Major Features/Advantage of KAPSYSTEMBulk SMS Services

Major Features/Advantages:

  • User Friendly
  • No Need of Software
  • Custom message originator
  • SMS Contacts details
  • Upload file facility
  • Message Scheduling
  • Sub-domain Creation
  • Support

User Friendly

KAPSYSTEM Bulk SMS Panel is very easy to use and we can send sms to our customer within a second’s. Easy to learn about the panel and it will be user friendly. Upto 500,000 Numbers we can upload in a single campaign.

No Need of Software:

For KAPSYSTEM Bulk SMS Services no need to download or install the software’s. It can work on any browser which means it’s totally wed based there is no software to crush your computer. All you need is web browser and internet access.

Custom Message Originator:

We can send sms by using our own required sender id. It should be a 6 alphabetic character related to your company/business. By using this feature, we can give the glue to the customer from where they are getting the messages.

SMS Contacts Details:

We can save the contacts in the panel itself then we can make the group also. It will give the easy access to send sms. We can send sms to number of groups within a second.

 Upload File Facility:

In KAPSYSTEM Bulk SMS Panel we can upload the excel sheet, csv sheet, text file, xls sheet. We can upload the file which we have saved in our computer by using these features and we can send sms easily.


 Bulk SMS Marketing - Dos and donts

Message Scheduling:

Scheduled sms will get deliver at predetermined times. When you will not get the computer that time you have to send campaign means you can prefer for scheduling feature. By using this option you can make remainder to meetings or any important appointment. 

Sub-domain Creation:

If you are the reseller, you want the KAPSYSTEM Bulk SMSSolutions in your company name; we will help you to create the sub-domain. So your Bulk SMS Website will reflect with your company name.

Support: If you are required any assistance means our support team will help you. We do understand the customer problem and requirement over phone or mail and we do help to fix the issue. New customers are welcome to call us we will tell the steps to send the sms.

For further assistance mail to or call on +91 9738010000

For free demo or to test the service –

Biology Notes for Class 11

Biology is one of the most important subjects if your kid aspires to become a doctor or pursue his higher studies in any of the biological sciences. The Biology that your kid studies in class 10 is very different from the biology that will be a part of the class 11 syllabus. The biology is class 11 is extremely detailed and talks about the minute details of the subject. And your kid just has to remember all these details to get through his exams. So it is really important that your child has access to all the class 11 Biology notes . These notes should not be just ordinary. They should have all the details that your child will require to produce during his exams. Not only that but these should also be written, drawn or explained in such a way that it is easier for your kid to understand the concept, remember what the notes is trying to say in a fast and efficient way and then reproduce the same in the examination. There are a lot of ways in which notes can be made. The most efficient ones are the ones that use different strategies such as mind maps, quiz or various other ways in which your kids can easily remember the topics. The Biology class 11 has a lot of different topics. The topics range from Living world, biological classification, biomolecules, plant growth and development, breathing and exchange of gases, body fluid and circulation, excretory products and their elimination and locomotion and movement. As you can see all these itself are such a vast area of topics. You can imagine how vast the syllabus becomes once you start delving into the details of each and every topic. This further more increases the necessity of proper Biology class 11 notes for your child.

Byju’s classes is one of the premier institutions in the country that provides coaching for the class 11 examinations. Their teachers are trained in each of the content areas and have an extraordinary subject knowledge. Moreover the way that they provide their course is extremely unique and highly useful in today’s mobile and digital world. Byju’s classes has a mobile app that you can download from your mobile devices. After that you can subscribe to the courses that you would like to enroll yourself in directly from the app. After that each and every content has a lot of different videos that describe each and every content in detail. As such without being physically available for a class you can just view the videos of a class and get all the knowledge at your comfort and at your pace. You also save a lot of time that you would otherwise spend while travelling to these classes. So log on to the Byju’s website and check out all the details of the various courses and ensure that your kid passes his examinations with flying colors.

Top Salesforce Integration Patterns

Integrating different features into software is a great way to ensure it is going to meet your needs. However, you will often find that it is going to be very difficult to integrate all of the features you need. Here are some of the top Salesforce integration patterns that will help businesses grow, but also stay in contact with their customers better than what they imagined.

Real time data is very hard to get, but for a business it can make the difference between closing out a sale or getting stuck with the products. This is when people should know about the ability to integrate this into their package and know it will help their business know where the customers are at and even what they are doing at any given period of time.

Salesforce integration patterns help you help your customers

Sometimes the customers are going to have questions the salesforce program just does not offer. When they have these questions, the agent who is trying to get the answers needs to know how to respond. With the real time mashup it is going to be easy for people to get the information they need and know it is going to help the customers in getting the answers they need to have.

Sometimes, people do not need to have real time data, but can take some data that is near real time. When people have this information it is going to be easy for them to have a delay set up to guarantee the transaction or action was completed. With this integration it is going to be easy for people to get the information they need and know it can notify people when the change is almost completed.

A canvas is going to be something else that may need to be integrated into the program. When these are integrated it is going to be easier for people to get the software embedded into an already existing web platform. This means that people will be able to use their regular website and not have to be concerned about getting a new page developed to help them in getting the page launched.

Non-visual force mashups is another factor that people are going to enjoy seeing as well. With this factor, people can take programs that are not part of sales force and get them embedded into their Salesforce integration patterns. This means they are going to get a chance to get the right website developed and know it is going to integrate perfectly into their sales program.

While most businesses will use a piece of software to help them in driving sales, they need to realize this is more of a challenge than what they think. However, by knowing about the top Salesforce integration patterns, it is going to be easy for people to get the right website up and running, but also have it properly integrated with their websites. Then they do not have to be concerned about their website and their other software not matching up with each other.

Take Your Business From Remedial To Remarkable With These Proven Strategies

If you’re like most corporate leaders, you want your business to flourish and move forward with unprecedented speed and innovation. However, what many business owners tend to forget is that this process will not transpire overnight or in a supernatural manner. Rather, business optimization and company growth result from the consistent implementation of proven expansion methodologies that will move the organization out of mediocrity. Some of the strategies that can take your business from remedial to remarkable include:
1. Invest In High Quality Time Clocks.
One strategy you can implement to take your company from mediocre to marvelous is investing in high quality time clocks. In many cases, business owners have not mastered the art of carefully and accurately recording each employee’s hours. When this important process is overlooked, you run the risk of overpaying or underpaying your staff. To prevent this from happening, consider utilizing the excellent, effective Acroprint time clocks offered by online stores like
2. Optimize Your Business Meeting.
In addition to investing in high quality time clocks, you should consider the value of optimizing your business meetings if you’re serious about making your company exceptionally excellent and effective. Optimizing your business meetings is important for numerous reasons, including the fact that employing strategies like effective communication can increase understanding about and accomplishment of company objectives. With this idea in mind, it’s a good idea for you to implement strategies that will optimize the discussion and dissection of your business’s distinct goals, challenges, vision, etc. One great technique you can employ to realize this objective is the use of employee surveys and questionnaires that you use to gauge the staff’s understanding of and response to the information you disseminate during the meeting.
3. Make Time For “Me.”
In a world where company cultures are oftentimes rife with a “team mentality” and “connectivity” mindset, business owners will frequently forget to make time for themselves and focus on how their individual gifts and talents contribute to the efficacy of the company. Don’t make this mistake. While maintaining a “group first” attitude is important, you must simultaneously be cognizant of your own needs, feelings, and desires. Maintaining this self-knowledge and focusing on yourself helps engender personal maintenance and emotional balance.
Mediocrity will never enable your company to move mountains or attain marvelous conversion rates. If you’re ready to move beyond average and into excellence, the strategies delineated above can assist you. By investing in high quality time clocks, optimizing your business meetings, and making time for yourself, you can propel your company into an unprecedented dimension of market domination.

Maharashtra SSC supplementary exams: Result analysis

Maharashtra SSC supplementary exams results

The Maharashtra State Board of Secondary and Higher Secondary Education (MSBSHSE) declared the result for the SSC supplementary exams today. The board has recorded a pass percentage of only 25.37 percent, Mumbai students got a pass percentage of 17.84 percent.

The board had declared the SSC (Class 10) Board results on June 6. The state had recorded a pass percentage of 91.46 percent. The re-examination for Maharashtra Board SSC exams was held on July 21. Approximately 1.38 lakh students had registered for the exam, out of this 32,325 candidates were form Mumbai. The students who clear these exams will be eligible to join the academic year for higher studies, starting on September 1.

In the SSC examination held in March, the highest pass percentage was recorded by Konkan division, at 96.54 percent, next was Kolhapur with 95.12 percent. Pune stood third with 95.10 percent, and Mumbai was fourth with 92.90 percent. Continuing the trend, girls had outperformed boys once again. The girl students achieved a pass percentage of 92.94 percent, while they boys got 90.18 percent.

This year, over 17.3 lakh students appeared for the Secondary School Certificate examination, which was conducted at 343 centres across the state. The exams began on March 3 and concluded on March 26. The students were tested on subjects under Science and Technology, Social Science, Mathematics, Languages and Information Communication Technology.

Also, the state saw an increase in the number of schools having a 100 percent pass record, with a total of 4,731 schools stating that all their students passed. The number of schools reporting zero pass percentage has also reduced to 21 this year.

NIT Jamshedpur students bag 27 lakh offer from Amazon

Earlier this week, four students of National Institute of Technology (NIT), Jamshedpur bagged offers to work with US based online shopping retail company, Amazon. The institute’s spokesperson said that the students were offered an annual package of Rs 27 lakh each.

The four students namely, Sumit Sinha, Pankaj Kumar, Subham Kumar and Savyasachi belonged to the Engineering stream of the institute. Also, they had Computer Sciences as a subject.  Last year, US based software company Epic Systems had selected two students from the same stream for an annual package of Rs 67 lakh each; so far the highest package offered to a NIT Jamshedpur student.NIT Jamshedpur placements

On Monday, a total of nine companies extended offers to 41 students during the first round of placements at NIT Jamshedpur. Dr. Rajiv Bhusan, the spokesperson for NIT Jamshedpur said that, “We’re expecting about 90 companies to participate in the next eight to nine rounds of campus selection this year. We’re confident of 100 percent placement through campus selection with more lucrative offers.”

Another seven students were recruited by Grofers India, the online shopping company. They were offered Rs 10 lakh each. Three students were recruited by Accolite Software for an annual package of Rs 10.5 lakh. Two students received an offer of Rs 8.25 lakh per year from Honda R&D Two Wheeler, and 14 students were offered Rs 6 lakh per year by Mahindra Comviva, a software solutions company.

Best Galaxy 6s covers and cases at Gearbest Online store

Hey Samsung S6 users, I know you usually get frustrated with low battery life even after spending around $1000 dollars and purchasing one of the most expensive mobile phones available in the market. You know what, I have got a great solution for these and I am sure you are going to like it and will not get disappointed.

You might have seen Galaxy S6 Case Cover and other similar products which are present in the market and are really good as these are in budget and run for a long time, these are cost effective as you don’t need to purchase those over priced phone covers and bulky power bank.

These are rechargeable battery case for your S6 which is packed with high features. Though there is lot of stuff present these days in the market but you can have a look at the best cases-covers which are good to go!

Coming to its features, the 4200 mAh power bank & cover is a new innovation in itself. The phone can be used without removing the power bank, it can be charged with the help of USB cable. The power bank is not that heavy to hands and in 4 color choices.

Another great asset is the holder, which no one likes to purchase separately but let me tell you one thing, it is one of the things you will often use and would recommend to others. The main purpose of using it is for various visual purposes.

When viewed from user point of view you the best things I liked about it are the presence of Kickstand and led indicator. Overall the product is great, easy to use, packed with features, simple and affordable. What I personally recommend to all of you is to read the user manual before use so that there is no problem in using the product.

Stay Connected with Sobha Ivory to Get the Right Deal

About the City

Sobha Ivory offers 3 BHK apartments at affordable prices in Kondhwa, Bangalore. This project is located at NIBM Road, Pune and very much close to Pune Expressway and Railway station. This is spread in 3.8 acres (approximately). As everyone dreams of having own house in such cities so that would not be only a dream for them, Sobha Ivory is here to get your dream materialized that too at affordable price. Marvelous residential project is here for you to get the blissful privilege. The spacious kitchen provided by them offers a superb aesthetics. This project is the splendid choice of the day which lets the inhabitants to get the enchanting experience. These apartments will bestow you with and elegant canvas for technology and excellence. The fabulous construction features of these luxurious apartments will allow you to have exquisite designs. They have been setting up new trends for the luxurious life style.


About the Location

Lush green surroundings and pleasing landscape presents superior quality and pampers the clients. This project has several amenities which are available at your door step means in close proximity to the apartments. These include shopping malls, health care services and educational institutes. Also, you can avail the luxurious and ultra modern facilities like power back up, CCTV, gated security and reticulated gas supply. The dedicated and expert team of professionals and architects sketch the whole plan and deliver the utmost innovative residential apartments to meet your requirements. Rainwater harvesting and power back up add much more glamour to its attraction. They have a vision to create a world class environment to their clients. They have been offering unparalleled concept and tremendous features.

Once you start living there, you will get a feel of symphony of charm. Its great infrastructure and grandeur architecture give the maximum delightedness to the clients. Being the residents of Sobha Ivory, you would be pleased to have the privilege of nearby shopping experience. This was you will feel far away from the daily routine’s stress and get the enthralling experience. If you don’t have many bucks with you at the same but you have planned to buy the big home, then you can also avail the EMI facilities. Catalogues are also available for the complete listing of layouts and housing along with the EMI option. With a large long list of happy and contended customers they have been moving extra miles to fulfill each and every requirement of clients. So it’s not the time to miss the chance rather go and grab the opportunity as there are only limited apartments available.

About the Project Amenities

There are few of the extra special amenities provided by Sobha Ivory

  • Swimming pool
  • Gymnasium
  • Indoor games
  • Organic water converter
  • Rainwater harvesting

About the Specifications

They do offer 3 BHK apartments build in the area of 1456-1897 sq feet (approximately). All of these have International standard built up. All of the walls and floors are embellished with vitrified tiled. Total 140 apartments are available, and including basement there are 11 floors.

About the Developer

Sobha Ivory was established in 1994 and offering the marvelous projects since then. They do treat the clients’ aspirations and wishes to very much important and hence maintain a good relation with them and attract many more prospective customers. So far, they have delivered all of the projects on time as per their commitments and in a flawless manner. They have been rendering the exceptional services. And, the excellence they show in their work is really appreciable.

Forex Trader And Forex Trading

Forex Trading requires proper planning and well defined strategies to gain success and make money through it. It is really possible for every Forex trader who trades in Forex but success is achieved by the traders who have real patience and planning. Those who are unprepared for what is there ahead can suffer losses in the future. Diving into the Forex trading framework with no preparation and in haste is not fruitful in the long term. Practice and discipline is required to become a successful Forex Trader and a good amount of patience is a must in this field. Let us have a look into some important tips and tricks to achieve success in the field of Forex Trading.

Setting Goals and objectives

You need to define your goals for Forex Trading and select your style of trade which is fully matching with the objectives you created. Your style of trading should match with your personality and that will really help you in the long run. For example you may like day trading or you may like position trading over a period of some months. If your style of trading fits your personality then you will be well prepared for risks and losses if any.

Read more on: An Indian Financial Market App Ahead of International Apps

Choose a reputable Forex trading platform

It is really important for a Forex Trader to choose a reputed trading platform which helps you to analyze what you want from the trading. For this you need to spend some time in researching for the platform of your choice. Go over the policies of each trading platform and make sure the platform gives you what you wanted from it.

Make decisions over a longer time frame with synchronization

Synchronize your buying or selling decisions with the charts of different time frames you use. For example of the weekly chart is providing you a buying signal, just wait until the daily chart also confirms that you should buy. This synchronization is important for a better decision and success of a Forex Trader.

As a Forex Trader learn to accept small losses

This is a better strategy to learn accepting small losses in this game. Consider the money you have funded in your Forex trading account as the money in risk. Do not use that money for the personal use and consider all on risk. This strategy helps you to stay prepared psychologically and focus on your trade.

Perform timely analysis of your trades

Keep a record of what you trade and learn from your past experiences. List all your trading decisions and the reasons which affected your decisions. Make a note of all emotional decisions and analyze your behavior too. The study of all these things will help you in developing control and discipline for future transactions.

On every weekend or when the forex markets are closed, perform an analytical study of news or patterns which can affect your trade. By studying the market formulate your upcoming trading week. You might need to wait for an opportunity much longer than your anticipation but you have to be disciplined and patient. This will help you to grow as much successful Forex trader in the long term.

Running Windows 10? Microsoft Can Disable Your Pirated Games

It hasn’t even been a month since the release of Windows 10 and Microsoft’s newest desktop operating system has been stirring up one privacy related controversy after another. The latest addition is company’s rather bold decision to change the license agreement, giving it the power to disable counterfeit games and unathorised hardware on computers running Windows 10.

The Redmond-based software mammoth has updated its European License Agreement ToC (first spotted by PC Authority) to note that it will not tolerate counterfeit games or hardware on any Windows 10-powered machine.

The company “may automatically check your version of the software and download software update or configuration changes, including those that prevent you from accessing the Services, playing counterfeit games, or using unauthorised hardware peripheral devices,” the 7(b) clause of the revised EULA reads.

While the specifics are largely unclear, the statement suggests that Microsoft is taking a big stand against the usage of illegally obtained games, an ill practice that is significantly reducing the revenue of PC game developers alike. Whether this also extends to non-games applications, well the license explictly says games (for now), so probably not. Why Microsoft is differentiating between illegally obtained games and other apps is anyone’s guess.

When contacted for details, a Microsoft spokesperson offered nothing more than a boilerplate statement. “We take claims of intellectual property infringement seriously and review them in accordance with our standard procedures. We also continue to review the content of our Windows Store periodically as described in this blog post, as we work to deliver a great customer experience and provide fair and transparent developer policies and enforcement.”

It is unclear how exactly the company detects “counterfeit games” on a Windows 10 machine.

Within days of release, Windows 10 was criticised for its stand on privacy, with features like Wi-Fi sense and Cortana, amongst others, taking the blame. Since then the OS has been embrioled in one privacy related controversy after another.