Steroids and their impact on body process

The steroids are going to bring a perfect change to the body. It’s because they are going to make a great change to your metabolism and that is also going to impact on the nature of your health. This is going to provide with a lot of changes into the weight and mass of the body. These are a kind of chemical being synthesized inside our body that would make a negative impact if consumed in unusual amount. These are going to hamper the normal health condition when they are taken in a large amount. The chemicals are some of the supplement relating to that of androgens, estrogens and many others. These are sold in a bulk amount and people think to take an easy life, this is probably the confined one. But it is not so as the compound is going to make your body get on in an unusual manner.


Things to look into:-

To get the very detail about the products, you can really get into the that would bring on a wide variety of reaction even into your mind. This is associated with the wide range of adverse side effects that would start from physical disability like that of acne and unusual breast development. They also would result on heart attacks and liver cancers. Some of them are also irreversible even if you don’t take it in your later times.

Sometimes if you take on these into a large aspect, this is going to create some of the incidence relating to the life threatening situations that impacts low or high but that would also result into some of the adverse effects that may remain unrecognized or underreported. Especially this is going to bring on with the possible change to the body system. These are mostly seen into the athlete’s body.

Hormones and steroids:-

These steroids according to abuse with disruption of the normal production of hormones inside the body. This would lead to reversible and irreversible impacts on the body. The changes include reduced sperm production and shrinking of the testicles. There are even the irreversible changes that include the male pattern of baldness and even some kind of unusual breast development in men. Where as in case of female there are anabolic steroids that would cause masculanization, increase in breast size and even the body fat. There is enlargement of clitoris and voice deepens on. The women also have an exclusive experience of excessive growth of body hair with loose scalp hair. This is because of the administration of the steroids with the effects irreversible.

The impact is also visualized on the musculoskeletal system that would lead to the rise of the testosterone level and does trigger the growth spurt that provides the signals to stop the growth as well. it must be taken to consideration that the children must be kept away from the intake of these chemical compounds and that would stop growth of the normal body system.


The steroids are going to bring on an adverse effect more into the body. It’s because the chemical compounds released from them would lead to destruction of the normal body cells.


iPhone Spying Apps: Is Apple’s Worst Nightmare Coming True?

For many years, iPhone has enjoyed the reputation of being one of the securest smartphone options available in the market. This is precisely why a large number of people have given preference to it over the likes of Android, assuming that their private data would stay protected on it. However, Apple’s flagship phone seems to have lost its competitive edge lately, courtesy of the advent and rapid advancement of iPhone spy apps. Until recently, the iOS-powered phone was regarded as an impenetrable fortress, especially in its non-jailbroken state, but the situation has changed drastically. Much to the horror of Apple and iPhone users, the distinguished security offered by the device is quickly becoming an illusion as spy apps continue to evolve at an alarming pace.

The Digital Harbinger of Doom

After learning about the security vulnerabilities found in even the latest models of iPhone, one automatically starts to consider one of the two possibilities to be true; either Apple has stopped giving emphasis on its security features, or spy apps have become extremely powerful. Based on the huge advancement iPhone spy apps have undergone over the past few years, the latter possibility seems to carry more weight. Simply take a look at to get a very good idea about what contemporary iPhone spy apps have become capable of. Everything from text messages, call, photos, videos, instant messaging conversations, browsing history, location history, and contact details find themselves at a risk of getting comprised once these ridiculously spy apps are sneaked into the iPhone. Unfortunately, the worst part is yet to come. Recently, iPhone spy apps have gained the ability to work on even non-jailbroken devices, thus stripping iPhone users of the advantage that the walled-garden firmware provided them. This is a huge blow for Apple as it has been stripped of one of its biggest advantages over rival smartphone manufacturers.

Apple Pushed Against the Wall

Keeping unofficial third-party apps off iPhone seemed to have worked extremely well for the tech giant over the years. To mitigate security risks and enhance user experience, frequent updates had become a norm. There was, and maybe still is, hardly any doubt over the commitment of Apple to providing its customers with the safest mobile experience, but unfortunately, it seems to have found itself facing a daunting challenge, one that it doesn’t seem to have too many answers to. Spy apps for iPhone are nothing new. They have been around for many years now, but the risk was limited by their reliance on jailbroken devices. With this line of defense gone, Tim Cook and his team have clearly lost their biggest advantage. Of course, the market would be well aware of it too.

It’s Now or Never

Apple has plenty of work to do right now if it wants to keep its reputation based on the impeccable security protocols of its devices from slipping even further. Of course, it’s not going to be easy, primarily because the rate at which advancement is taking place in spying technology is astonishing. There seems to be no wall thick enough to provide an absolute protection against the relentless minds behind spy apps. Apple needs to act quick because the clock is ticking.

Safety Considerations when Moving Piano

The first few words that come to our mind when someone utters the word “piano” would surely include Mozart, romantic, soothing, Victorian and yes, bulky! The pomposity of pianos is largely determined by their size and dimensions, along with their cultural connotations of mammoth levels. It is only obvious then that people, who play the piano and possess one, would be finicky about it.

Pianos cost a bomb and taking care of them and maintaining them is almost equivalent to taking care of a baby, if not more than that. Due to their awkward structure, shape and size, moving a piano is a daunting task, one which should be undertaken only by a professional piano mover. Pianos can get easily scraped and their edges can lose out their polish and sheen due to wear and tear caused during movement of the piano.

Professional movers would make sure that they use equipments which might seem fancy on the face of it, but are highly pivotal in the process of moving that precious piano. These things include safety pads, wooden blocks, cranes and much more. The safety pads are strapped onto the piano to protect it from any bumps and jerks during the movement process.

If you want to move the piano to a higher storey in a building, then moving it without the help of a professional movers company would not be such a good idea. While moving a piano upstairs, a minimum of three persons are required to carry out the procedure effectively and efficiently. One person would have to walk backwards up the stairs, whereas the other up front. The third person is required to stay put under the piano and support it firmly to steady it lest it shake off and fall on the staircase.

An immense amount of coordination is required among the three persons involved to carry out the movement smoothly without causing damage to the piano. And no matter how great friends you have, the coordination of the professionals remains unmatched. Else, as Friends fans would get, you might just have a guy like Ross who would keep yelling unheard words such as ‘Pivot!’ and you would end up losing the grip on your piano.

If the process of moving a piano is carried out by oneself without any professional help, it is a high probability that the piano would get ruptured and acquire displeasing dents. You do not want the aesthetic defects cause disturbances in the melodious journey of yours with your piano.

We, at Affordable Piano Movers, know the sentiments attached to one’s piano and make sure that we do not hurt them in any way by moving your piano in a 100% safe way. We have an experience of moving pianos and pianos only for more than 20 years and know how to get the job done in a highly customized way as no two pianos are the same. We not just specialize in moving pianos but that is precisely the only thing that we do and so, you can rest assured that you would be offered expert solutions without any diversions or distractions. We take use of equipments made especially for moving pianos and not those used for other household items, which is a heresy that a movers company could make!

We know that the piano has a cost which is extremely steep but the sentiments attached with it are priceless! And we, at Affordable Piano Movers, ensure that it is maintained thus.

Compared to natural androgenic hormones

Steroids, also identify as Roids and are included in a class of drugs which mirror the effects of naturally producing testosterone.

How Steroids are useful in treatment :

These drugs can be given for medical treatment of AIDS and cancer, which experience a reduction of the body’s mean muscle mass. Children are often given these steroids in cases of delays in teens. There are usually different methods to take these steroids by mean of Injection, oral tablets, and transdermal patches. All are uniformly successful in the transmission of steroids.

The use of steroids has become popular, due to the performance enhancing the power of these drugs. Due to the way the drug changes the structure of muscle growth, it became fashionable in the middle of some athletes in the college and trained ranks. There have even been cases of high athletes falling victim to the doping craze in games. Baseball, cycling, football have all had instances of drug abuse. This has scandalized the sport at a level unforeseen by many experts.


The increasing trend of Steriods in USA:

Steroid use in the United States of America goes on increasing at a steady rise. More and more youthful athletes are finding ways to get and use steroids for presentation enhancing reasons. The steroid  can be compared to natural androgenic hormones.The use of different medical conditions continues to increase and the expert community sees lots of its healing properties. Burn sufferers, patients with great menopause and AIDS can get benefit from the use of steroids as a way of fighting osteoporosis, to which these patients are very susceptible

The injurious side effects of steroids are many. Since steroids are compared to natural androgenic hormones their usage may causehigh blood pressure. The other remarkable risks include death, coronary disease, liver damage, and in rare cases, gynecomastia, or male breast growth. Decreased sexual function, libido, and unproductiveness are also ordinary side effects in the male who make use of steroids. Mood symptoms are ordinary in steroid users. Depression and hypomania might be displayed by long time users. There are documented, and frequently terrifying, examples of psychiatric symptoms ranging from simple mania to suicide and murder.

Steroids can be noticed through drug testing of the hair, urine and blood. Depends upon the individual user and way of administration, the drug can be noticed through testing anywhere from seven to thirty days after the last time it was used. The testing must be done at a specialty lab, due to the different spectrometry involved. Detection can take weeks, or often up to numerous months to complete.

Steroid use will probably continue in our society at large. While steroids will for all time be an advantage to its users, whether fairly or not, there is no doubting the powerful effects of this drug as both medical help, or a personal body and mind enhancer.Before using steroids, we must be aware of the harmful effects of steroids.  Therefore, if anybody takes  steroidsafter doctor’s advice then they will be very helpful to our health.

‘Carbs linked to lung cancer,’ study finds

“White bread, bagels and rice ‘increase the risk of lung cancer by 49%’,” the Mail Online reports after a US study found a link between lung cancer and eating a diet with a high glycaemic index (GI), a measure of carbohydrate content.

The study included more than 4,000 white people from Texas, both people newly diagnosed with lung cancer and healthy controls.Not all cases of lung cancer are caused by smoking

The researchers assessed their diet to look at whether there was any link between their diagnosis and their intake of high-GI foods – typically, high-carbohydrate foods such as white bread, potatoes and rice.

Researchers found people in the highest (fifth) intake group for high-GI foods were about 49% more likely to have lung cancer than someone in the lowest (first) intake group.

But drawing any firm conclusions from this is difficult. There was no increased risk for anyone in the intermediate intake groups, and there is no information we can use to give an equivalent food intake.

This study was a cross-sectional assessment of diet in people who had already been diagnosed with lung cancer. We don’t know whether this is a reliable indication of lifetime dietary patterns, so it can’t prove cause and effect.

Overall, the possible link between carbohydrates and lung cancer needs further investigation to see whether there is a direct link and, if there is, find out the possible cause.

On its own, this study does not provide strong evidence that “carbs are the new cigarettes”.

Where did the story come from?

The study was carried out by researchers from the University of Texas.

It was funded by the National Institutes of Health, the Cancer Prevention & Research Institute of Texas, the University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center, and the National Cancer Institute.

It was published in the peer-reviewed journal, Cancer Epidemiological Biomarkers Prevention.

While the Mail’s reporting was broadly accurate, it would have benefited from considering some of the limitations of this research, which cannot prove carbohydrates directly cause lung cancer.

What kind of research was this?

This case-control study included people who had been newly diagnosed with lung cancer and healthy controls.

The researchers aimed to compare these two groups, looking at the glycaemic index and glycaemic load of the foods they ate – in other words, how quickly these foods cause a rise in blood glucose after eating.

Smoking is a well-established risk factor for lung cancer, and is reportedly linked to 85% of cases. But evidence suggests certain dietary factors may also influence risk.

Carbohydrate is the main contributor to a surge in blood sugar levels after eating, and causes the release of insulin.

Previous studies have shown that insulin-like growth factors (IGFs) – proteins similar to insulin – can simulate abnormal cell growth and division. And some studies have suggested IGFs are raised in people with lung cancer.

Although this study included both people with and without cancer, it wasn’t a case-control study in the traditional sense – it didn’t look back at data collected previously on factors that may have influenced cancer risk. Dietary factors were assessed cross-sectionally, so cause and effect can’t be proved.

What did the research involve?

The study involved 1,905 white adults newly diagnosed with lung cancer at the University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center. The comparison group were 2,413 healthy controls recruited from routine clinics, matched by age, gender and ethnicity.

All participants had their body mass index (BMI) measured, and were interviewed about their medical history and lifestyle factors, including detailed assessments of their smoking history, physical activity and dietary intake.

Diet assessment queried food preparation methods, portion size, grams per day consumption for each item, total intake of carbs, fibre and meat, as well as total energy intake.

Using a previously developed method, glycaemic index (GI) was calculated, taking into account the quantity and type of carbohydrate consumed each day.

The GI and glycaemic load were categorised into five groups (quintiles) and analysed for cases and controls, taking account of various potential confounding factors, including smoking, alcohol, physical activity, and BMI.

What were the basic results?

Overall, when comparing the groups, cases with lung cancer were more likely to smoke, take less physical activity, and be less educated. Cases also ate more high-GI foods, but had a lower total carb and fibre intake.

People who were in the highest (fifth) quintile for GI intake were calculated to have 49% increased odds of having lung cancer compared with those in the bottom (first) group (odds ratio [OR] 1.49, 95% confidence interval [CI] 1.21 to 1.83).

People in the fifth quintile for GI similarly had a 48% increased risk. Those in the lower GI quintiles (second to fourth) did not have an increased risk of lung cancer, and there was no association between lung cancer and glycaemic load.

The effect of a high GI was most pronounced for people who had never smoked. This suggests that for smokers, smoking had more of an influence on risk than GI.

How did the researchers interpret the results?

The researchers concluded: “This study suggests that dietary GI and other lung cancer risk factors may jointly and independently influence lung cancer aetiology.”

They say understanding the role of GI in lung cancer could inform prevention strategies and help identify biological pathways related to lung cancer risk.


The researchers say this is only the second study to have looked at the association between glycaemic index (GI) and lung cancer risk.

The researchers found people with the greatest daily intake of high GI foods – in particular coming from carbs – were about 50% as likely to have lung cancer than someone with the lowest intake.

The study suggests a link between high GI foods and lung cancer, but drawing any definite conclusions is difficult.

Cause and effect not proven

This study cannot prove cause and effect. Although it is a case-control study, it only uses a cross-sectional dietary assessment performed when the person already had cancer.

We don’t know whether the diet intake reported reflects someone’s eating patterns over the course of their lifetime.

A more reliable method would be a cohort study that followed healthy people in the long term, regularly assessing their diet, activity and other lifestyle risk factors, and seeing whether this was linked to lung cancer.

Relied on self-reported data

The dietary questionnaire responses – and hence the categorisation of people according to the glycaemic load and index of the foods they eat – may contain inaccuracies.

People may not be able to reliably assess the dietary components, portion size and grams of each item they consume each day, particularly if they are trying to report on their intake over the course of their life.

No consistent pattern

A significant link with lung cancer was only found for those in the highest (fifth) quintile for GI when compared with the lowest (first) quintile. What this actually means is difficult to say.

There was no risk increase for anyone in quintiles two to four, and we can’t give an equivalent food intake of what the fifth quintile actually meant – for example, how many slices of white bread or potatoes a day this would equate to.

Other confounders could be involved

The researchers made careful attempts to adjust for other important lifestyle factors that could be associated with lung cancer, such as smoking and physical activity. But we don’t know that all of these lifestyle factors have been fully accounted for.

Specific population

This is a specific population sample of white people from Texas, and their results may not be applicable to all people across the US, let alone those from other countries.

This study does suggest a link between GI and lung cancer that is worthy of further investigation. We now need to find out whether there is a direct link and the possible causes.

If there is a link, it would also be valuable to know whether the effect is specific to lung cancer or if it could also apply to other cancers.

Despite the media headlines, this study does not provide evidence that suggests carbohydrates are as much of a risk factor for lung cancer as smoking. Smoking remains the most well-established risk factor for lung cancer.

Go green at your next event and use SMS marketing

“Go Green”, is the most popular slogan these days. In such instances, everybody is making an effort to contribute in whatever way they can to make earth a greener and cleaner planet. For brands or businesses like MSG91 that keep organizing events very often, here we are discussing a few ways how they can be more “green” at their next event. If you are also into one such business then continue reading.

Here are three ways you can eliminate paper with text messaging. These ideas will help you organize a better event, save you hassle and make your attendees happier simultaneously.


  • Say bye to those fishbowls

Fishbowls not only collect paper but they also look tacky. Will you be making your attendees drop their business cards in a fishbowl for more information or to win a hamper? And then who will be wasting his day to enter details of those business cards manually in a CRM or an Excel file? Ask attendees to send an SMS to enter the giveaway contest. Ask them to share their email address as well. This will give you access to more information, immediately. You can also have those details pushed into CRM or Excel file, automatically. Consider sending your attendees an email right after the even to thank them for their attendance.

  • No clipboards

If you are still using clipboards to collect the information, you are doing it difficult way. Rather than asking the attendees to wait around for someone to give them the clipboard, let them take their phones while the speaker is still talking, send a quick transactional SMS and signup. This will help you save all the hassle of waiting for the sheet, looking for a pen and then trying to understand what they have written in those complicated fonts. Don’t forget you can ask for their email address too.

  • Counting votes is boring

Does your event include some type of survey or voting? Do you still use paper ballots? Text message is not just for reality shows. Ask your attendees to send an SMS to give their vote. It is not only easier for them, but also for you. They don’t have to wander around searching for a ballot box, and you don’t have to count the votes manually. You can announce the winners then and there only.

Always remember, events are a wonderful place for mobile marketing.

Overall, these tips save trees as well as help you organize a more successful event. They also create new opportunities for mobile marketing. In any of these conditions, you can also save the mobile number of your attendees for future conversations. Additionally with the help of SMS API, confirmation response SMS could have a links to your website, such as, “Thank you for entering the contest! To know more about our latest product, visit this link”.

So, bid a good bye to those old techniques and opt for text messages to make your event more successful.




5 smart tricks to get good rates on personal loans!

Getting the best deal is always the first preference no matter what. Even when we are planning to opt for personal loans, we want the good deals. If you are worried about your personal loan rates being too much to afford, then here are some basic tips that can help you out. Personal loans, generally, have high interest rates, which can be quite intimidating for some individuals. If you are finding for personal loans Philippines lowest interest then keep on reading…

  1. Go for seasonal offers – Every year, some or the other offer comes in picture during special occasions. With so many companies and banks offering loans, professionals are trying hard to attract customers due to which there are special seasonal offers when it comes to personal loans too. If you happen to spot one then take advantage of it. Make sure you research well about the offer before finalising.
  2. Use your credit score for bargaining–If you have an amazing credit score, then that can be your strong point to get a bargain. If you have a bad credit score, then you won’t be getting the deal you want. But if you have a good credit history, then why not make use of it? A lot of companies that offer loans or banks like RCBC personal loans provide some advantages to those with a high credit score. So, make use of it and bargain well when you are finalising your loan plus the interest rates.
  3. Maintain your score – Even after you have gotten the loan, make sure you maintain your credit score. Sometimes, banks do negotiate on the final or the last repayment account. Avoid little mistakes like a bounced cheque and not using your savings account at all or opening too many accounts at once. If you are going through financial issues mid way through the loan period, then some banks make exceptions for customers, who have been paying the repayments on time. They might not charge you a penalty or it might not be way too much.
  4. Opt for diverse options – If your bank is not ready to settle with the deal you want or anything close, then go to a company that provides loan. You can also opt for other options like taking a personal loan from a goldsmith where in you can keep gold in exchange. At such places, you can get low interest rates.
  5. Check the interest beforehand – Don’t ever get carried away with a low interest offer, make sure you check details first. A lot of companies might give you low interest rates but there might be many hidden fees and prices. Make sure you calculate the interest rate beforehand along with the instalments to make sure you know what you are getting yourself into. If you don’t need a huge amount and you can adjust with a small amount, then go for a small amounted loan to save some money on the interest rates and also repayments.

These basic and smart tricks will help you get the best deals on your personal loan.

Move Your Windows from HDD to SDD and Clone Your Windows to a HDD

Have you ever wondered if you could move your windows from an external hard disk drive to your solid state disk from?Many computer freaks, tech nerds and geeks always like to experiment with their computers and always want the latest and best technology and version of windows in their personal computers and laptops. This thus involves migrating windows from an external hard drive which can be a rather tedious task if you choose to take the conventional cut-copy-past route, and chances are this conventional approach will be unsuccessful and you will end up either with improperly installed windows software or worse not installed at all which can also lead to potential system issues that will eventually ask of you to reinstall windows. The software provided by the company will help you effectively transfer windows operating system from a HDD to your system SSD. This new disk imaging software also allows you to clone Windows 8 to ssd so you can transfer existing windows from an HDD to your system SSD and gives you a systematic advantage over other products. Since the release of windows 8 there have been many pirated versions of windows 8 flowing around, using this software will give you access to clone the windows without any hassle. The software gives you options to choose the targeted disk drive and this drive will thus have the copy of the windows migrated from HDD, so if you want to put windows software into D drive you can do that too.


This software allowing you to clone and migrate, windows is called drive-imaging software and has brought out a change in the world of technology with now everybody having access to original windows without actually paying the retail price of it. Windows 10 has been the talk of the town with more and more people wanting to get their hands on it but only a few have been able to do so. But wait no more now you can also clone system disk Windows 10 with the help of the disk imaging software. Windows 10 is larger than its previous windows’ iterations and thus can lead to low storage space on the system hard drive but the imaging software also helps you out with this by migrating the windows to an external hard drive or from HDD to SSD. The disk imaging software offered can also help you clone windows 10 to a targeted drive on your personal computer or laptop. You can find the instructions to follow to clone your disk over the internet .Technology and computers and new software’s are always getting better and better by the day with newer functions and more tools and utility oriented programs that make daily lives easier whether you are a common man, a computer freak child or teen or adult, a gadget geek, a programmer, a software designer or a nerd there is technology out there that can help everybody and anybody and that is the beauty of 21st century, the era of technology and computers.