Give The Gift Of Protection & Style With An iPhone 6s Skin

As the holidays are approaching, life can get a little hectic. In the lead up to the big day, you’ve got enough to worry about without the added stress of not knowing what to buy someone. Luckily, we’ve got a little secret for those who are struggling to come up with a great gift idea before it’s too late. For those iPhone 6s users in your life, get them a protective vinyl skin sticker.


You may be wondering how vinyl could protect an iPhone. Most of the iPhone users in your life have opted to cover their phone in a case, but just because a lot of people do it doesn’t mean it is right. A plastic case adds bulk to the slim figure of the 6s, creating a megalith of a mobile that’s difficult to hold. They never quite match the dimensions of the 6s either, leaving a space between the phone and its case where dirt, grime, and crumbs to sneak into and dirty up the its shiny aluminum body. And it’s this space that the phone can shake around, making what was supposed to protect the 6s the most likely thing to damage it.

Damage is the last thing that you want for the iPhone user in your life. Like your own phone, their 6s is their most important possession. It’s replaced their calendar, address book, camera, to-do list, and so much more, while holding all of the important dates, pictures, and details about their life. It’s the way they keep in touch with you and the rest of their friends and family and the only way that they can maintain their top score on their Trivial Pursuit app. With a few swipes of their finger, they can look up a new recipe, find a new restaurant, or post a new selfie onto Instagram. They rely on their 6s too much to damage it.

By giving them an iPhone 6s skin for Christmas, you’re making sure that their phone is properly defended against the dangers of the everyday that can put their 6s at risk. It will save their phone from scratches, gouges, and dents. An iPhone 6s skin can even stand up to spills that would otherwise fry the phone, as the tough vinyl material is water resistant. The material is also really easy to hold on to, and its extra grip lowers the chances of your loved one dropping it. Not many phones can stand up to a straight fall onto pavement – covered or otherwise – and a skin can make sure it never happens.

By choosing a skin for their 6s, you won’t lose out on any of the opportunities for personalization that comes with a case. If anything, skins come with even more choice, as the vinyl can take on your loved one’s favourite colour. You can find the perfect combination of texture and colour that will make their 6s stand out as distinctly theirs. Never underestimate the power of an iPhone 6s sticker for a Christmas gift. Since iPhones tend to look very similar to one another, regardless of generation, this can bethe best part of your present.

So head online to find the right skin for the iPhone user on your list. You’ll get your shopping over with without ever having to step foot in a mall. More importantly, you’ll get your loved one the best Christmas gift that affords them protection and style for their most prized possession.


To live in a flat in Bangalore

Are you scouting for a good property in Namma Bengaluru? If yes, then you are doing the right thing at the right time. Bangalore, the IT capital of India, has emerged as one of the most popular destinations in the country. Due to the sea of job opportunities, open culture and climatic conditions, fresh graduates to seasoned professionals, elderly grandparents to expats, all prefer to settle down in Bangalore. The city has lavish open spaces, well-maintained parks, great climate and a good deal of entertainment options.

The locality and where you stay can make a lot of difference to your comfort, life style and social status. Living in your comfort zone can reward you with amazing benefits. The city’s real-estate line has matured over the years and offers a variety of options for people planning to invest. Amongst these, flats have become the most popular and are wished for by all.  For the younger residents, flats offer convenience, and for the elderly, flats promise security and provide a social bond.


Benefits of living in a flat

Many of the developers in Bangalore are bundling in a variety of facilities for people planning to buy new flats in Bangalore.  One of the main benefits of living in a flat is definitely the amenities you receive by choosing an apartment complex. Fitness centres, common areas, Wi-Fi facility, common gas connection, swimming pool, walking area, kids play areas, gardens, jogging tracks, recreational rooms and an indoor sports complex are just some of the many benefits that most developers provide.

Living in a flat allows you to avoid large property taxes which you will otherwise have to pay for if you own a house. This can help you save lot of money as well as time.

Flats offer you a lot of parking options which you can choose based on your requirements and budget. There are some apartments in Bangalore which offer you attached garages which open directly into the flats, while most offer parking spaces at a fixed charge.

With flats, you have access to different floor plans, you get to choose from studio apartments to 1, 2 or 3BHK apartments in Bangalore.

There are many maintenance professionals available for you on call and they can help you with the plumbing, electric work, painting, cleaning and more. This way, you wouldn’t even require bothering about any special maintenance skills to upkeep your flat.

Most apartments have ample security guards and professional security system with cameras and alarms. This increases the safety and frees your mind about burglars.

In the city, you can find apartment complexes arranging breakfast meets, social events, cultural shows, cookery classes and other activities on chosen weekends and occasions. This can help you to meet new people, make more friends and increase your social circle.

Planning to invest in a flat in Bangalore? Try RoofandFloor before you finalise on any flat. RoofandFloor is a portal brought to you by the Hindu group of publications. You can easily search for new and ready-to-move-in flats in Bangalore with RoofandFloor.

Auto portal reviews the Premium Hatchbacks in India

The Hatchback, Sedan, Sport Utility Vehicle (SUV) are the most loved car styles in India. The Hatchback and Sedan are vehicles suitable for the day to day commuting purpose and the SUV’s are used for long distance travelling and also on and off terrain travelling. The car manufacturers compete against each other in this evolving market, to produce an affordable, driver friendly car with high fuel efficiency and good smart technologies. The cars are always determined by its worth to the rupees paid in the market scenario and hence some of the premium hatchbacks are analysed and summarized below.


Premium Hatchbacks in India

Maruti Suzuki Swift

Maruti Suzuki Swift is manufactured by the Maruti Suzuki India Limited and it is a sedan with hatchback design. The diesel engine of Maruti Suzuki Swift Dzire is 1248cc with maximum power of 74 bhp and maximum torque of 190 Nm with a best mileage figure of city/highway is 22.4/26.59 kmpl. The Petrol version has 1197cc engine with 83 bhp and 115 Nm and mileage city/highway of 17.4/20.85 kmpl. The cost ranges from Rs. 4.65 lakhs.aaaaaa

Volkswagen Polo

Volkswagen Polo is manufactured from the German car manufacturing group- Wolfsburg group. The car is available in the following variants namely a Highline, Trendline and Comfortline (both petrol and diesel) along with Polo G TSI and G TDI models. Engine capacity of the diesel model is 1.5L TDI engine with 90PS and 230Nm Torque and the petrol engine is 1.2L MPI with 5-speed manual transmission system.  The price of the Polo is Rs.5.33 – 8.48 lakhs.

Honda Jazz

Honda Jazz is manufactured by the Japanese car manufacturer, Honda.  Honda Jazz is present in both the petrol and diesel engine type with a manual/automatic gearbox in five different variants namely E, S, SV, V and VX. The diesel engine is 1.5L DTEC type giving a best mileage figure of 27.3 kmpl and maximum speed of 100 PS. The petrol engine is 1.2L VTEC type with 90ps power and mileage of 18.7 kmpl. The Honda Jazz is present in price range of Rs. 5.35-8.63 Lakhs.

Hyundai i20

Hyundai Elite i20 is a premium hatchback from the Hyundai, is powered by a 1.2-litre VTVT Kappa petrol engine producing a maximum power of 83 PS and 114.7 Nm of torque and 1.5-litre CRDi diesel engine producing maximum power of 90 PS and 219.7 Nm of Torque. The Cost of Hyundai Elite i 20 is Rs. 5.37-8.30 lakhs.

Ford Figo

Ford Figo is one of the leading car exporter in India and Fords first ever hatchback model for the Indian market is ruling ever since its launch in 2010. Ford Figo hatchback is powered by a 1.4-litre Duratorq diesel engine with a cost of Rs. 4.30-7.41 lakhs.

Also check Mahindra Xylo on and Honda India Bikes at

AOMEI Backupper 3.2: Backup and Restore Your Copy of Windows to Prevent Data Loss

A common problem with Windows computers is operating system crashes. Because of minor system issues, the registry files of the OS can get corrupt. This usually happens when windows is starting or stopping, and many a times the corrupt files in the kernel prevent the computer from starting normally. This causes significant loss of time and data, as formatting and re-installing Windows on a computer can not only take hours of vital time, but also involve significant problems because of loss of files or software. Hence, most serious users rely on backing up and restoring files to the computer in the event of crashes.


While windows itself comes up with a system for backup, it is not useful in extreme cases when hardware flaws are responsible for the crash. In such events, it is a good idea for users to rely on external sources of backups such as bootable disks or external flash drives. It is here that free backup software packages come into play: you can use them to save an image of your operating system in external media storage devices. Here are two ways the backup can be done and their uses:

  1. Backing up to a disk

This is a common way of ensuring that your files, folders, and software settings remain intact. You can create a backup image and burn it onto a bootable disk. Once windows crashes, you can simply start your computer from the bootable disk in the CD/ROM drive of your computer and proceed to restore your system to the point at which you created the backup. This kind of backups has advantages and disadvantages:

  1. The advantage is that the CD that you back up your files to is dedicated and will always be available. Because a CD is cheap and only usable once, you will have a definite way of ensuring that your files and folders are safe.
  2. The disadvantage is that unless you want to use a new disk to create the image frequently, any recent files and folders you add or software you install will not be present in the image, so there is always a possibility that you will lose some information.


  1. Backing Up to an External Drive

This is the second way of saving your settings and data. It is pretty much the same as the first point, except that instead of using a CD, you back up your system to an external hard drive, solid state drive, or USB flash drive. This drive is then made bootable and is kept to make sure that your data is backed up.

  1. Key advantage of this method is that because the drive is re-writeable, you can frequently back up your data adding new information to the saved image anytime you like.
  2. Key disadvantage server backup software to external drives is that drives are expensive, and the device you back up your files to will pretty much be dedicated to storing your image.

There Are Certain Elements That Affect the Speed of Bail Bonds: Read Further To Know

It is indeed very scary when you get a call during the middle of the night that someone you know has been arrested. It is obvious to feel anxious and cautious at the same time. There are provisions for preventing the accused from being sent to jail. This provision is of bail bonds. Since the amount is too high (Set by the judiciary) for a common man, there are companies to help you with the process. These companies and their representatives (called Bail bondsmen) are available 24/7. Seek their help to prevent tension.

However, San Diego bail bonds are of no use, if you can’t get them on time. There will be no meaning attached with the bail if not received / processed on time with speed. There are certain factors that create hurdles during the process. You may read further for better understanding.

Magistrate vs. Bail

Magistrate is an integral role player in this entire process. It has to be kept into consideration whether the bail is accepted by the magistrate or not. Authorities like magistrates usually keep varied approaches for varied cases and crimes, but yes, they do keep the option open for bail plea.

Points to note:

  • The process of bail bond is not dependant on the discretionary powers of the magistrates.
  • They are independent and are granted right at the time when the accused is arrested.


The location of the crime can increase or decrease the stress levels. If the crime has been committed at a place where the area has been declared ‘high crime rate’, then be mentally prepared for delays. This is because a high crime is equal to busy jail and ultimately busy authorities. Due to the busy schedule of the authorities, the process might get delayed.

Point to note:

  • No matter how busy they are, yet their response is active for certain matters.

Pre-decided release

There is a certain provision in the law i.e., if the release has been decided in advance by the authorities that it should be at 10 am and by chance the crime was committed a night before, then the chances of availing or getting a bail granted are very low.

Point to note:

  • Very few jails have a clause like this. It does not prevail in every jail.


Bail bondsman is the backbone of the entire process and he will help you.  You may have real efficient processing, if they are available 24/7. However, the same may get delayed otherwise too.

There are several companies, who are into the provision of such facilities.

Yes, it is tough, but it is better to have a leveled head to be able to sail through in an efficient manner.

It may be really challenging for you to even think about what to do next when you get a call that someone you know has been arrested for a crime. The best is to stay calm for an efficient processing.

Why Taxis Are Great and Economical

People visiting or even living in New York City often flout at taxis being expensive and in a manner as if people are trying to take advantage of them. But the truth is that a great deal of stereotyping goes into creating such notions and it does not always reflect the reality. In many situations, these ideas might prove to be completely wrong and there are ample reasons so as to why taxis can be great to use. This article will deal with the factors that might help you be more optimistic about taking taxis to travel.

The technicalities of using the subway which might seem relatively easier from the look of it often involve emergencies that turn simple tasks difficult. When travelling by the subway, one has to know for sure at which lines he has to switch or which way to go after getting off the subway. One also has to hope and make sure that no stations close while on a visit to the city. Because some of the stations close at night, there is a good chance that you might have to risk being stranded at these stations in case you are late. These are exactly the kind of problems you can avoid with a taxi as once you hire a taxi and tell the driver where you want to go, taking you there from whichever route is convenient is the responsibility of the driver. It obviously is an added bonus if you know the shortest route to your destination and can talk to the driver about it but even if you do not have a clue regarding how to reach the place, the driver will ensure that you reach the right place. There is no need for you to scan maps or ensure that the transfer is right, or even know if you are driving uptown or downtown. The taxi will take care of everything for you.

Again, the most popular argument that people usually have against taxis is that they are insanely expensive. Even though the price may be something to consider when travelling individually but this is simply an exaggeration when you are travelling in groups. If one considers the difference between the total amount spent on the subway tickets of three to four people and the amount spent on a trip by taxi, it will not be much. A taxi ride will only cost a little more than subway ticket for each individual after the first two. In fact, a taxi ride hired by a group of four people will only cost a dollar more than each individual taking it alone. As such, even when it comes to taking a few quick rounds around the city, taxi then is a clear preference.

To add to this are the mundane inconveniences caused by the subway i.e. not having a direct line to the place you are going, subways can often be slow, you may have to switch lines more than once to reach your destination. The last one is a definite shortcoming when travelling to meet a deadline. Hiring a taxi can more often than not make it easier to meet deadlines. Lastly, though taxis can be scarier for certain folks because it is more personal than train rides. However, the advantages accruing from taking a taxi, putting an end to the logistics of travelling, definitely accounts for its legitimate popularity. For Taxi booking in Montreal, get in touch with us at HypraTaxi.

What is The Difference Between Web Application and Native

There are various definitions for web applications and native applications, so instead of creating a vague definition that covers all of them this article gives a few specific definitions with examples.

A mobile device app that does and doesn’t use the Internet

You may download and install an app that uses information from the Internet in order to function. This may be considered a web application. On the other hand, you may download an app that does the job of website/tool you would usually find on the Internet, and this may be considered a native app.

  • Web app example – A satellite navigation app uses the mobile device’s software and hardware, and uses information from the Internet.
  • Native app example – A website may have a spelling and grammar checker. You may download an app that has the same tool but that doesn’t need Internet access to function.

A mobile device app that connects to a website and takes the place of a website

There are web applications that you install on your mobile device so that you may access a website without going through your web browser. Usually, they are some form of eCommerce website. A native app may be downloaded and installed so that you do not need an Internet connection to use/view the information on the website.

Web app example – Instead of connecting to an eCommerce website via your web browser, you may connect via a web app that takes the place of the website whilst using information from it.

  • Native app example – A website that teaches a foreign language with the lessons on its web pages may have the same lessons embedded into an app that doesn’t need to connect to the website or Internet to function.

A desktop tool you use on the Internet and a tool you may download and use

There are tools you may use on the Internet via a web browser. Sometimes they are free and sometimes you have to pay or sign up to use them. There are some tools you may use on the Internet and offline if you download and install them, and there are some you may only use if you download them.

  • Web application example – A video downloader may ask for a website URL and then give a download link that a user presses to initiate a download without the need for pre-installed software. Such web apps are common because things such as fibre broadband allow for such fast downloads.
  • Native application example – Many screen casting programs need to be downloaded if you want to use them with a sound capture device.

The broad definition

A web application is a mobile or desktop application that requires the Internet to function either partially, fully or at all. A native application is an app or piece of software that does not require any form of Internet connection. Some native apps may use the Internet to update and such, but will not need the Internet for everyday use.

How to Spot a Bad Contractor


Renovations are hectic enough—the last thing you need is to get stuck with a less-than-upright contractor. Here are 5 red flags you should watch out for:

He bids low

Before you make a deal, you should really be getting estimates and bids from at least three separate contractors. Not only does this give you options, but it gives you an idea of what the real cost of your renovation is.

So while you may be looking for a deal, avoid going with the lowest bid, especially if it’s significantly lower than the others.  Fact is, no contractor is going to take a pay cut for their work, which means they’re saving money by using cheap labor or materials.

He has subcontractor issues

If your contractor is constantly making apologies for bad subcontractors, don’t assume he’s blameless. Part of a contractor’s job is knowing the best people to hire and managing them once they are hired, which means that he’s the one you should hold accountable for shoddy work or poor behavior.

He asks for too much money upfront

It’s pretty standard for contractors to ask for some percentage of the agreed-upon payment upfront, but asking for more than a third should set off alarm bells. They do typically need some cash to get the project started, but the more money a shady contractor asks for (and that you give them), the less incentive they have to finish the project.

Generally, a 15% down payment is acceptable for both parties. However you’re paying for the work, also try to make sure that you don’t finish paying before the job is completed, or else risk the contractor prioritizing still-paying jobs over yours.

He doesn’t want a contract

Contracts keep both you and your contractor safe, and if yours is trying to avoid signing one, you may want to reevaluate your choices. Not only will a contract help keep a time frame and payment schedule in place,  but a detailed enough one will also help keep you from getting shorted on supplies, whether in quantity or quality.

He acts unprofessionally

If your contractor starts late and leaves early or drinks on the job or never returns your calls, address these issues as soon as possible.  Sometimes, it’s easy to explain away these problems by blaming other jobs or paperwork, but if they keep happening, it might be time to consider moving on to a new contractor. Basically, if you have a bad feeling about your contractor, you’d do well to listen to it.

Eco-Friendly Kitchen Ideas


If you’re trying to go green with your kitchen remodel, then you know that picking out Energy Star appliances is the easy part. Researching the greenest materials to use? That can take forever.

Here’s a breakdown of some of the most popular options for the biggest decisions you’ll need to make: countertops, cabinets, and flooring.


If you’re considering going granite or laminate but feel iffy about the non-renewability of the first and the chemical processing of the latter, consider these options:

  • Recycled glass. You don’t get much greener than this, where glass is mixed with a binder to create something that looks very similar to stone. One manufacturer,Vetrazzo, says 85% of their countertops come from recycled glass.
  • Wood. Yup, wood makes great countertop material. Bamboo and reclaimed wood are popular options for the greenest of the green.
  • Paper. Surprise, recycled paper makes a great countertop, once it’s been saturated with the right resins and pressurized. Learn more from the manufacturersthemselves.


You can’t really get around it: kitchen cabinets are made out of wood. But that doesn’t mean you don’t have options. Here a few:

  • Bamboo. Whereas traditional woods take decades to grow, bamboo does so much faster, and the plant isn’t destroyed when it’s harvested.
  • Reclaimed wood. If you’re going to go the wood route anyway, you can still feel good about yourself by sticking to


If tile isn’t for you, you’re not out of green option. For a more in depth look, you can check out the pros and cons here.

  • Bamboo. Yes, bamboo makes another appearance for pretty much the same reasons as we’ve already listed. It’s fast growing, durable, and attractive.
  • Linoleum. Surprisingly, real linoleum is about as natural as it gets—just linseed oil, resin, wood flour, cork dust, and pigment. It’s also biodegradable and durable.
  • Cork. Cork is harvested from the bark of the cork oak, and is thus much more sustainable than normal wood. It is, however, slightly softer than most floors.

5 Paint Colors that Can Help Sell Your Home

Traditional wisdom says to stick to white paint when you’re trying to sell your home. It’s clean-looking and inoffensive and gives any potential homebuyer a blank slate to work with. However, white walls can also seem glaring and sterile, which isn’t always something you want buyers to think when they view your house. If you’re repainting prior to putting your home on the market, consider taking color psychology into account when you make your choice.

Color psychology is exactly what it sounds like—the study of how color makes people feel. Marketers use it to design websites and logos, and hotels to decorate rooms. By paying attention to the way certain colors make people feel, you can choose colors to match the feeling you want in a room.

The trick? Pick soft and appealing shades, whatever the color. Here are a few you might want to consider:

dark-brown-sofa-decorating-ideasBrown (and all its earth-toned variations). Brown feels stable and natural to most people. For that reason, it’s popular for common living areas and kitchens. Brown doesn’t just have to be, well, brown, though.

The closer to white you go (think beige), the brighter a room will look while still maintaining a cozier feel than plain old white. If warm, casual living areas are your thing, brown is a good way to go.



134474436449271Blue. Blue is one of the most popular colors for both genders, and for good reason. It has a tendency to trigger calming reactions, and many people find lighter shades reminiscent of a clear sky. It’s also said to increase focus and productivity.

For these reasons, blue makes for a smart option in an office or a bedroom, where that calming effect can really shine.



4571b65c01145d66_0682-w660-h591-b0-p0--traditional-dining-roomGray. If you’re searching for a neutral that isn’t beige, gray could be just what you’re looking for.  Like blue (which is very appropriate, considering that cooler grays often look blue), Gray is a calming color that often ends up feeling slightly more elegant than cozy browns or cold whites.

It’s a great choice for a wide variety of rooms in your home, like an office or bathroom, or even more formal dining or living rooms.



Red (and orange). We’ll lump these two together, since both make people feel energized and warm. And there’s a reason so many restaurants stick to color schemes in this family—they make people want to eat. For that reason, they work well in kitchens.

Take caution with these colors, though, and use them only as accents where you can. They’re attention-grabbers, and not everyone is going to feel comfortable with them.

exterior-black-white-houseWhite. Surprise, white has its uses too. While shaded of cream and off-white can work well inside, outside is where white really shines.

White exteriors are one of the most popular choices, and one of the safest when it comes to  keeping your house looking bright and spacious, even it’s really neither.