MBA (Master of Business Administration) is a commonly sought program by many Indians. What actually does this degree do to you? How would your life be after MBA? The moment someone says MBA, the figure that comes to our mind is a man or woman in Italian suit working over documents, travelling around the globe attending meetings and a heavy pay package. Is this reality?

The answer is both yes and no. MBA program does not teach you to actually do the job. It teaches you to get work done from others. MBA candidates are potential managers who are sought by companies to get work done from subordinates. Can you gain this talent by reading a few books? No, you would need a full-fledged training. Does this mean distance education is not worthy? The worthiness of the program does not lie in whether you study through 8 hour classroom session or through online courses. You need the best instructors to teach you life-time experiences in classroom style. You need to learn a lot of case studies; work it with different students and gain practical knowledge in paper.

Does this style of learning help you? Yes, this is the style of learning that would help you to get work done from others, take swift decisions and become a valuable candidate in the job market. Say, you are about to opt for MBA in finance. How can a distant education style help you to gain the above stated skills? With videos of talented instructors and numerous students all over the world, you would get the real feel of diversity in your virtual classroom. You can interact with your peers and instructors without any regards to time and geographical location. Thus, you can get best instructors for all subjects, no matter where you are.

There is one more factor to this online or virtual classroom education. It is called the ‘brand factor’. You need a high class online program provider to get the best instructor, integrated syllabus, intensive training and other elements. This is where Onlinepondiuniv comes into scene. Pondicherry University is a very commonly known institute for various degrees including MBA. This is an online program from Pondicherry University.

Onlinepondiuniv is a trusted and reliable portal for your online MBA classes. You can access the instructors in real time and study at your own speed and comfort. This is an internationally affiliated university and the online courses are certified by the university, making it valuable to spend time.

There are a lot of advantages in taking up online sessions, instead of regular classes. Let’s say, you want to study MBA marketing. Your college would commence all weekdays and from morning to evening. What if you are working in morning and are free in afternoon and evening? You can customize your own time for classes. You need not stay at one place, the whole day. Download the videos and learn whether you find time. With reasonable cost and these advantages, you can get the best instructors and gain a credible degree from Pondicherry University with this online MBA programs. Interact with industrial experts and other models to learn more practically than mugging a book from cover to cover.


4 Best Samsung Android Smartphones


In the News : Marshmallow update on oneplus one officially announced.

One of the most popular OS running millions of Smartphones across the world is Android, and rightly so. The flexibility that the OS offers to the user, regular updates to the system, along with the innumerable apps covering various segments like productivity, travel, social media, communication, travel, games etc. are factors that have contributed to its popularity. Tapping into this popularity is the Korean brand Samsung, which has over the years manufactured a brilliant range of Smartphones running on Android. Listed below is the Samsung Mobile Price of some of the popular Android models by the brand:

· Samsung Galaxy Core 2

The Core 2 is priced at about Rs.6500 which will appeal to those looking for a powerful performing phone within a budget. The Android version I use is KitKat. The screen is 4.5”, and the body is covered by leather- like skin, making it elegant. On the tech front, it comes equipped with a 1.2 GHz quad-core processor and 768 MB RAM. It sports a 5MP back camera along with a 0.3MP front camera. Fast browsing speeds are ensured through the 3G supported provided by the phone. It has 4 GB of internal storage and up to 64 GB of external storage.

· Samsung Galaxy E7

For the 16 GB of this smartphone, the customer will need to shell out about Rs.17, 000. The Android iteration that the phone operates on is KitKat. The phone is a huge 5.5”. For those who like to click away, the 13 MP rear camera will be a treat, along with the 5 MP front camera which will aid in video calling. The 1.2 GHz Quad Core Processor will ensure smooth processing while the 2 GB RAM will aid in seamless app switching. The maximum external storage capacity is of 64 GB.

· Samsung Note 4

Sporting a price tag of about Rs.40, 000 is the Note 4, which is a huge 5.7” screen phone with a display resolution of 2560x1440p. Running on Android KitKat, it supports hundreds of apps and games which are amazing to play on the huge screen of the Note 4. The phone has a brilliant 16 MP rear camera, and a 3.7 MP front one. Quick and efficient multitasking is possible thanks to the 2.7 GHz Quad Core Processor and 3 GB of RAM. The external memory can be expanded by 64 GB. The huge screen also allows for the use of the multi window feature.

· Samsung Galaxy 6 Edge

This one is priced at about Rs.45, 000. The 5.1” phone runs on the latest iteration of Android- the Lollipop. It uses a powerful 2.1 GHz + 1.5 GHz Octa Core Processor along with 3 GB RAM. It supports 4G connectivity for fast browsing, downloading. The back camera is 16MP while the front one is 5MP.

With the upcoming release of Android M, the latest version of the OS platform, it will be interesting to see when these popular Samsung handsets get the software updates.

The benefits of the online coupons

Coupons have been one of the most common forms of saving money since a long time. However, in the modern era of technology, the online coupons have opened more gates more saving the money. As a customer, you would get plenty of benefits by using the coupons. All the leading online shopping places offer coupons and thus lot of bucks can be saved out of it. An online coupon can be for attracting a range of customers, or establishing the brand or clear out the stock. However, in all possible cases, coupons are highly beneficial to the customers in all possible sense. Here are some common and major benefits of the coupons.


Saving Money

The most prominent reasons of using coupon are savings. One can save lots of money depending upon the coupons. Some offer discounts and some other offers. The savings can be dependent on the type and offer of the coupons. Coupons like Jabong Coupons offer a range of services with special offers on many products. These are special coupons and can be very effective in terms of saving money. There are many other coupons available which are store specific and they offer special offers on the products of the shop. However, the range of products and services can have a long catalogue. Snapdeal Coupons are very similar coupons. The coupons can be used in Snapdeal on a wide range of products.

Time to try something different

Most of the times, people do not put money on something different. There are many reasons for it. One may not feel that confident in putting on something that they have never used or tried before. However, with the coupons, you can just set aside the worry and go for the new thing. The coupons give you huge discounts and that can be a very obvious reason to prompt you to buy something that you haven’t even planned. Purplle Coupons are similarly interesting and attractive. The heavy discount gives you the liberty to feel free and try something different.

Bulk Buying

People generally do not go for bulk buying. Coupons are for those customers who are waiting for the opportunity to shop. You can buy in bulks with the coupons for the festival or the occasional purposes. Well, if you have got the coupons with discount, then there is no harm in bulk buying even without any reason. This gives you the option to get an advantage over every item purchased. However, that would not have been possible with the coupons.

However, despite many benefits, it is important to understand that there are some points that need to be addressed in the coupons. The coupons generally have expiry dates and that have to be used within stipulated time. You should make sure that you take a noted of that if there is any. It is also important to understand the benefits of the coupons as there may be clear instructions on the discounts and the products under an offer that people often ignore. However, the benefits and the advantages of the coupons cannot be ignored.

Clear Splurge in Polo T-Shirts online India Growth

On the off chance that you’ve been a running oddity, you probably seen bundle of individuals running and strolling around in the closest open stop or running track. Other than their running propensity, one all the more thing they’ve in like manner their polo shirts they wear while sweating.

With the term Polo you can jump a thought that polo, the most loved round of elites, is behind the name. Amid the diversion the players wear the shirt that helps evacuating the sweat. On a sunny day, these polo shirts help joggers to keep them once again for the duration of the day. Polo shirt is made of immaculate cotton entirely accommodating in getting away sweat and other soil. Those shirts are weaved around a specific outline. This is the reason individual’s adoration to have two or three those shirts for their closet.


A report in a main magazine said:

“The high urban populace is relied upon to spend too much on polo shirts and subsequently, by 2020, there will be more than 70 million trying buyers who can manage the cost of who will pick polo marked casuals over conventional outfits.”

The polo shirts have excellent and popular collars which add more to its current tastefulness. When you decide to purchase polo T shirts online in India, there are stores where you can get it into different hues, fabrics and sticker prices. The polo’s majority mates pick them in two unmistakable hues, dark and red. The inventory of Polo shirts has different hues as well yet red and dark are the two favored hues by purchasers.

Other than these two, the men likewise love to have white shading. After shading, its neck style is another parameter purchasers generally take a gander at. Round-Neck T-Shirts are the first decision of youths and suits each polo fan in the age gathering of 30-55. Men as well as diehard devotees of polo shirts.

Polo shirts have begun contending with casual style classifications. There are expanding acknowledgment of these easygoing apparel at corporate houses. These days, polo shirt uniform is a prevalent decision for ladies who are in the calling of culinary experts, servers, servants and different administrations. Corporate houses pick distinctive assortment of shirts for their office work force and regularly permit them to wear diverse hues to assign between sorts of administration representatives. An in vogue and slick Polo work shirts for ladies make them look alluring, adaptable.

On the online stores these style things and accessible in different hues and outlines. They are presently accessible in more dynamic styles, for example, weaving or monogramming. Weaving and specifying are engraved on these shirts that supplement the individual who wears. Polo T shirts online India includes a standout amongst the most element classes on any online style store. Its adaptability of the sew fabric, combined with simple care and solace properties

How to Make the Most of your Online Gaming Habit

Playing at online casinos is far from being only about the cash you can win. Well, it might be for some – but the majority of players don’t engage in online gambling for profit, but for entertainment. And the cash they have the chance to win is just the icing on the cake. Casinos will go to great lengths to assure their players have a good time, offering them not just the greatest games, but also the greatest promotions they can come by. Here are some tips on how to use these to your advantage.

Make use of the opening bonus

The Royal Vegas Casino has one of the most attractive welcome packages – up to $/€1200 in free cash for its new players at their first real money deposits at the casino, Of course, this bonus comes with its own set of terms and requirements – there’s no such thing as free cash, after all. But these conditions are fair and realistic, and they can be completed in a short time. The extra cash offered by the casino with your first deposits will assure you have more playtime – and more fun in the long run.

Enroll in casino tournaments

Playing with others is always more fun, and when there is a prize to win, it makes the game even more exciting. The Royal Vegas offers its players periodical tournaments to measure their luck. The prizes are most of the times formed of the contribution of each player to a pool. Seeing your alias climb to new heights on the leaderboards can add an extra spin to the game.

Make use of the casinos’ rewards programs

If you play your favorite games each day anyway, you might also be rewarded for it, right? Aside from the winnings you can accumulate by playing the right games, the Royal Vegas Casino allocates rewards points for each credit that you spend there. With more credits spent and more rewards points earned, you will reach a higher status and enjoy extra benefits each month. The benefits include exclusive promotions each week, faster rewards points generation, but also VIP treatment with invitations to exclusive events and tournaments. And all the points you generate can be transformed into cash, which can be used for more play or cashed out without any further requirements.

Online Casino games can be a source of endless fun, offering you not just the chance to fill your pockets with some well deserved cash, but also to fill your empty hours with some well deserved entertainment.

Enjoy Sports and Game through Inflatable Paintball Bunkers

Whether you are looking for an inflatable slide or an inflatable paintball bunker, the very first thing that you need to consider on a high node is the safety! Secure and safe use of these items can offer you a great user experience for sure. In this regard, Yolloy strives hard to come up with some of the most stunning and amazing inflatable paintball bunkers that you can add for just any event or party. These items can be installed at just any place when you plan for an outdoor party. When it’s all about keeping the guests busy, installation of these inflatable paintball bunkers can make a huge difference for you. This is a big reason why these items have become so popular now days. It appears that no event or work party looks to be a perfect and complete one without the addition of inflatable paintball bunkers.


These items can take the enjoyment level up for your guests. Even at the super markets, they prefer to install such items so that customers coming with their kids will not stay worried about the little ones and can shop for their favorite items freely. Having kids at these venues with you may not offer you enough chance to move here and there freely while searching for your required items. Once you see the inflatable paintball bunkers, allow your kids to spend some time with these items. They will find a safe playing experience and you will get enough time to bargain on your desired items at the super market.

clip_image002 is the right place for you when you want to buy some of the best inflatable paintball bunkers. At this site, you can find a wide range of inflatable paintball bunkers. Setting up these items take very less time when you use the air blower. Once installed they are ready to use!


In this segment you will find the 47 PCS Inflatable Tactical Air Bunkers are the handy ones. This type of inflatable paintball bunker is designed to imitate the army style exercises. Your kids will love to spend some time with these items for sure. There will be paintball rooms, barrels, tanks, ruin walls, boxes and cars to keep your kids busy for a long time.


The next item that can draw your attention in this segment is the Camouflage 45 Paintball Bunker Inflatable. If you are looking forward to generate the most suitable paintball field, then this item is the best choice for you. For just any person who love paintball games, will like this product as well. It is loaded with the army color and thus offers a realistic paintball war experience. There are total 45 air-bunkers assigned for the whole item. They are made of high grade PVC tarpaulin material. Installing this inflatable paintball bunker for the outdoor venue can really make that place look amazing. When you are looking for a real paintball war experience, set up this item in minutes and start using it instantly.


Mobile phone recycling – good for you and the environment

The mobile phone market has surely been one of the fastest growing industries in recent years. We tend to upgrade our devices regularly and are keen to purchase the latest brands. This is highlighted by research showing that at the start of the decade 50 per cent of UK adults said they owned a mobile phone, whereas now, some 15 years later, similar research indicates that 92 per cent of people over the age of 16 in the UK possess at least one mobile device. Sales figures also show that there are now more mobile phones than people in the UK, there being a population of 63 million and 81.6 million phone subscriptions.

If we expand these figures to a global scale, there are currently around seven billion people in the world. The International Telecommunication (ITU) estimates there to be around six billion phone subscriptions, which as we can see is not far short of the world’s population. Now if we take into account the vast amount of discarded, broken or forgotten phones lying in drawers and cupboards, we can imagine the scope for recycling these devices. All phones can be given a new lease of life, whether recycled with separate components reused or given to developing countries so people can have access to new technology.

What is the impact of not disposing of these devices safely? Careful recycling keeps hazardous chemicals out of landfill sites and safeguards both the environment and human health. All phones contain a wide range of substances and elements – plastic, silver, gold, cadmium etc. These can be recycled into jewellery and household items, thereby providing a useful new purpose in a safe, environmentally friendly manner and saving resources.

The mobile phone is now a necessity in our lives to the extent that it is not uncommon for homes not to have a fixed land line. In fact, the number of calls from landlines in 2011 was less than that from mobiles. The mobile communication market will continue to grow as consumers upgrade phones regularly and the economic structure relies more heavily on advancing technology. We owe it to ourselves, the environment and future generations to consider the effects of recklessly disposing of unwanted devices. Simply gather them up and send them off to be recycled. It’s easy to do and whilst protecting the environment, can even provide you with a cash incentive. This message really comes down to one point, Recycle your phone.

AOMEI Partition Assistant Standard

Managing your disk partitions is one of the irritating tasks which no one likes to do but we have to manage our disk to get rid of the “Low disk space” message which keeps on popping up and boils our blood levels and does not let us work freely, blocks us from installing more stuff in our disk drives.

This problem was disturbing me from last few days and I decided to find out a complete solution to this problem and then while browsing the web I came across a product AOMEI Partition Assistant Standard which has now solved all my partitioning problems and now I have no problems in managing my disk and disk space.

Before discussing more about this product let me tell you one thing that the software about which I am talking about is free to use and will not cost you $xxx on monthly basis.

Partition standard

The AOMEI Partition Assistant Standard is easy to use, user friendly software which helps me manage and partition windows 10 hard drive and resize partition windows 10 with the help of different features available to use.

The installation of the software is easy and it supports almost all commonly used operating systems like Windows XP/Vista/Windows7/Windows8/8.1/Windows 10, there is no problem in most of the file systems supported by the software, some of them that work perfectly are NTFS, FAT32, FAT 16, FAT 12, Bitlocker, exFAT, Ext2/3/4. The list of storage devices supported by the software is not small, all commonly used storage devices are supported which include SSD,SSHD, HDD, PC cards, universal serial bus(USB), all flash drives and thumb drives and other portable removable media devices as well, it covers all devices which are recognized by the windows. MBR and GPT too are supported.

Coming to the work and features of the software, you will find that the software is most flawless and easy to use software when compared to the ones which are currently present in the market and cost ver. high. The software has various features such as “Resize” by which you can resize partition space without harming your data, allocate more free memory from one partition to the other. The “Merge” feature lets you merge or split partitions, some other best features are Migrate partitions, Create partitions, Convert partitions and many more.

A Pro version of the software it too available at a reasonable lifetime rate of $49 in which you get all lifetime updates for free, this version comes with many advanced features.



Why Enterprise Software Needs to Adjust to Users

Now that members of Generation Y and the Millennial Generation have formally joined the ranks of corporate America, the landscape of enterprise resource planning (ERP) software needs to change accordingly. Looking at modern ERP solutions such as Ming.le, we can see the strong inspiration by social media, and this is exactly what the American business sector needs to remain competitive in the 21st century.

 The underlying philosophy of Ming.le was explained as early as 2013 by creator Charles Phillips Infor in USA Today. Back then, the ERP software sphere was still dominated by the likes of SAP and Oracle, which Mr. Phillips left in 2010. The Ming.le enterprise solution packs the power of traditional ERP, but its user interface (UI) and user experience (UX) are inspired by the Facebook Timeline and the Twitter Feed.

Catering to the Right Generation

ERP solutions such as Ming.le approach productivity from a generational angle. Whereas Generation X lived and worked under the “here we are now, entertain us” credo, Generation Y was thoroughly entertained by Web 2.0 and cloud computing. The Millennial Generation came of age with Twitter’s old slogan of “what are you doing right now?” These are the philosophies that ERP software developers must keep in mind when designing the UI and UX of their products.

Like Ming.le, Microsoft has also been on the right ERP path with the integration of its familiar Skype and Lync apps into Office 365. These two communication apps have significant social media features that enhance the productivity angle of Office 365, which can be used at home, in school and in the office. Both Ming.le and Office 365 have been optimized for mobile use on smartphones and tablets, which is another generational adjustment.

The core ERP functions of traditional solutions have not gone away; they have been augmented with a fresh UI and UX that allow new workplace functions such as social collaboration, following key people and concepts, and engaging with clients and associates on social networks.

Sharing Information and Adding Context

In the late 20th century, corporate America was on a quest to “add value.” This was a highly individual endeavor, a sort of yardstick to determine whether you measured up to the rigors of business life. Back then, those who did not add value to their firms through their performance would fear becoming a victim of the next round of pink slips. This employment philosophy was not conducive to information sharing; for this reason, many employees kept good ideas secret until they could discuss them privately with supervisors, and thus proving that they were adding value.

These days, adding value has been transformed into adding context, which requires the open sharing of information. This is a generational shift that corporate America is certainly ready to welcome and embrace. This sharing of information needs to be encouraged and organized, and modern ERP solutions such as Ming.le are ready to facilitate this new development in corporate culture.

How to Treat your Customers as Royalty – Case Study

After over a decade in sales, I have seen many companies with a series of different attitudes when it comes to customers. I have gathered quite some experience by trial and error. I have seen great policies that gave the best results, and bad ones that not just didn’t retail customers, but had them never return. Although I don’t work in sales anymore, I can’t help but see that the best practices are seldom used by companies. This is why I decided to share my best tips with you, and make it easier to understand through the example of my favorite gaming portal, Royal Vegas Online Casino.

Tip #1: Get them to come to you

Attracting new customers is one of the keys to growth for businesses. To attract new customers to your business it’s not enough to have a great product or service – you have to let them know that it exists and to make it clear why they want your product or service.

The Royal Vegas keeps reminding its potential customers about its game library of over 700 titles. It makes it clear that playing these games will not only be an entertaining experience, but also has the potential to fill the players’ pockets with cash.

Tip #2: Get them to come back

Customers are easy to gain, but hard to keep. To get them come back to you, you must provide them with everything you promised, and add some extra benefits to the mix that will make their coming back to you worth it for them. These can be discounts, promotions, specials – but you have to keep them related to your business.

The Royal Vegas offers a series of benefits to its customers. Besides giving them some of the best specials for reloading their accounts, it offers them monthly promotions where they can compete for some of the most attractive prizes you can imagine – cash, desirable items and even Caribbean cruises.

Tip #3: Make it clear what you want from them in return

Offering benefits to your customers is great, but better be sure to make them understand exactly under what conditions they get these benefits. Poorly communicated promotions can leave a bitter aftertaste in your customers’ mouths, and harm your reputation in the long run.

There’s no such thing as “free money”, not even at the Royal Vegas. The operator is fair, making it clear under what conditions its players can benefit of its various specials and promotions. Each reward or deposit match comes with its own set of rules, that are clearly marked for players to fully understand before they opt in.

+1 – The customer is NOT always right!

One of the most important rules, forgotten by the majority of companies I worked with. Customers are always looking for a better deal, often claiming benefits that don’t apply to them. Don’t make the mistake of treating them as special ones if they are not – they’ll only want more when they return. Never give them more benefits than they deserve, and always let them know that their benefits are subject to conditions they must respect.