Turn an unused attic into beneficial space

Today’s families are large, busy, and seemingly always needing more space to spread out and have fun. While many people each year realize that a home renovation project or add-on can provide beneficial space in their homes, few look up to find just the right location. If you’ve got a home with an attic that gets little to no use, then it could be time to consider an attic renovation project that would give that space new life.

Right now your attic is probably dark, dusty, and used for storage if anything at all. At the same time, the remainder of the rooms in your home may be stuffed to the gills thanks to multi-tasking. A simple renovation can help you spread some of the people and items into the attic easily. Consider turning your attic into a media room. This is something that could be possible in your space if your attic has tall ceilings, and can even be done if the space itself is not large. All you need is enough room for some chairs and a good television and sound system.

You may also want to consider making the attic into a bedroom, especially if it is or can be made easily accessible with stairs. A revamped attic room would be an ideal location for a room for a teenager or older child who needs some space and might enjoy the novelty of residing in the home’s uppermost room. Just be sure that the room is property ventilated to keep its resident from becoming too hot or too cold during certain times of the year.

If your attic is not quite large enough for anyone to move into, you could always have it renovated into an even more useful storage space. With the addition of some simple shelving, good lighting, and an easier access route, your attic can turn into a great place to store items you do not necessarily need very often. There’s no need to allow your attic space to remain unused, unloved, and less-than-tidy when there are so many options for more beneficial use. A consultation with a good contractor will give you more insight into your options before you choose the right path for your attic space.

Getting Ready to Move? Plan Your Move Properly

Moving isn’t something that most people find very easy. In fact, it’s one of the most traumatic things most people can do, especially if you’re moving to a completely different city for work or a relationship.

However, moving doesn’t have to be so incredibly stressful, at least not in terms of packing, planning and getting to your destination. Use this guide to learn more about how to plan you’re move so you don’t experience the anxiety that can come with relocating.

 Are You Hiring Movers?

One of the first things you’re going to need to decide when it’s time to move is whether or not you’ll be doing it yourself. Some people don’t mind moving on their own or with the help of friends, but others simply can’t do so.

Do you have friends to help you move? Are they reliable? Do you have the ability to pick up large, heavy items with the help you’ll have? All of these are important questions to ask yourself.

You’ll also need to consider how much time you have to move. If you need to get everything done in a day or two so you can get back to work, you might want to hire movers to assist with the job.

Book Early

whether you’re renting a truck on your own or hiring movers, you need to figure out you’re going to transport everything, and you need to do it as early as possible. If you don’t you could find yourself without a moving truck when you need it.

You might also find that you’re unable to hire movers at a decent rate if you wait too long to book them. Plan your move at least 30 days ahead of time for the best rates. Ideally, you’ll want to book about 60 days ahead of time if you can.

Check Rates

There are a lot of moving companies that advertise online, in the phone book and even on actual paper flyers you might find in your neighborhood. Just because those online advertisements tell you to click here for the best rates doesn’t mean the company really offers them.

Instead, take the time to check around. Calling at least three different moving companies for a quote will help you get the best price on the services you need to move quickly and efficiently.

Things Every Homeowner Should After Moving Into Their New Home

If you’re process of moving into a new home, there’s no doubt that this is an exciting (albeit stressful) time in your life.

But when you do eventually move into your new home, you’re bombarded with a catalog of challenges. From facing the awkwardness of meeting the new neighbors to squeezing your Grandfather’s couch in thru the front door, there are a ton of time-consuming chores that require a hefty amount of attention before you can really enjoy your new living space.

Architecture, Colonial, House, Brick, Clouds, Sky

So, if you’ve recently moved or in the midst of doing so, take a moment to consider these following tips to check off after moving into your new home.

  • Change out the previous locks – Unfortunately, you really don’t know who had access into your current home before you moved in. To be on the safe side, contact your local locksmith and have them install an entirely new set of locks and keys. This will provide you with the much-needed peace of mind that comes with knowing that only you and your family have access into your home.
  • Get your entertainment services squared away – If you’ve just recently moved in, chances are things are pretty tediousaround the house. And if you’re a homeowner with kids, cabin fever and restlessnesscan quickly find its surface. Although it may not be the most urgent of needs, situating your home with the comfort of television may seem mundane, but it can also provide you and your family withthe comfort they need during a stressful move.

And if perhaps you’re on the market for a service provider, consider installing DIRECTV’s diverse selection of high-quality satellite entertainment. Some prefer the Ultimate package, where you will be provided with a unique set of viewing choices designed to satisfy the pickiest of viewers.

  • Receive the contact info of utility companies – Contact the previous homeowner and have them give you all the numbers of the utilities companies they previously used. Not only are these companies familiar with the lay out of your house, they will have a better perspective of how to function these utilitiesproperly.
  • Prepare for an emergency – The enduring process that is the “move in process” can be an exhausting one; but it can also be dangerous one as well. From lifting heavy equipment to handling sharp household items, having an emergency kit nearby is vitally important, given the likely possibility of cuts and bruises.
  • Inspect your home – From plumbing leaks to termites, it’s imperative that you conduct a methodical evaluation of your new home. The last any newhomeowner wants to endure is to experience an expensive problem that could of been handled before it really became an issue.
  • Get you and family familiar with the new community – From evaluating the possible schools to enroll your kids to finding the neighborhood’s best burger joint, becoming familiar with new area is an essential component to easing you and your family into a new (and possibly intimidating) situation.



Psychometric test is a scientific method of identifying and evaluating one’s mental capabilities and behavioral pattern. These tests are designed and standardized to scrutinize and measure the candidate’s suitability for a role based on the personality traits, strengths and aptitude. While recruiting a new employee or understanding the developmental needs of existing one, employers need this sort of information to make the correct decisions. The recent trend, in the organizations of considering these tests in hiring the most suitable candidate, is commendable. Its accelerating popularity itself discloses that how important it has become to identify the hidden characteristics of the candidates that are, most of the times, difficult to gauge from a face-to-face interview.

Once the recruiting team scrutinizes the fulfillment of the initial requirements for a particular position by reviewing the candidate’s resumes, these tests are implemented as the filtering mechanisms at an early stage in the recruitment process and this further helps to identify the job applicants who do not fulfill further requirements for a specific role and consequently leading to the shrinkage of the applications further.

Combined with two essential techniques of measurement, psychometric test reveals cognitive abilities and personality or behavioral traits of a person.

Cognitive abilities, often determined through aptitude tests, are the numerical, reasoning and logical characteristics that are considered as the essential skills in many occupations, preferably in Engineering and IT field, including software development and technical designing roles. Psychometric tests provide the in depth understanding of a candidate’s certain potentials that include the ability to communicate effectively, efficiently taking appropriate decisions and providing resolutions in certain occupational scenarios.

Personality tests assess one’s behavior pattern while dealing with certain situations. As the organizations aim the candidates to be associated with them for a longer period of time, they generally take the help of these tests to gauge an individual’s tendencies of stability and preferences in relation to an occupation. The employers would certainly like to know if a person’s certain characteristics are suitable for a particular job profile, e.g. for a leadership role, a person should have the capacity to guide, motivate and lead a team.

The questionnaires of the psychometric tests are objective types utilizing standard methods of assessment and have been proved to be well grounded in predicting, mostly, the accurate characteristics and personality of a candidate. Apart from career advisors, some institutes and organizations, there are certain online sites that provide the free samples that can be easily accessible.

The benefits of the psychometric tests to the test takers and the candidates:

There are several diversified psychometric tests available in the market based on different job profiles and interests of the job seekers or the test takers to assess and evaluate their ability, aptitude and personality necessary for a particular job and guide them in choosing the right career path. There are certain tests that examine one’s potential to learn a new skill required to perform the job a candidate has applied for.

Looking into the recent trends, apart from the monetary welfare, the young crowd is inclined more towards the job satisfaction and believes in following their passion that they find inherently motivating and fueling. This can only be possible when a candidate is choosing the right career at the right time. In spite of working hard and putting all efforts in a work, when a candidate is unable to understand his inability to grow and find his job boring and monotonous or instead of being enthusiastic on a daily basis, when a candidate is just dragging himself to the office, it’s a signal that he needs to quit the current occupation or needs to change his job. However, by the time he realizes this miserable situation, most of the golden days of his life are over, struggling and unsuccessfully trying to prove himself in the wrong path. People on the right career choice, furnish the more balanced and satisfied lives.

Now days, when youngsters and the candidates seeking out the desirable opportunities and thriving for long term benefits, it becomes really important to be completely  aware of one’s own abilities and strengths and wisely utilize them that will help them in the long run. By analyzing the potentials and the personality in relation to a particular job’s criteria, psychometric tests help the candidates finding the jobs that they love, by narrowing their choices based on the filtered characteristics from the test’s results. It also helps the existing employees to identify the training and the development needs required to enhance their efficiency at work. These tests help the candidates to get a real insight into the every aspect of their cognitive abilities and personality traits, so they can have the comprehensive approach while making decisions about their career and their work life. If utilized at the early stage of a career choice, these tests, indeed, are reliable sources in helping the individual making the right decisions, creating a history of success.

About the Author :

Lakshmi Kompella is a Post Graduate in Computer Applications, with diverse and varied experience in IT consulting Organizations, Media Houses, Start-up organizations. “Albert Einstein’s ‘Education is what remains after one has forgotten everything he learned in school” is her mantra and she pursues knowledge relentlessly.

Why Do You Need An Attorney To Get Workers Compensation For Your Personal Injuries

People always think how to get their much-deserved compensation for work-related injuries. There are many ways but the most effective one is to appoint an experienced and certified personal injury lawyer to present your claim and win it. Studies have revealed that most of the claims made for personal injuries get settled on the basis of insurance and hence, lawsuits are prevented from being filed.

Here, the insurance providers of at-fault parties are responsible for compensating the victims as claims are filed against them. Claim adjusters investigate the claims and take care of negotiations. If you can’t get your compensation from the specified insurance provider you should hire a lawyer, specializing in personal injuries, so that your claim can be settled effectively and successfully.

Lawyers are known for their negotiation skills so you can hire one who smartly uses all of the legal information and negotiates for the payout you fully deserve. You must keep your goal very clear as well as firm, which is to acquire the highest possible compensation for all the injuries happened to you at the workplace. Here, an attorney can prove to be really helpful and effective.


Kinds of personal injuries sustained

It’s important for you to know that there are various kinds of situations and consequent injuries, covered under personal injury claims. No doubt, complexity will be there such as medical malpractice and toxic exposure, but all of it can be solved rather efficiently if you talk to a capable lawyer. He/she will be aware of all the experts and laws required for proving your case and negotiating for a settlement.

Personal injury lawyers also help with the claims filed against one’s federal, state or city government. This, in turn, helps in dealing with the complex litigations as well as deadlines, which may not be able to understand and fulfill.

Gravity of any injury

Severe injuries result in grave damages and many of them are covered in cases of personal injuries. You should take the help of a lawyer who can precisely evaluate the kinds of damages occurred along with the maximum settlement you can acquire from the lawsuit. Your lawyer will help you to find out the future effects of the damages.

Tips on working with an attorney

  • Ask for strategic advices from the lawyer for your situation, so that he/she can advocate the case efficiently.
  • You can also explain all your legal issues with the lawyer and depend upon him/her to deal with the things hindering your way.
  • Lawyers are expert in their field and can provide the needed relief, when all your troublesome problems are placed in their hands.
  • You can also request a lawyer for limited help, especially when it comes to reviewing the official documents and research.

Lastly, you must be familiar with the fact that can you afford a lawyer or not. Fortunately, you can find various lawyers on workinjurylawyerlosangeles.org, who work on the basis of contingency fee. This means that you have to pay your lawyer a certain percentage of your settlement only when the case is won. Also, see if you have the required amount of energy, time, and commitment for dealing with your personal injury claim procedure.


Daily diet of almonds is no magic solution for weight loss

“Desperate to lose weight?” asks the Mail Online. “Eat almonds! Handful a day ‘wards off hunger and replaces empty calories from junk food’,” it says, without any justification.

It’s hard to see where the headline’s over-excited promises of weight loss or reduced hunger come from. The study they write about showed an improvement in diet quality for a small number of people asked to eat almonds daily for three-weeks. However, it did not measure the effect of almonds on weight loss, dieting or hunger pangs.Nut consumption has fallen over the last 20 years

The study, funded by the Almond Board of California, failed in its aims of showing improved bowel function, better bacteria in the gut, and signs of improved immune status.

While the study did show improvements of seven to eight points on a healthy eating scale (range 1 to 100), this was based on questionnaires for just 28 adults and 28 children, during a short period of eating almonds. Healthy changes to diets need to last for years, not weeks, to make a difference to health.

Like other so-called superfoods, there is no evidence in this study to suggest that almonds have any particular powers of helping people to lose weight. However, they are a good source of fibre and nutrients.

The NHS Choices weight loss guide can help you lose weight in a sensible way through a combination of diet and exercise.

Where did the story come from?

The study was carried out by researchers from the University of Florida and was funded by the Almond Board of California, which has a clear interest in promoting the health benefits of almonds.

The study was published in the peer-reviewed journal Nutrition Research on an open-access basis, so you can read it for free online.

The quality of reporting by the Mail Online and the Daily Express was below par.

In addition to the Mail Online’s over-enthusiastic headline, the Daily Express suggested that eating almonds “could work wonders”. Neither newspaper included any information about the study’s failure to prove its hypothesis about immune function. The basic facts given in the stories were mainly correct, although uncritically and selectively reported.

The Mail claimed that people eating almonds “increased their protein and lowered their salt intake”, although protein only increased on one measure (total protein foods) and not another (protein as a percentage of energy). Salt consumption was only lower for adults, with borderlinestatistical significance.

The obvious conflict of interest in terms of the study’s funding was not reported.

What kind of research was this?

This was a randomised crossover study, where people were assigned to eat almonds or no almonds for three weeks, then switched to the opposite intervention after a wash-out period. The study was not blinded, meaning people knew when they were in the “almond” or “no almond” part, and there were no substitutes offered for almonds (such as another type of nut).

What did the research involve?

Researchers studied 28 parents and 28 children (one child per parent). They measured their bowel function (how many stools they passed in a week), any symptoms like constipation or bloating, the composition of bacteria in the gut (from stool samples), markers of immune function in blood and saliva tests, and overall diet quality (from questionnaires). The tests were repeated regularly during the study.

People were asked to eat 1.5 ounces (42g) of almonds (adults) or 0.5 ounces (14g) of almonds (children) for one of two three-week study periods, and no almonds in the other three-week study period. Researchers then compared the test results for the periods when they did or didn’t eat almonds, to see if there were any differences.

The researchers aimed to recruit 30 pairs of parents and children, but only managed 29, and one pair dropped out of the study early on. They had calculated that they’d only need 15 individuals to show a change in gut bacteria, but it is not clear whether 28 pairs was enough to reliably show a change in diet quality or bowel function.

Dietary quality was measured by questionnaires about food eaten in the past 24 hours, which people filled out several times throughout the study, including while eating almonds, while not eating almonds, at the start of the study and the end. Results were mapped against a healthy eating scale to give a score from 1 to 100, and comparisons drawn between the scores while eating almonds and not eating almonds.

What were the basic results?

Both adults and children had an overall average dietary score of 53.7 while not eating almonds, and a score of 61.4 when eating almonds. Looking at individual parts of the healthy eating index, while eating almonds they consumed on average more total protein foods, seafood and plants protein, and fatty acids. Adults ate fewer foods classed as being “empty calories”.

The researchers also reported “trends” for less empty calories for children and less salt for adults, but these differences were so small they could have been due to chance.

The researchers found no difference for any of their other planned measures – bowel function, gut symptoms, phyla of bacteria in stool samples, or immune markers. They say they found some difference in bacteria types, but not at the level they planned to measure. We don’t know whether the small differences they found would have any effect on human health.

How did the researchers interpret the results?

The researchers said they had “rejected” their hypothesis that eating almonds would improve bowel function, because overall fibre levels did not rise and adults ate less fruit while eating almonds. They say their failure to find differences in gut bacteria or immune markers may be because the “dose” of almonds was too low.

However, they claim the study results, “confirm that incorporating almonds into a daily diet promotes improved diet quality”.


Despite the excitement in the tabloid headlines, this is a very small study with not particularly surprising results. You would expect that adding a food with known nutritional value to a daily diet would increase the overall quality of that diet, for the time that people continued to eat the food in question. The researchers’ more ambitious aims – to show that nuts improved immune system and bowel function – were not met.

In addition to its small size, the study had other limitations. As the people in the study were not blinded to the intervention period, this could have affected their answers to questionnaires. Also, the parents filled in the questionnaires for their children, which may have been appropriate, but has not previously been tested as an accurate method for these specific questionnaires. Most of the children were at child care or school, so the parent may not have known what they’d eaten during the day.

It is also reported that many children were less than enthusiastic about having to eat almonds, with complaints that they were “boring” and “dry and bland”. Whether they would stick to the diet on a long-term basis is uncertain.

A major problem with this type of study is that changes to improve the quality of diet need to be long term if they are to have a significant effect on life-long health. Measuring the effects of adding one food to the diet for three weeks does not tell us anything about the potential effects of eating that food regularly for many years.

While this study may not have much to tell us about healthy eating, there are still plenty of good reasons to eat nuts, such as walnuts, brazil nuts, hazelnuts and almonds. Nuts and seeds contain healthy oils, protein and fibre. They make a good addition to a balanced diet, along with fresh vegetables, wholegrains, fruit, dairy products and fish. Choose unsalted nuts, so as not to eat too much salt.

Interesting Ideas for Using your Old Smartphone

With the New Year upon us, you might have thought of investing in a new smartphone with better internals, bigger screen size and the works as smartphones become redundant quite quickly. Most of the times we either pass off old phones to younger siblings or just throw them around as they lie forgotten. You can always find a new swanky phone with flipkart offers at prices that are hard to resist, but it’s always tough to find uses for an old phone.

If you’re planning on getting a new phone, this is what you can do with your old smartphone rather than letting it go waste:

Fancy Clock

The idea might not click at first but it’s a better use for a phone than letting it rot in the cupboard. You can make your old phone your main alarm clock by downloading a quirky alarm app. Find a nice dock and make your phone a night stand clock. This comes in quite handy and won’t let your phone go to waste.

Gaming Marathon

Rather than investing in an expensive gaming console or PSP, you can always make use of your old phone and its memory by downloading games and having a gaming marathon. This helps conserve the battery power of your current phone as well as empties up memory space as your old phone can take care of your gaming needs.

Digital Frame for Photos

You can store a large collection of photographs on your older device if you don’t want it choking up cloud storage and don’t want it accessible for public viewing. You can store all your loving memories on your old smartphone and start a slideshow with a timer set on it to make it a digital photo frame that will surely add a nice digital oomph to your living room without your phone collecting dust unnecessarily.

Media Player

Your phone has ample memory space to store all your songs and videos which you can carry with you. You don’t require a fancy iPod or mp3 player to carry your digital files as you can get nonstop entertainment wherever you go on your older phone. Stream videos, watch movies and play unlimited songs without having to worry about consuming memory space on your new phone which you can purchase with paytm coupons at great prices. Additionally, you can also use it for voice recordings and saving important data.

GPS Navigator

When you’re on unknown roads, it can be quite battery draining to enable GPS navigation on your phone especially if you’re not carrying a charger. You can put your old phone up for this task as you take unknown roads and routes with your phone guiding you. You can make use of the inbuilt GPS navigation or download a few more GPS navigation apps that suit your needs and never have to rely on maps again.

Hotspot Device

If you still have a SIM card which is active with an active internet connection, you can also use your old phone as a hotspot device giving you access to internet on the go without having to worry about unreliable internet connections and unknown WiFi connections. Whether you’re carrying your laptop, tablet or iPad, you can connect your devices with on the go hotspot internet all thanks to your old phone.

You no longer have to throw away your old smartphone or sell it for mere pennies as it still has a lot of capabilities to continue serving you. Use your imagination and your old smartphone can surely be put to interesting uses even after you acquire a new one!

Modularise Your Hard Disk to Suit Your Needs with AOMEI Partition Assistant

In today’s world hard disks have increased in size from 40GB a decade ago, to as much as 3000 GB today. Given the proliferation of storage capacity, it has become more important than it used to be, to partition a massive hard disk to properly distribute a person’s data. Earlier, it used to be just one or two partitions with C drive being there for the operating system. Today, however, one can make as many partitions as they like. The benefit of making a partition is that once you do it, the computer treats the memory allocated to the partition as if it were a different drive altogether. Hence, say, if you accidentally format one drive, it’ll probably not affect your files on the other partitions.


Creating Partitions with AOMEI Partition Assistant

AOMEI Partition Assistant is a software package designed to make partitions on an existing hard disk. The partition assistant is a useful tool because of its simple graphic user interface and step wise lucidly doable tasks that create a partition on your hard disk according to your wishes and requirements. Here are a few things that you need to know about creating partitions:

  1. The Operating System

The operating system typically takes up space in a single partition to prevent it from being corrupt or the files from being accidentally deleted. In Windows 10, this partition is called the C drive. The boot files io.sys bootmgr, ntlr, etc. are files that are located in the system partition. If you want multiple operating systems to be installed in your system, you need to create more than one system partitions and specify one as the primary or default system partition. This partition has to be created before the operating system is involved in it; therefore, it probably already exists on your computer – if you’re reading this on it, that is. Your BIOS code is also located in this partition. AOMEI is a complete disk manager Windows 7 as well.


  1. Extended Partitions

Any partition other than the primary partition containing the operating system is an extended boot record (EBR). This is not a real partition but a logical partition so that the operating system can consider each drive separately. Similar to the primary partition, Windows 10 assigns a letter to each one of them. AOMEI partition manager would allow you to create and break partitions within your logical extended drive. The partition manager also helps you to shrink volume Windows 10 in case you have limited storage.


  1. Deleting Partitions

AOMEI, being a complete partition manager, will also allow you to delete partitions that you no longer need. However, it has to be kept in mind that once you delete a partition, all files associated with it are considered to be deleted. However, the information remains in the disk until it is overwritten. Hence, partition recovery software packages can also be used to recover data lost from broken partitions.

While most operating systems offer their own partition creating tools, but these are meant for expert users and are difficult for common PC users to understand. With AOMEI, however, you decide what happens to your hard disk.


All good things come for a price, and that is quite true for an Apple iPhone. Ever since the first iPhone was launched years back, there has been an intense interest every September for what Apple will bring to the table next. Listed below are the 5 top iPhones launches over the past couple of years that took the market by storm, along with the Apple iPhone Prices:


· iPhone 6S Plus

The biggest and most certainly the best of all the iPhones, the 6S Plus is a huge 5.5” phone that supports a resolution of 1920 x 1080 pixels. The 6S Plus is available in four different colours- rose gold, silver, gold, and space grey. The space grey, 16 GB variant of the 6S Plus can be bought for about Rs.60, 000. The latest chipset from Apple, the A9, finds home in this iPhone along with the latest iOS 9 OS. The 4G enabled phone gives the user a talk time of about 24hrs on 3G. Apple has upped the ante with its improved 12Mp iSight camera that can take mesmerizingly clear 4k videos! The 5MP FaceTime camera has also gotten an upgrade in terms of pixels.

· iPhone 6S

More or less like the 6S Plus, the major difference between the 6S and its bigger model is the screen size; the 6S sports a smaller 4.7” screen with 1334 x 750-pixel resolution. It includes 2nd gen Touch ID fingerprint scanning for security. The screen’s oleophobic coating ensures that the premium look of the phone is maintained. The 6S is equipped with the A9 chipset too, and runs on the iOS 9 OS. The space grey 16GB variant of the phone costs about Rs.45, 000. It sports the same camera as the iPhone 6S Plus. The battery on this iPhone provides the user with around 14hrs of 3G talk time.

· iPhone 6 Plus

Launched in 2014, the 6 Plus can be bought for around Rs. 55, 000. The phone is available in two colours- grey or silver. It sports the same screen specs as the 6S Plus. However, it uses a lesser camera in the form of an 8MP iSight camera along with a 1.2MP FaceTime camera. This camera does not support OIS, or 4k videos. It is equipped with the A8 chipset and runs on the iOS 9 OS. It is 4G enabled.

· iPhone 6

For the space grey (16GB) variant, you will have to shell out around Rs.42, 000. The screen is 4.7” with a display resolution of 1334 x 750 pixels. It sports the same camera as the 6 Plus, although it does not have the OIS feature. It uses the A8 chipset and operates on the iOS 9 platform.

· iPhone 5S

The 32GB variant of the phone is now available for around Rs.25, 000 owing to the increasing popularity of its younger siblings. The 4” phone is equipped with the A7 chip with support for iOS 9. It has an 8MP iSight along with a 1.2MP FaceTime camera.

If you are looking for a classy smartphone with a dazzling interface, your search ends with an iPhone!

How to Get Great Deals on the Best Cruises

Cruises are available in a range of varieties, which are designed to suit all kinds of travel budgets. Whether cruising to celebrate a particular occasion and willing to splurge or want to enjoy a calm vacation without overspending, you will have myriad options with different cruise experiences available for you. There are also multiple savings options available which can make cruising shockingly affordable.


This article will discuss some of the best deals you can get on cruises and hence reveal a lot of great discounts available.

1. Basic Discounts – There are discounted fares available almost throughout the year in most of the cruise lines. Booking done during promotional events like National Cruise Vacation Week can help you get as much as five percent off basic rate for the cruise. Many cruise lines have special discount rates depending on specific calendars. In fact, you might also get discount offered on initial deposit made for a cruise, which are sometimes offered by the cruise lines. Therefore, to take the best advantage of the available discounts it is better to avail the services of a travel agent who can help you with their knowledge in the area.

2. Discounts based on circumstances – Taking advantage of discounts based on specific situations is another way of saving on cruising. In case you are travelling with kids, there are cruise lines which offer ‘kids sail free’ special fares all around the year. Discounts may also be available for special events, in case you are planning to celebrate one on a cruise. For example, if your plan is to have a party or get married onboard, then you may be able to avail discounts on dining plans and cabin fares.

3. Plan-ahead discounts – One important thing that you need to do is to plan ahead for the cruise not only to get some money saved but also to make sure that you have maximum fun. Sometimes you may be offered pre-planning promotions when you book with travel agents. For example, in case you offer to work with them, your daily onboard gratuities may be covered by them ahead of time. Another amazing way to save will be to avail the available pre-purchasing plans. Once you are onboard what makes it even easier to set a budget is to pay in advance for specialty meals or beverages. In certain cases, you may be offered these plans for free. Therefore, when booking a cruise, do ask for price specials or discounts available on beverage and dining plan.

4. Loyal Customer Discounts – The good news for regular cruisers however, is that many cruise lines offer them customer loyalty discounts. So in case you manage to find a cruise line that you happen to like and find them offering a loyalty program, do stick with them. This might put a dent on your costs of cruising.

Whether you are booking a cruise for the first time or have acquired some expertise as a cruise traveler, there are many companies that will help you look for a cruise vacation which is perfect for you, making the whole thing as easy as possible. They can guide you through the intricacies of the process and also help you avail the best offers.