Safety Considerations when Moving Piano

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The first few words that come to our mind when someone utters the word “piano” would surely include Mozart, romantic, soothing, Victorian and yes, bulky! The pomposity of pianos is largely determined by their size and dimensions, along with their cultural connotations of mammoth levels. It is only obvious then that people, who play the piano and possess one, would be finicky about it.

Pianos cost a bomb and taking care of them and maintaining them is almost equivalent to taking care of a baby, if not more than that. Due to their awkward structure, shape and size, moving a piano is a daunting task, one which should be undertaken only by a professional piano mover. Pianos can get easily scraped and their edges can lose out their polish and sheen due to wear and tear caused during movement of the piano.

Professional movers would make sure that they use equipments which might seem fancy on the face of it, but are highly pivotal in the process of moving that precious piano. These things include safety pads, wooden blocks, cranes and much more. The safety pads are strapped onto the piano to protect it from any bumps and jerks during the movement process.

If you want to move the piano to a higher storey in a building, then moving it without the help of a professional movers company would not be such a good idea. While moving a piano upstairs, a minimum of three persons are required to carry out the procedure effectively and efficiently. One person would have to walk backwards up the stairs, whereas the other up front. The third person is required to stay put under the piano and support it firmly to steady it lest it shake off and fall on the staircase.

An immense amount of coordination is required among the three persons involved to carry out the movement smoothly without causing damage to the piano. And no matter how great friends you have, the coordination of the professionals remains unmatched. Else, as Friends fans would get, you might just have a guy like Ross who would keep yelling unheard words such as ‘Pivot!’ and you would end up losing the grip on your piano.

If the process of moving a piano is carried out by oneself without any professional help, it is a high probability that the piano would get ruptured and acquire displeasing dents. You do not want the aesthetic defects cause disturbances in the melodious journey of yours with your piano.

We, at Affordable Piano Movers, know the sentiments attached to one’s piano and make sure that we do not hurt them in any way by moving your piano in a 100% safe way. We have an experience of moving pianos and pianos only for more than 20 years and know how to get the job done in a highly customized way as no two pianos are the same. We not just specialize in moving pianos but that is precisely the only thing that we do and so, you can rest assured that you would be offered expert solutions without any diversions or distractions. We take use of equipments made especially for moving pianos and not those used for other household items, which is a heresy that a movers company could make!

We know that the piano has a cost which is extremely steep but the sentiments attached with it are priceless! And we, at Affordable Piano Movers, ensure that it is maintained thus.

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