Ottawa Real Estate – Is now the right time to buy?

Spring brings along nice weather and who wouldn’t take delight in taking best advantage of the weather by planning to look at houses they might want to purchase around the same time? Studying market trends makes evident how winter was much slower than the coming of spring when talking about buying and selling of houses in the Ottawa area.

While December would see houses selling at an average of almost 40 days, March saw a steady decrease with homes being sold in an average of 15 days.

This information may mean a lot if you are a potential home buyer in the Ottawa region. You must make sure that you put in best efforts to locate and discover homes because you’d have the maximum of a month to steal the deal or the property would be gone to another man who took the deal before you. Make sure that you have your eyes on the most recent listings.

Determine the preferred area of the city in which you want to invest and try remaining on the top of the real estate market to be aware of the most recent listings of the great selections of home you might get to choose from.

Real Estate can actually make for a great investment in winter if you are in no hurry to shift. Usually, regions covered in snow during winters see a drop in prices as winter approach. Then is the time to buy and benefit from the pricing surge as soon as spring arrives. It may be a tough call though as snow covered regions will make you gain very little knowledge about the surroundings and outdoors and expert advice would be only the best you could do with to ensure productive returns unless you have been familiar with the particular area for some time.

Also, it is advisable that you check which areas in particular have been trending on the real estate buyer’s list. They may not fit your requirements perfectly but who knows if there’d be a gem hiding in among the list that will make for the best home and investment going by the current real estate trends.

It is also advisable that you do not rely on advise given solely by those who have no expertise in the real estate sector. You must always either get in contact with registered real estate firms or confirm about the pricing trends, the area accessibility and any other queries with the people living around the house you may be zeroing in on. Chances are they’d help readily and may even guide you to a real estate firm which is most reliable when pertaining to that area in particular.

Also, you must make sure of your finances, bank loans and return schemes before you finalize on a deal. Researching about the financing options for a greater time may help you yield a loan on lower interest rates.

Real estate ottawa is definitely the most booming form of investment, if invested in with the right information and advice.

Add modern Charm with Frosted Glass Closet Doors

Looking for some modern charm in your age old homes? One of the best ways to add that modern charm to your home is by using frosted glass closet doors. These frosted glass closet doors can esaily be found in bifold, sliding, French, bypass as well as swing style and they can be used almost anywhere in your home.

These frosted glass doors look perfect for your linen closer or perhaps even the ones in your bedroom or pantry. Infact, you may be surprised to know that many of the frosted glasses are made from certain recycled materials that make them not only eco friendly but also largely budget friendly. The fostered glass closet doors usually feature tempered glass to avoid any affects due to temperature changes or the like. These frosted glass doors are almost a must for modern and contemporary households.

Got messy interiors? French style frosted glass doors will help hide them. Clear glass closet doors require for a super organized closet which is impossible in the busy schedule we have. Hence French style doors have many panes and when frosted they get even better. Bypass doors are those that pass one in front of the other thereby allowing only half way doorway at a time. Though conventionally made in wood, these too can be personalized to be made in frosted glass to suit your convenience.

The dimensions of the closet door you require are largely important. While bifold doors are slightly adjustable, most of the other forms of doors are not. Specially with the sliding frosted glass doors, your measurements need to be really accurate for the door to function in a proper manner. These sliding doors mostly ride on a track and hence wrong dimension can make the track too short or too long. This may even cause your door to not meet on the other side or perhaps, as in the case of swing doors, not meet in the centre properly.

While some of the frosted glass closet doors may be framed in polymer or wood fibres, most of them are best framed in wood or metal. You may purchase these glass doors finished or unfinished as per your choice to stain or paint them later. You must consult a local expert about which type will best suit your requirements since many retailers have experts who will help you with any queries and provide expert advice regarding home improvement. Always take the doorway dimensions though in case you are seeking for help.

Many of these frosted glass doors are considered modern and contemporary. They have little detailing and clean, straight lines. the prices of these doors vary depending on the style, design or even material and size of the door. While prices of tempered and recycled glass are similar, others similar in structure may vary greatly. These doors are perfect for not just closets but also as dividers. All you now ought to do is to zero in on a style and choose the best you get for your budget.

BPO jobs in Bangalore: Finding the right man

There are several online hiring portals accessible for you to put your job vacancies yet it is critical to choose the best. You must distinguish your prerequisite of your company before picking the right kind of portal to put your job necessities. Each company or business has different criteria for its employment opportunities. The best job entry must have the capacity to modify its service and items to meet the individual needs of scouts. There are numerous ways by which a business can put their recruitment ads on the web.

The essential point of recruiting, through employment portals is to offer you some assistance with sourcing your staff easily and decrease the expense of obtaining the best accessible possibility for the job. They promote your job necessities under your own companies name if you so want or for the sake of your brands. By utilizing a trustworthy employment site they convey the quality results in the most ideal time. When you enlist a job opening, your ad will be live and online inside of 24 hours empowering you to draw in the applicants faster and complete the procedure expediently.


People who are prepared for the BPO jobs coliseum must have certain abilities. BPO jobs, and call center jobs accordingly, must include these attributes and aptitudes in job applicants. Language abilities are just as vital as business information, and it might be important to speak with customers or collaborators abroad. Plainly understanding the course in which a BPO customer looks to take an association will help in the BPO job recruiting process

An effective BPO recruitment must acquaint advantages with a customer reaching out from distinguishing ability to advancing representative maintenance at a firm. Being called the Silicon Valley of India, there is certainly no dearth of call center jobs in Bangalore. Therefore it is crucial that you place your ads in places where it gets noticed by targeted people and not to the ones who is not interested. BPO jobs in Bangalore are overwhelming with decent pay and allowances. If you are recruiting, make sure you offer something as well.

BPO firms regularly have worldwide vicinity. Therefore, it will be valuable all through BPO enlistment to look for job hopefuls with solid language abilities. At the point when filling positions for non voice jobs in Bangalore, for occasion, candidates should not just have an in number charge of the national dialect yet ought to maybe be bilingual. An outsourcing firm in India may have customers in the U.S., in which case, qualified hopefuls ought to likewise have strong English-talking abilities. Section level employments may be something along the lines of client administration, in which case, relational abilities and a wonderful distinctiveness are valuable.

Many Benefits of Hardwood Floors

What is it that you give great importance to while looking to buy a home? I’d say flooring is almost always a very important aspect on the list of considerations buyers make when deciding on whether or not to purchase a home.

While flooring may not seem very significant except for providing surface to walk, it in fact plays a major role in enhancing the aesthetics of your home and thus influences greatly whether the home succeeds to impress or not. Imagine a home for sale with old worn out carpets? Wouldn’t it perpetually scare off potential buyers by the rustic and old look it would lend to the home? Peeling linoleum, or broken tiling can be major turn offs for the buyer too. Now think of a living room with classic polished hardwood floors? Hard to resist indeed? They well cared for feel will pique the buyer’s interest in the home. You may not even be planning to sell your home, but the flooring influences the experience and overall moods you may experience while living within the setting of that home.

Hardwood floors are infact one of the most impressive and desirable types of floorings. This is due to several benefits.

– They are popular vastly due to their longevity. You will not have to replace wood flooring in toronto for decades or even more.

– They are easy to repair and maintain. You can particularly keep them in good condition with regular polishing without much expenditure. The refinishing is in fact a cheaper solution than even fixing worn out carpets.

– Hardwood makes for a great insulator of heat. You can thus be sure of the floor imparting a certain sense of coziness to the surroundings.

– They are easy to clean and easier to maintain. You can wipe or sweep any spills without having to worry about the staining.

– They are aesthetically a buyer’s delight. Nobody turns away from a home finished in hardwood flooring.

Hardwood flooring is thus a much preferred type of flooring for your home. While it appears sophisticated, it is timeless and simple to maintain.

A Snorkel Face mask That ALLOWS YOU TO Breath Like YOU ARE NOT Underwater

Snorkeling merely the most challenging skill to master-especially compared to scuba diving-but only breathing through orally is an art it will not arrive easy to everybody. The Full Face Snorkel Mask warranties to produce first-timers show up like snorkeling benefits with a complete face style that allows anyone inhale and exhale like they were still sitting on shore.

It might look a little bit dorky strapped to the face, nevertheless the Snorkel mask helps to keep orally and nose open so that you can breathe in normally, while a double air-flow system guarantees the moist atmosphere you’re exhaling is quickly removed. Which of plan has the added benefit of the Easybreath cover up rarely ever fogging up if you are underwater.
The part of the snorkel tube that stays over water to suck in oxygen and launch exhaled breaths also features a special control device that closes when the mask is completely submerged, stopping the wearer from gulping straight down a chew of drinking water. Even though that isn’t a particularly fresh innovation, this simply boosts the $55 Easybreath’s general charm if the very thought of even just sticking that individual underwater presents you panicking.
For anyone cultural people unsuspecting to comprehend to scuba jump, snorkeling is an excellent method to explore water while staying close to the top. The main issue with it truly is which the swimmer is unquestionably forced due to it to breathe through just their particular mouth, that may feel not naturally made. Tribord’s refreshing Snorkel mask aims to take care of that problem, simply by allowing natural deep breathing through the mouth area or nose.
The style can be pretty simple in its primary actually. Rather than within the wearer’s eyesight with goggles and having another tube for the purpose of inhaling and exhaling through the oral cavity, Easybreath addresses the complete encounter with one particular piece, has the inhaling and exhaling portion correct inside the face mask. Once it’s on, the creators guarantee that the wearer can inhale and exhale naturally simply.

[youtube youtubeurl=”VG-o0zW1o24″ ][/youtube]
The cover up works on the dual airflow program that allows they to consider air through the place at the very top, even though permitting them to breathing out through a different part of the tube. This airflow program is usually what prevents the mask from fogging up while underwater, as the environment the user’s exhaled air flow is definitely quickly removed the mask. Air will be via the component the user is certainly looking through and leaves via the exterior a part of the mask, even more aiding in stopping haze.
Another advantage of the appearance may be the view. Even though some goggles take off peripheral eyesight, Easybreath guarantees a more substantial field of vision, and since a lot of the underwater world as possible is really what scuba diving is about.

Talking Cars Soon Will Save Lives

Few things make driving more dangerous than distracted driving, and nothing causes more distracted driving than using a cell phone while behind the wheel. During 2013, at least 3,154 people died in car crashes caused by a driver who was using a cell phone, according to the U.S. Department of Transportation.

Annually, more than one million people die from car accidents due to all causes, but the technology similar to that enabling cell phones also could prove useful in saving live.

New technology will make it possible for your car to communicate with other cars while driving, to help reduce accidents from distracted driving and other causes. Researchers at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) say the U.S. Department of Transportation is working on enabling regulations, and in one or two years, your car very well may be among the many that make roadway travel safer.

That doesn’t mean the cars actually exchange words or that their drivers and passengers can communicate with those in another vehicle. What it means is, researchers at MIT are working on a way to utilize wireless technology to enable cars to communicate with one another and prevent accidents. So, when you are talking on your phone and your car swerves in its lane, a warning signal will alert you to what’s happening, so that you can steer out of trouble.

Your current car might be advanced, but its technology won’t allow it to detect other cars from anything but a very close distance, and that won’t give you the time you need to take evasive action if something starts to go wrong. But when you drive a WiFi-equipped car, the computer in your car can communicate with the computer in another car that also is WiFi-equipped, and they can warn one another when they come into too close proximity.


Image Courtesy of

Because the system utilizes WiFi technology to enable your car to communicate with others, installing the devices on new and possibly retrofitting older cars with the car-to-car communications system will be relatively simple to do, according to MIT.

During testing, researchers and the National Highway Transportation Safety Administration affixed the devices to about 3,000 cars and drove them. Testing results indicate the technology could save more than 500,000 lives per year around the globe. Researchers in Japan and Europe also are testing the car-to-car communications devices and likely will follow suit with their own respective regulations enabling their use on public roads.

More than a million people worldwide die each year in car accidents. If MIT and the U.S. Department of Transportation are right in their assessment of the new car communications technology, that number likely will go down fast.

It still will be dangerous to drive and talk or text at the same time, which is illegal in most states, but the new safety system promises to reduce that danger by some degree. It’s just up to you to drive safely and pay attention when your car warns you of pending danger.


Image Courtesy of

With its emphasis on WiFi communication, such a system might someday be compatible with online timekeeping advancements that also use WiFi technology to improve efficiency, but in the workplace. Clockspot might not make you a safer driver, but it can make you and any workers you might have more efficient and productive.

How to Take Care of Chronic Illness

What is achronic illness?

Chronic illnesses are diseases or health conditions that are persistent or have long-lasting effects. They could also be diseases that come with time.Such illnesses usually cannot be completely cured, but they can be controlled. Lybratehelps you make the right choices for your health by consulting the best doctors and specialists to lead a healthy life.aaaa9Diseases related to chronic illness

Diseases that come under the umbrella of chronic illness include coronary heart disease, heart attack, stroke, multiple sclerosis, Parkinson’s disease, arthritis, kidney problems, diabetes, asthma, and any kind of chronic pain. All or most of these diseases cause major life changes that affect your independence and often mobility. They also make it difficult for you to dointeresting things that you enjoy doing. This leads to a decline in self-confidence and sadness that eventually causes depression.

How to control a chronic disease?

Most chronic illnesses can be managed and kept under control with lifestyle modifications and taking the right medications.Diabetes treatment is one such example, which can be controlled with the right diet and exercise. Sometimes identifying and treating the depression associated with a chronic illness can help in controlling the disease and improving the overall health and medical condition. Your doctor can work on your treatment or change it completely depending on the signs of improvement.

How frequently should you visit a doctor?

You can find a solution for your chronic illness by working closely with your doctor to identify the root cause of a disorder. Find a doctor to take care of your needs and schedule routine appointments easily on Lybrate. It is a platform where you can find the right medical support from professionals. You can interact with a doctor directly and seek advice for effective treatment.

Lybrate also gives you the option to talk to a doctor anonymously. Whether you want to take a depression test or just want a counsellor to hear you out, schedule an appointment and seek help now. You can use the mobile app to keep a track of your health while on the go with Lybrate.

The Benefits of Wood Wine Racks

The Wooden wine racks can easily be called the most popular type of wine racks since nobody can dislike the classic look of fine wood for the wonderful racks they make. Also, fine wood racks are durable and would last for many years or perhaps even decades under mostly every weather condition. Proper storage is essential to insure that your wine is stored best for future use. You do not have to be a wine connoisseur for that, just having wine bottles (specially fine ones) with you makes you want proper wine racks for storage. The size of the rack would largely depend on the size of your wine collection and well the material (metal or wood) would depend on the setting and decor. I’d say wood since it’s never outdated with any decor ever. Here are the type of wooden wine racks you may want to invest in.

Pine Wood

It is essential that you decide the type of wood you want your wine rack made of. Pine wood is a popular choice for wine storage due to its durability. The racks may range from being simple to even full sized cabinets designed specially to store wine with a variety of styles to choose from. Pine is essentially a soft wood, which is lightweight yet strong and durable. Pine wood is mostly light in colour and hence most people choose to stain it or polish it while some choose to retain the white colour of the wood. You’d hardly ever have to worry about shrinking, swelling or warping when investing in a good quality pine wood wine rack.

Cedar Wood

Cedar wood makes for a terrific choice due to the unparalleled aroma that the red cedar has. The Juniper that grows in the Cedar tree can largely be credited for imparting the wonderful smell. Cedar wood too is very durable and would go along with almost every type of interior decor and would never look out of place. People with wine cellars often choose wine racks made of cedar wood to give the cellar the naturally great aroma.

Oak Wood

Oak wood is a lesser common choice for wine racks, however, it is favourable nonetheless. Oak is the lesser popular choice since there are over 400 species of the oak tree and one can never be sure of the superior variety of wood. Oak, however, is very strong and is often used for furniture at large. It is used for wine racks that are usually cabinet like or very large in size.

You’d now be aware that you’ve got a plethora of options to choose from when it comes to wooden wine racks. Some considerations you’d want to make would be the current interior decor of your home, the size of your wine collection, the room you want to place the rack in, the size of the wine rack you are wanting to purchase and your budgetary allowances. Having considered that, choose your wine rack to suit your wine collection the best!

Sugar levels in children’s fruit juices ‘unacceptably high’

“Fruit juices and smoothies contain ‘unacceptably high’ levels of sugar,” reports The Guardian. That was the stark conclusion of a new study looking at the sugar content of fruit juices and smoothies marketed at kids in the UK.

Of the 203 kids’ drinks the researchers checked from major supermarket shelves, most (117, 58%) would receive a Food Standards Agency red colour-coded label for sugars per standardised 200ml serving.

But not all drinks were laced with lots of sugar – around a third would have attracted a green Food Standards Agency label, meaning the sugar levels were less of a worry.Juices with a high sugar content can also be high in calories

The bad news is that 85 juices or smoothies (42%) contained at least 19g of sugars – the equivalent of 4¾ sugar cubes, or roughly a child’s entire maximum daily amount of sugars. Juices are currently exempt from the sugar tax announced earlier this month.

Only single-portion cartons were analysed in this study, and only those specifically marketed at children. Sugar-sweetened drinks, sports drinks and iced teas were excluded. So were cordials – the type you mix with water. This means the survey doesn’t cover the full range of sugar-laden drinks children may have.

For parents looking to avoid giving their kids sugary drinks, it seems fruit juices and smoothies can’t be considered safe ground – pre-made and shop bought ones, anyway. Checking the sugar content on the label is the most practical solution. The zero risk approach is water.

There are much healthier ways to make sure your kids get their 5 A DAY.

Where did the story come from?

The study was carried out by researchers from the University of Liverpool and the University of London, and received no specific funding.

It was published in the peer-reviewed BMJ Open. The study is published as an open access article, which means it’s free to read and download online.

The media generally reported on the story accurately, stressing that despite the high sugar content of many fruit juices and smoothies, the drinks are exempt from the sugar tax announced earlier this month.

This story may stimulate lively debate around improving labelling for kids’ food and drink, reformulating kids’ food, and whether a tax on fruit juices would help. Sugar issues tend to spark strong opinions on both sides, and this is unlikely to be any different.

The title of the research article was “How much sugar is hidden in drinks marketed to children?”, which is a bit naughty. The food industry would reasonably argue there is nothing “hidden” about these sugars, as the sugar content – as with other ingredients – is labelled on the packaging.

In fact, that’s where the researchers got their sugar content information from to do the study. Whether people read or understand the labels – especially kids – is potentially the more important point.

What kind of research was this?

This cross-sectional analysis investigated the free sugar content of fruit juice, juice drinks and smoothies marketed at children in the UK and readily available to buy at most major supermarkets.

What did the research involve?

The study recorded the labelled sugar content of 203 fruit juices, juice drinks or smoothies on the shelves of the UK supermarkets Tesco, Asda, Sainsbury’s, Marks & Spencer, Waitrose, The Co-operative and Morrisons.

Supermarket own-brand and branded drinks were included. Sugar content was presented per 100ml and 200ml servings. The 200ml option is the most common carton size for kids, giving a better idea of the actual amount of sugar they would drink in a single serving. The content per 100ml is more useful to allow comparisons across different-sized products.

Only single-portion cartons were recorded, and only those specifically marketed at children. Sugar-sweetened drinks, sports drinks and iced teas were excluded. So were cordials – the type you mix with water.

The reason given for excluding cordials was that although they are marketed at children, they are not single-serve portions, which was the focus of this work.

Fruit juice, juice drinks and smoothies followed the British Soft Drinks Association definitions:

  • fruit juices – “100% pure juice made from the flesh of fresh fruit or from whole fruit, depending on the type used. It is not permitted to add sugars, sweeteners, preservatives, flavourings or colourings to fruit juice.”
  • juice drinks – “1% to 99% juice, nectars, still flavoured waters, sports drinks and iced teas”. Note: neither sports drinks nor iced teas are marketed at children, so were not included in the study.
  • smoothies – those labelled as “fruit juice” should not include any additional ingredients and are subject to the same regulations as fruit juice. Non-pure fruit smoothies may contain other ingredients, such as yoghurt or milk, which must be labelled.

What were the basic results?

The researchers identified 203 drinks marketed at children in total: 21 fruit juices, 158 juice drinks and 24 smoothies. Sugar content ranged from 0-16g per 100 ml. Taking a standard sugar cube to be 4g of sugar, this meant the maximum was four sugar cubes per 100ml.

The average sugar content was 7.0g per 100ml – 1¾ cubes – but among the 100% fruit juice category, it was higher, at 10.7g per 100ml – two to three sugar cubes.

Smoothies (13.0g per 100 ml) contained the most sugars at around 3¼ sugar cubes per 100ml, while juice drinks (5.6g per 100ml) contained the least, about 1.5 cubes.

Most of the 203 drinks studied (117, 58%) would receive a Food Standards Agency red colour-coded label for sugars per standardised 200ml serving – the amount kids are most likely to drink. Just 63 (31%) would receive a green colour-coded label.

Eighty-five products (42%) contained at least 19g of sugars (4¾ cubes) – basically a child’s entire maximum daily amount of sugars.

In terms of types of sugars, 57 products contained sugar (sucrose), 65 contained sweeteners with no calories, and five contained both. Seven contained glucose-fructose syrup.

How did the researchers interpret the results?

The researchers concluded that, “The sugars content in FJJDS [fruit juice, juice drinks and smoothies] marketed to children in the UK is unacceptably high. Manufacturers must stop adding unnecessary sugars and calories to their FJJDS.”


This study showed the sugar content of fruit juice, juice drinks and smoothies marketed at kids in the UK can be high and, in many cases, one drink carton as sold can be their entire maximum daily allowance of sugar.

More than half would have attracted a Food Standards Agency red colour-coded label for sugars. But not all drinks were laced with lots of sugar – around a third would have attracted a green Food Standards Agency label, meaning their sugar levels weren’t a worry.

The study applied to products in big supermarkets in the UK today. Lower sugar alternatives might be on the way given the recent sugar tax, but this isn’t guaranteed.

Fruit juices and smoothies are exempt from the sugar tax, but could be scooped up in the drive to reformulate to lower sugar products, particularly if public pressure mounts.

The portion size of the drinks wasn’t a major focus of the study, and could be very important. While the per 100ml sugar content is useful to compare different drinks, it is small and many portions are much larger, so kids could be consuming a lot more sugar than these standardised portion sizes indicate.

Also, as the study was focused on juices and smoothies targeted at children, it won’t give a reliable indication of the amount of sugar-laden drinks children may be consuming, including squash and soft drinks.

Sugar studies tend to attract lots of heated debate and are popular in the news. Last summer the government followed independent scientific advice to reduce the maximum recommended sugar intake by half. Most UK adults and kids consume considerably more than this recommendation.

Read more about reducing your sugar intake.

The study serves to highlight that fruit juices, drinks and smoothies as a group can’t be considered a low-sugar healthy drink on their own or to be a healthier swap for high-sugar fizzy drinks by default. Both fizzy drinks and juices can be very high in sugar; both fizzy drinks and juices can contain zero sugar.

For confused parents looking to do the best by their kids, the message seems to be don’t assume fruit juices are low sugar and always check the label to find out.

Whole fruit is the healthier alternative because it gives your child the fibre in the fruit, which is often missing in the juice.

For parents looking to avoid sugary drinks, it seems fruit juices can’t be considered safe ground. The zero risk approach is water.

Bell the CAT with BYJU’s the Learning Tab

Those days are gone when you have to leave your job or take a break from your studies to start your CAT Preparation. With the technology shaping itself every day, ‘on the go’CAT preparation is possible with all new BYJU’s the learning Tab. This tablet is revolution for all those aspirants who are planning to crack CAT 2016 without disrupting their jobs or studies. With the success rate of more than 1700+ students who paved their ways to the IIM’s, BYJU’s tablet has become India’s Best and most convenient CAT preparation module.BYJU’s CAT Tablet provides a comprehensive study material especially drafted and designed by India’s serial CAT toppers, Mr. Byju Raveendran (100 percentile, consecutively for two year). The tablet also provides highly engaging 150+ hours of video lectures delivered by India’s best CAT experts supplemented along with top 14 books on CAT Syllabus. The tab also provides 20 test series, 4000+ practice questions, 200 sectional unit tests for constant evaluation of the progress.

The CAT tablet not only offers short cut learning technique, but also provides a personalized mentor, who keeps a tab on your progress and helps you resolve your doubts and is always there to guide you at every step of your CAT preparation.

Benefits of BYJU’s tablet

  • No internet connectivity required to access learning material making this more convenient for Anytime Anywhere Preparation.
  • Learn simple, shortcut techniques and strategies which will help you crack any question, no matter how difficult.
  • GD/PI preparation including knowledge sessions on current affairs, essay writing & Statement of Purpose (SOP) sessions post exam results.
  • Unique CAT pattern workshops to take you to a level where you can start predicting question types.
  • Revise lessons as many times as you want.
  • Maximize your question solving speed.
  • Complete CAT study material & tests (200 chapter-wise and 20 full length tests) available for online study.
  • Chapter-wise and All India tests with in-depth analysis and real-time reports.

So, stop thinking and tap the CAT with BYJU’s TAB.

Online mock tests for competing throughout India

image on how this online way of learning can bring desired results in the minimum time. This tablet learning works on the concept of adaptive learning, where the learning is get automatically adapted according to the pace and aptitude of the student.

For example: If a student completes a module on logical reasoning and then takes a test on it, whose results shows only 20% accuracy, then the student will automatically will be pushed to again take the logical reasoning module thoroughly for further understanding. This process keeps repeating until, a user achieves 100% success in that module.