. Jetairways 


Jet airways is one of the best and convenient flights that ever exists. Jetairways service are always upon the high priority for its every customer and this is a perfect ground to enjoy the first and business class of jet airways. The seat s jetairways has pretty comfort sense as well as soft texture to feel. Right side of the seat there are storage section with amenity kit and other essentials. This will not let you feel the hurdles of time taking journey. Coming on the food it has delicious food with frequently offered snacks and drinks. The most attractive thing in first class is the bottle of champagne which was rich in taste as well as when it served. The entertainment section in Jetairways play vital role to choose it as you won’t feel absence of your laptop along with popcorn you get served during movie is realistic experience to choose upon.

  1. Spice Jet 


Spice jet is considered as India’s most pocket friendly airlines. So you can also opt it for international one. It is available for international destination as Bangkok,Dubai,Male,Colombo,Kabul and more. So if you are trying to have an international schedule you can go for spice jet flight for available destination. The first class of flight will surely give you fine experience in food and serving. However you cannot expect much form spicejet as this one will be low cost along with moderate experience of luxury. However for International flight coupon to save more you can use Mytokri.com


Author Bio:- Written with the feeling called passion of travelling. The more i travel the more i write.

Ample Choice Helps Filter the Most Suitable Candidate

Last year I got a chance to visit the Silicon Valley because of some work and I need to travel to the place on urgent basis. Not much acquainted with the city so I was tensed and was thinking to sort out my problems. My biggest problem was driving from one place to another as I have to attend 2-3 urgent meetings in the city. Then I thought of hiring a driver in Bangalore who is well versed in the local language and moreover, who is familiar with the route in the city.

Now finding driver for hire in Bangalore was not an easy job. At the very first instance, I spread word of mouth to my known people to arrange for a driver for me in the city, but a week passed by and couldn’t receive any positive response. Then I informed my friends through social networking sites and digital platform, but in vain. I received few phone calls from various people, but none suited my requirements. Some were asking for more money and some sounds naïve.

My tension brimmed up as my day of leaving was approaching fast. Then suddenly one of my friends told me about Babajob.com.  With depressed heart, I thought of giving it a try. To my luck, I was amazed that within 2-3 days I got the driver in Bangalore. They have right candidates on their site that helped me save my time and efforts.

I must thank the dedicated team that helped me in hire driver and that too within my budget.  The astounding feature was that I was fully supported by the team. They provided me with regular updates. While I was busy shopping of tickets and other necessary things, the entire team worked for me and helped me in hiring the suitable candidate. They provided me with regular updates on my requirements.

As soon as I registered my requirement at the site I started getting phone calls. I talked with them and with so many choices I selected the driver who was well versed in local language along with international language. It’s all because of Babajob.com that my requirement was easily and promptly met.

How you could use a contact management system to automate your client retention.

Your business is a bucket. You pour customers at the top and you try to fill it with as many customers as your bucket can possibly hold. You know that getting customers into the bucket is more expensive than maintaining good relationships with the ones who are already there. But you have a problem, your bucket has a massive hole and clients just pour out as quickly as they come in making it impossible (and very very costly) to fill the bucket. In this post I will teach you how to fill that hole. Continue reading to find out how to use your contact management system to automate customer retention, increase client spend and win yourself some raving fans of your brand.

Why customer retention is important


Keeping the customers you have is important for two reasons:

  1. It is cheaper to retain existing clients than to acquire new ones
  2. Existing customers are much more likely to spend more on future purchases than first time buyers.


In fact, in the current turbulent and uncertain economic conditions, not all of us have the funds to spend on complicated acquisition strategies. Most of us have limited resources but there are always the opportunities for all of us to make the most of what we already have, and position ourselves properly for future market events, whatever they may be.


If retention is the key to success, then automated messages from your contact management system is the tool to achieve it. Here are 3 messages you can use to send to customers that are guaranteed to keep them happy and spending.


#1 Celebrate an anniversary


If you have a fully integrated CRM and marketing automation system, then setting a campaign for 12 months of your customer joining your company is fairly straightforward.


This type of email is a great way to remind the client of your business and showcase the new products and services you’ve added in the last 12 months. Encourage a transaction with an appealing call to action such as ‘try our new range’ or to make them feel even more valued, offer them an anniversary discount code.

#2 An Exclusive Offer


Rewarding loyalty with an exclusive offer is a highly-efficient and very effective way to make customers feel valued and appreciated. After all, who doesn’t like feeling like a member of a VIP club.


Make every customer feel like that by sending them an automated email or sms telling that that you appreciate their continued loyalty towards you and in return you reward them with 20% off voucher or access to an exclusive offer that nobody else can see.


#3 Offer similar items


The best part about having a contact database is the access to client’s purchase history. You can easily see who has purchased what and from there on deduct what other products and lines they might be interested in. If someone has bought a tennis racquet from your sports shop, chances are they will also be interested in tennis shoes and tops too.


Offering items and services complementing on their original purchase is a great way to show your attentiveness to each customer’s specific needs. Simply create automatic messages linked to each product line and send them to customers accordingly.




Reducing customer churn and increasing the amount loyal customers spend is essential for every business and now you can automate that part of your sales funnel (or shall I say sales bucket!).

4 Top-Quality Instant Cameras to Buy

Everyone is now living in the digital age and nowadays, everything is all about speed. People like it better when they get what they want in a short time. They want their food served fast, go to their travel destination quick, and get information in just seconds. Even when it comes to photography, people prefer to see their pictures immediately. That is why, instant cameras are getting popular these days.

Much like the polaroid of the old days, modern instant cameras let you snap a photo and wait for seconds for your it to be developed in a special film. Aside from the quick production of the picture, the effect of the photos taken with this camera is an attractive lo-fi shot comparable to the filters people use in Instagram. Instant cameras combine the beauty of old polaroid photos with the convenience of modern technology. That is why many people are loving these cameras.

Want to get hold of this trendy cameras? Then check out of the best instant cameras you can buy:

Instax 90 Neo Classic

With the advanced features of the Instax 90 Neo Classic, it is an ideal companion when you are traveling with your family or friends. It is equipped with innovative functions, such as high performance flash and six shooting modes, so you can have complete control over the effects or outcome of your photos.


Polaroid Z340

For the love of a classic Polaroid with a combination of some digital camera features, you can get the Polaroid Z340. It boasts a 14-megapixel resolution as well as a 2.7-inch LCD screen. You can print the images on its water-resistant and smudge-proof paper, which is more affordable than the regular instant film. To save paper, you can just select the photos your want to print and upload the remaining files online by attaching the camera to a computer.


Diana F+

If you are a fan of lo-fi snaps, then get a Diana F+ instant camera. With this, you can create the signature soft-focused and dreamy photos which Diana cameras are known for. This camera is perfect for portrait shots and  daylight photography. You can also use a chunky flash and various lenses to create different effects to your photos. Diana F+ was originally revived by Lomography, a company that focuses on film cameras, to promote 120mm film photography but you can attach an accessory to transform it to an instant camera.


Instax Mini 8

This cute instant camera is a modernization of the once popular Polaroid camera. Instax Mini 8, developed by Fuji, comes in various colors and has a compact body design. You can never go wrong with the Instax Mini 8 for it delivers high quality shots with the retro effect. It also determines the proper brightness of your subject, so it never ruins the exposure of every picture you take. Because of this, Instax Mini 8 has been one of the most sought after instant cameras. You can visit the local stores if you are interested to try one but they often have limited designs, so it is better to get a Fuji polaroid camera at Harvey Norman or other online stores, where they have more designs and colors to choose from.


Indeed, instant cameras are still a thing in this modern time. There are still many people who prefer to capture special moments through these sleek and trendy instant cameras. If you want to take fun and exciting pictures  then instant cameras are perfect for you!

Strategies to help you improve your AIPMT score

While preparing for the All India Pre medical Test, one of the major points of stress that the candidates have is score. If you will not gain enough score in the entrance test, you may not get admission in the best medical college. There are a number of candidates, who dig their heads in the books to prepare well but still land up getting an average score.

AIPMTNow one thing that you need to understand is that AIPMT is not an exam similar to your Class 10th or Class 12th. It is an entrance exam conducted for students to compete and get admission in the best medical college. So, of course you need some extra efforts just apart from simple studying.

There are some strategies that can help you in getting great score in the entrance test AIPMT 2016.

Syllabus and books

To score high in the test, you need to answer maximum questions with correct answers. This is only possible if you get maximum of the questions common to what you have prepared. If you wish to get such common questions in the test, then a great way is to prepare as per the NCERT syllabus. You need to know the basics of Biology, Physics and Chemistry. If you are aware of the basics quite strongly, then the higher topics can be taken care of easily. Start preparing as per the NCERT books of Class 10th and 12th, especially biology. For the subjects Physics and Chemistry one can also go for the books OP Tandon and HC Verma.

The exam pattern

The exam pattern is very much different than any other exam and hence you should be aware of it in order to stay calm and confident on the final day. A very good way is to have a look at the last year’s question paper. Normally it is a 3 hours question paper where you need to solve many objective questions. Among these some may have direct answers, while some may have tricky ways to provide an answer. If you are not ready for such a question paper from beforehand, it can be a trouble on the final day.

Try to gather last few years question paper and solve them out. You will be able to understand about the pattern of questions that you may get. Only knowing the exam pattern and syllabus is not enough in case of AIPMT. If you wish to score high, you have to bring in a steady improvement in you. An effective way is to take mock test of you once in a week. Set an alarm clock and start your exam. End the paper as the alarm rings. Compare each performance with last week’s performance to improve upon it.

Special attention

There are a number of candidates who prefer to leave the topics that are very difficult to understand. You may think that you will cover it up with some other topic, but you never know which question will pop up in your entrance test paper. Go for the difficult topics again and again in order to get comfortable with it in the same way how you are with the other topics.

Knowledge about current affairs

Along with the books and mock test, one more thing is there that you have to add up in your daily regime for your AIPMT 2016 test. Read daily newspapers and also magazines over current affairs. Stay yourself updated with the recent happenings, especially in case of medical.

Each year a number of students appear for the AIPMT exam, but only a few are able to score well. If you are going to appear for the test this year, it is important for you to follow the above mentioned strategies to get great score.

Fruit may be good for you, but don’t ditch the statins

“Daily fresh fruit lowers heart death risk as much as statins,” The Daily Telegraph reports.

A study of over a half a million Chinese people found that a diet rich in fresh fruit was linked to a reduced risk of cardiovascular diseases.

But don’t ditch the statins in favour of an “apple a day”, if they have been recommended for you.

The study looked at people without cardiovascular disease, and did not compare fruit to statins.Fresh fruit consumption was linked to lower blood pressure and glucose levels

Statins are prescribed for people with cardiovascular disease, or a raised chance of getting it, and fruit is not a suitable alternative to medication. The study was also carried out in a country with different lifestyles to the UK. Finally, the study did not prove that fruit caused the lower death rate in people who ate it regularly.

The effect of fresh fruit that the study found was much bigger than the effects found in previous research in Western countries. People who ate fruit every day were likely to be richer and better educated, which itself could have affected their chances of dying of cardiovascular disease (although the researchers did try to account for this).

The study adds to evidence that people who eat fruit daily tend to be healthier, but it does not mean that fruit can be used instead of medication for people with cardiovascular disease.

Fresh fruit should be seen as an addition to statin treatment, not an alternative.

Where did the story come from?

The study was carried out by researchers from the University of Oxford, Peking University, the Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences, the Chinese National Center for Food Safety Risk Assessment, and three regional Chinese centres for disease control.

It was funded by the Wellcome Trust, the Kadoorie Charitable Foundation and the Chinese National Natural Science Foundation. The study was published in the peer-reviewed New England Journal of Medicine.

The Telegraph’s reporting unhelpfully mixed information about the effect of statins in with the report of the Chinese study. It is unclear why the newspaper did this, as the Chinese study did not look at statins at all.

Although the report admitted that the researchers “do not recommend swapping statins for fruit”, it may give some people the impression that statins and fruit are equally effective.

The Mail Online’s reporting was clearer, as its headline mentioned that the study was in China, and results may be specific to that country.

The Daily Express’ reporting was also accurate and contained an interesting quote from one of the lead researchers, who said: “We still don’t know exactly what it is about fruit that appears to reduce heart attack and stroke risk.”

What kind of research was this?

This was a large prospective cohort study, which recruited half a million volunteers in China to measure diet, health and deaths from disease. Researchers wanted to see whether the link between fruit consumption and cardiovascular disease seen in previous Western studies also applied in China. Cohort studies are good at picking out patterns of associations, but they can’t prove that one thing (in this case, fruit consumption) is a cause of another (death from cardiovascular disease).

What did the research involve?

Researchers questioned around half a million Chinese adults about their health and diet, and took measurements including their body mass index (BMI) and blood pressure. They followed them up for seven years. After adjusting their figures to take account of confounding factors, they looked to see whether people who regularly ate fruit were less likely to have died from cardiovascular disease, or had a heart attack or stroke.

The study recruited 512,891 adults aged 35 to 74, living in different locations across China from 2004 to 2008. People underwent a battery of tests and questions; researchers recorded information about their weight, height, blood pressure, glucose level, whether they smoked or drank alcohol, their income and education level, and their diet. They filled in a food questionnaire asking how frequently they consumed food from 12 major groups, including fresh fruit and vegetables.

The researchers followed up on 451,665 people who didn’t have cardiovascular disease at the start of the study, and who weren’t taking any medicine to lower blood pressure. They checked whether they were still alive, and whether they’d been treated for a major coronary event such as a heart attack, and whether they’d had either an ischaemic or haemorrhagic stroke. An ischaemic stroke is when a blood clot blocks a blood vessel in the brain. A haemorrhagic stroke is when a blood vessel ruptures, causing bleeding in the brain. The latter type of stroke is more common in China than in Western countries.

Researchers ran a number of analyses on the data to try to account for factors that are known to affect the risk of heart attack and stroke (confounders) such as age, sex and smoking. They calculated the chances of having any of the major outcomes for people who ate fruit never or rarely, compared to people who ate it at least daily. They used that to estimate how many deaths might be attributed to people not eating fruit, assuming that fruit was the cause of the lower risk of death.

What were the basic results?

Only 18% of people in the study ate fresh fruit daily. Compared to people who rarely or never ate fresh fruit, daily fruit eaters were 40% less likely to have died of cardiovascular disease (hazard ratio [HR]0.60, 95% confidence interval [CI] 0.54 to 0.67). They were also 34% less likely to have had a heart attack (HR 0.66, 95% CI 0.58 to 0.75), 25% less likely to have had an ischaemic stroke (HR 0.75, 95% CI 0.72 to 0.79) and 36% less likely to have had a haemorrhagic stroke (HR 0.64, 95% CI 0.56 to 0.74).

The study also showed that people who ate fresh fruit daily had lower blood pressure and blood glucose levels at the beginning of the study, although interestingly these did not explain the differences in deaths, heart attacks and strokes. Fruit eaters were also likely to be younger, female, from urban areas, better educated, with a higher income and less likely to smoke or drink alcohol.

Assuming that fruit is the reason for the lower risk of cardiovascular death among daily fruit eaters, the researchers say, 16% of deaths from cardiovascular disease could be avoided – a whopping 560,000 deaths a year in China – if everyone ate fresh fruit daily.

How did the researchers interpret the results?

The researchers said: “it is difficult to establish causality reliably in observational studies of dietary factors that have such moderate relative risks and potential for confounding.” In other words, they can’t be sure the “moderate” differences in risk they found were down to fruit alone, and not to other factors. They say that, in particular, “residual confounding by socioeconomic status is still possible,” despite their attempts to adjust figures to take account of this.

However, they say, given the healthy properties of fruit, it is plausible that it could be the cause of the lower death and disease rates seen among Chinese people who eat fruit daily.

They suggest that the weaker association between fruit consumption and cardiovascular death seen in previous studies, which have mainly been carried out in Western countries, can be explained partly because daily fruit eating is rare in China. They say this could mean that only a little fruit is needed, whereas previous studies have looked at the effect of each additional piece of fruit, in a population where daily fruit consumption is common.


The study adds to evidence that fresh fruit is likely to be good for our cardiovascular health, although we can’t be sure from this study that it definitely prevents deaths, heart attacks or strokes. Observational studies cannot prove that one factor causes another, even when they are as big as this study, because other unmeasured factors could be responsible for the results. In this case, a major potential confounder that the researchers failed to take into account was whether the participants were taking any medication – they only excluded people taking blood pressure tablets.

The link with statins, made by the Telegraph, is unhelpful, confusing and unnecessary. While statins have been shown to reduce the risk of heart attacks and strokes by about the same figure – approximately one third, depending on the study – the statin studies were randomised controlled trials, which can show a causal relationship. In addition, they were carried out in Western populations with cardiovascular disease, or at risk of cardiovascular disease. These studies had little in common with this mass observational study of diet in healthy Chinese people.

However, we do know that fruit is likely to be a healthy part of a balanced diet. It’s important to note that people in the study were asked about whether they ate fruit, not whether they drank fruit juice. Fruit juice often contains a lot of sugar, and misses out on the fibre found in fresh fruit. Whole fruit is likely to be healthier.

It’s also worth noting that the researchers couldn’t check for an effect of eating fresh vegetables daily, because almost everyone in China eats vegetables every day. The UK dietary recommendations are to eat five portions of fruit and vegetables a day. This research backs the idea that eating fruit regularly as part of a balanced diet is good for your heart and circulation health.

If you have been prescribed statins, then you should not stop taking them without first consulting your doctor. Adding a daily portion of fresh fruit to your diet could help to increase their effectiveness, but should not be regarded as a suitable alternative to statin treatment.

Compare Apple iPhone 6 vs iphone 6s Specifications

Apple is widely known for its stronghold over the smartphone market. It could be said that Apple is the leading producer of the best smartphones in the world right now. It releases new models in Apple iPhones every September of an year and here. Though it falls short on some simple functions when compared to Android, it has never lost the customer count and with each new model, the customers just keep pouring in, because of the brand value and the amazing features it promises.


Apple iPhone 6 & 6S Price & Variants

Apple iPhone 6 and iPhone 6S were both released in September 2015 and were opened to amazing reviews. iPhone 6 works on nano sim card technology from the Apple Pay payment scheme. It weighs around 130 grams which makes it a very light weighted product. It comes in various range of colours to choose from, which include Space gray, silver and gold. The Currently, iPhone 6 best Price is INR.32,050. The other variants in 64GB & 128GB will cost subsequently more. Apple iPhone 6S works on nano sim card technology too and weighs around 143 grams. It is available in the same range of colors to choose from, which include Space gray, silver and gold. The Price of Apple iPhone 6s in India is INR.39,260 for 16GB Model. check out latest Apple Mobile Price List before buying any Apple Mobile Phone.


Apple iPhones 6 and 6s Processor

iPhone 6 works on a dual core 1400 MHz processor that provides smooth functionality of all features on the smartphone. With a good processor and a great lifetime capability, this phone is best suited for multitasking. iPhone 6S works with one of the most powerful processors available yet, which is a tri-core 1.5 GHz processor that is said to provide the best experience to the user in terms of functionality. It works at top speed, with the other motherboard features equipped in the Apple phones and provides the best experience at hand. It comes with the Apple A9 chipset which enhances the performance of the processor.

Apple iPhones 6 and 6s Display

iPhone 6 & 6S has display screens which are of size 4.7 inches and of type LCD capacitive. Both the screen supports 16.7 M color display with its LED back lit option. It also supports multitouch option and comes with a protective layer of ion strengthened glass and an oleophobic coating.

Apple iPhones 6 and 6s OS & Upgrade

All iPhones work on the Apple iOS software and iPhone 6 works on the v8.0, which can be upgraded to the v9.2, the newer version. This upgrade is very easy to perform on the user’s part and everything gets finished automatically when the user grants permission to upgrade while connected to the internet. With Apple’s famous icons and the easy to use software system, this is surely one of the best operating systems available for the smart phones out there. iPhone 6S works on the Apple iOS version 9.0 which has created ripples in the field of Operating systems released by Apple last year, for its extensible support for all features. It also supports an upgrade to the next version iOS v9.2 which the user can easily upgrade over the internet.

Apple iPhones 6 and 6s Battery

iPhone 6 & iPhone 6S both comes with non removable Li-Po 1810 mAh battery, that is expected to provide a back up time of up to 14 hours on 3G mode and 45 hours on Music playback mode. The only drawback with Apple iPhones is its battery because the hardware specifications drain the battery very easily and even though the battery promises good back up time, it needs even more concentration. iPhone 6S and iPhone 6 comes with an internal memory capacity of 16, 64 and 128 GB to choose from. It depends on the user’s choice but always a smartphone of minimum 64 GB is recommended for iPhone users for efficient storage space.

Apple iPhones 6 and 6s RAM

iPhone 6 runs on a 1 GB RAM (DDR3) that promises efficient user performance even at such rates. The 1 GB RAM is sufficient for this phone that promises the best multitasking environment and all other features at top speeds. Meanwhile, iPhone 6S comes with a RAM of size 2 GB with awesome functionality.

Apple iPhones 6 and 6s Camera

The primary camera of Apple iPhone 6S comes with a picture quality of 12 MP with extensive support for phase detection, autofocus and dual LED flash. It also supports other options like geo-tagging, touch focus, picture capturing while video recording, smile detection, HDR and panorama picture capturing. Also, the secondary camera supports 5 MP pixel quality which clicks breathtaking selfie images even at poor light conditions. Meanwhile, the primary camera of iPhone 6 supports 8 MP quality and the front camera supports 1.2 MP quality.


Both these smartphones are worth their investment and need wide appreciation for the features that they provide. iPhone 6 and iPhone 6s do not maintain much difference except for minor specifications.

Spin bikes chain vs belt drive: Which is better?

Are you on the verge of losing your weight quickly and willing to know which machine will help you better to lose it fast? Well, to use a spinning bike you must know a couple of things which will be helping you to lose it faster. Indeed if you are on your way to go for it, you need to select any one of the belt drive or the chain drive. But which one would be better? Well, the belt drive is regular and done with the help of rubber while the chain drive is something which is made up of a roller chain. Follow the guide to know which one is better for you and why it is it so?



When it is the point of maintenance coming into play you must think about the drive which will have less required and obviously less expensive. Keeping these factors in mind, one will obviously state that using a belt drive will be coming handy than a chain drive because of the costs of maintenance. With the proper alignment required, the belt drives come out to be very helpful if you are in need of it.


Though it is quite easy to say that both these drives will have a low noise, the chain drive will have the larger proportion of it. It initially generates the sound of a chain drive used in a bicycle. However being it low in volume it will not affect you to listen to your favourite music while having the exercises done. Still a lot of people will like to opt for the belt drives as it generates the lowest margin of sounds in a flash.


When it comes to the cost, you will slightly be mistaken with the low cost of the chain drives. This is because the material used to drive a chain is less in quantity than that of a belt. Thus if you are thinking only about budget, you may opt for a chain drive. However the price of the belt drives comes in the little expensive range as the material used is quite worth of it. Thus it is simply better to think about what you are using and not the costs.

Performance and Feel

Talking about the quality workout, it is same in both the drives. However for the performance, the belt drives are easier and smooth to have your feet on. But a chain drive will give you the experience of a bike ride which you will not be feeling in the case of a belt ride. So the slighter advantage goes to the chain ride in the terms of feeling. However the performance of both of them are in neck to neck and may vary in different brands.

Comparing all the characteristics of both the drives it is easier to say that if you are looking for a better workout, your selection should be in the belt drive. This is because of the quality performance and the low maintenance in it.

How the Espresso Machine Works: The Mechanism

Coffee is the most important drink for most people and they want the coffee to be prepared in their own way. Many people like a perfect blend of coffee beans which can give a better taste and aroma while others just prefer to brew it using a specific form of beam. The amount of effort required to prepare the most perfect coffee has its own taste and life. In essence, we can say that the coffee should be prepared in the most perfect way and should be prepared in the best espresso machine. It is a known fact that the best coffee is prepared by forcing regular type of coffee through pressure of water then passing through filter and puck of coffee to create the most thick and concentrated form of coffee. This is how the real espresso works.

So, how do Espresso Machines Work?

There are various types of machines available in the market ranging from commercial to top end fully automatic machines. The real difference in the machines is understanding where water comes from and why. Here in this article we have presented the working of espresso machine.

The Boiler

Most of the machines available in the market have a copper boiler tube along with a compressor connected. The main function of the compressor is to pressurize the water into the tubes. The complete circuit also consists of valves and wires as well for controlling purposes. Boiler acts as water reservoir and filled more than half while it is heated. Heat controller keeps the temperature set and can be used to turn off the heat.

coffeeThe Control Circuitry

Electrodes are used to maintain the depth of water and passed with electricity. The circuit helps in regulating the flow of electricity in the boiler. The current gets disconnected if the water in the coffee comes down from the tip of electrode. As soon as this happens, controllers enables opening of valve and water is allowed to flow from the external sources. The water that is stored in the boiler is subjected to high pressure. Once the water reaches to the tip of electrode, the whole circuitry turns the valve off and keeps the water level constant.

The Pressure Gauge

Pressure gauge can be used to measure the amount of pressure which is there, inside the boiler and between the extraction points. It should be kept at 1.5 Bar in order to formulate a good level of steam. At the same time, the pressure should not be kept more than 1.8 bars. One can even check the reading that is present under the lower side of the pressure gauge and that reading indicates the water pressure.

The Portafilter

It is the removable part of the machine that can be used to keep the ground coffee. It can be a handle, basket or even a two pronged spout depending on the type of machine.

How Espresso is extracted?

The key to extraction of espresso lies in the channeling of water for brewing through the value to boiler and then grouphead. Water remains hottest when it leaves the boiler and drastically slows to cool down as it comes over the grouphead. This is the reason behind that the water should keep flowing at a specific temperature inside the boiler so as to ensure proper preparation of coffee machine.

How Water for Coffee is preheated?

The preheating is performed using the heat exchanger which helps in keeping the water heated at all times. However the preheating of water cannot be sustained all times and requires a specific type of heat exchangers that can be used to provide the necessary steam as well for the espresso machine. It basically utilizes the water from the boiler to keep the preheating as well. This type of mechanism is kept in the coffee machines that are commercial while the economical ones don’t have the kind of rich taste.

Final Say

Functioning of espresso machines may sound complicated but having some knowledge about different parts can be helpful if you are planning to buy one for your home or office. This piece of information can be valuable while purchasing a coffee machine.

How to Get a Driving License in the UK

No one can drive in the UK without a driving license, obviously. Basically, there are two types of driving licenses issued by the British government: provisional and full. Provisional driving licenses are issued for applicants who are first-time drivers and are not eligible for a full license. Once an applicant passes the theory test and the practical driving test, they are eligible for a full driving license.

Here are the steps to receive a driving licence in the UK:

1. Meet the Age and Residency Requirements

Applicants must be residents of Great Britain. Though Northern Ireland is a part of the UK, there is a separate driving license application process for residents of Northern Ireland.

Applicants must be at least 17 years old to receive a driving license in general. However, 16 year olds are eligible to apply for moped licenses. For motorcycles, the minimum age requirement varies between 17 and 21 depending on the power of the bike.

2. Meet Minimum Eyesight and Other Standards

To qualify, an applicant must be able to read a car number plate from a distance of 20 metres. An adequate field of vision, and a visual acuity of at least 0.5 decimal (6/12) in both eyes or one eye measured on the Snellen scale are required from all candidates. Candidates with visual impairments should be able to pass the test wearing glasses or contact lenses.  Eyesight will be tested during the practical driving test.

Before applying, candidates should not be barred from driving due to health, legal issues, or any other reason.

3. Apply Online or by Post

Candidates who meet the minimum requirements can start the application submission process either online or in person at the post office.

Applying online is the most popular and convenient method to get a driving license. Candidates can submit the application form and all required documents via the official government website. Candidates who apply online can receive their licenses in a week.

Candidates can also apply by post by filling out a D1 form at the local post office and mailing it to the DVLA. Candidates who apply this way can expect to receive their license within three weeks.

4. Take the Theory Test

The examination process for driving licensing is comprised of a theory test and a practical test. Candidates can take the theory test without enrolling at a driving school.  Candidates are expected to know the UK Highway Code for the theory test, and will also be required to pass a hazard perception test. It’s possible to study for the theory test without a teacher, and applicants can practice in advance with mock exams from a site like Toptests.

5. Take the Practical Test

Passing the practical test is necessary to receive a full driving license. Candidates will need to enrol in a driving school or find a suitable teacher to learn how to drive a vehicle safely. The practical test is composed of an eyesight exam, test of knowledge of the car and the Highway Code, and a test of driving skills.

Candidates who pass the practical test will receive a full driving license that allows them to drive in the UK with normal plates and without supervision. If for some reason an applicant fails either the theory or the practical exam, the tests can be repeated. However, candidates will have to pay the full examination fee each time a test is repeated.